Chapter 916:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Five people

"It's best to see what they mean, let's not interfere." Hertz pondered for a moment, unable to make a decision.

Luo Lan nodded. Parallel time and space are not other planets. It may be impossible to return after a lifetime. If this kind of happiness is related to life, if it is issued in the form of instructions, it seems a bit difficult.

In the end, Luo Lan decided to give the power of choice to the young female Saiyans present. If no one wanted to go there, he would not force it.

However, Luo Lan still underestimated the attraction of the strong to Saiyans. He thought that no one would be willing to go to the parallel world, and the result was just the opposite.

After Naris stepped up to introduce Trunks to everyone, especially that he was a super Saiyan 2 master, the young women present beamed their eyes as if they had caught a prey beast. Start scrambling to register.

At this time, whoever cares whether he is far away from another country, or whether he is going to the parallel world, let's talk about it if you get it.

The attraction of Super Saiyans to young Saiyans is unparalleled. Such an excellent man, even on the planet Sharada, is rare. If you miss it, you really miss it.

The intensity of the scene was beyond Luo Lan's expectations. He said silently: "I didn't expect Trunks to be so popular."

Seferia covered her mouth and chuckled: "Combining with Super Saiyans means that good offspring can be born. How can they give up."

"I really underestimated it." Luo Lan chuckled and asked: "Since they are willing, things will be easier. How many people do you think is appropriate to send?"

"It doesn't need to be too much, five are almost the same."

Seferia proposed to send five young women over.

Luo Lan thought about it for a moment, and agreed to nod. This time, it was mainly at the request of Ascari and Bulma. The number of people should not be too large. The world on Trunks is also not peaceful. There will be many hardships, and these people may be able to help Trunks open a new battle mode in the past.

After the number was limited, the specific candidates were handed over to Naris, and Luo Lan and Sephiria began to teach the new generation of Saiyan ** transformation know-how.

Of course, the transformation of the Saiyan ** requires the integration of the power of the kind Saiyans in the heart, and a large part of the people present cannot meet the requirements.

Next, under Luo Lan's guidance, six resolute Saiyans stood in the line first. They formed a circle, sent energy to the person in the center, and began the transformation ceremony. The ** of Saiyans was not achieved overnight. Several people tried several rounds and exchanged different combinations.

at last--

A short burst of brilliance flickered, and mist-like red energy fell from the sky and fell on the person in the center. The scene is not as earth-shattering as the Super Saiyan God appeared, but it looks magnificent.

After a few moments, the red light faded away, and a warrior who looked like a super Saiyan ** stood in front of the crowd.

"Successful." Luo Lan smiled and looked at this man-made Saiyan god.

The aura on that person is very cryptic. Although it will not disappear completely like the Super Saiyan God, it is not what ordinary people can perceive. Well, when it is converted into combat power, it is not bad.

"What's your name?" Luo Lan asked the Saiyan god.

"Faeus, my name is Phaeus." The young Saiyan named Phaeus replied loudly.

"How much is the original combat power?"

"Master Luo Lan, my combat power is 320,000."

"Oh, then, the increase rate of the Saiyan God in the normal state is actually higher than that of Super Saiyan 3." Luo Lan compared the gap before and after Phaeus' transformation, and roughly estimated it. The numbers in his mind are similar.

Whether it is the God of Saiyan or the God of Super Saiyan, it is better than Super Saiyan in terms of promotion. Of course, this does not mean that the God of Saiyans must be stronger than Super Saiyans. The two are completely different transformations, and the upper limit and the lower limit are not the same concept.

The upper limit of the Saiyan God is very high, directly connected to the Super Saiyan God, but the lower limit is very low.

Super Saiyans need physical strength and basic combat power to reach a certain level before they can transform successfully. The * of Saiyans does not have this restriction. As long as they are Saiyans who meet the requirements of spiritual purity, even if they only have 100,000 combat power, You can also become the * of Saiyans.

Therefore, the super Saiyan and the Saiya ** who meets the requirements are likely to be comparable in strength.

Of course, if the basic combat effectiveness is at the same level, the Saiyan God must be stronger.

"The 600-fold increase is even higher than Super Saiyan 3."

"It looks more like a Saiyan with a different color."

Sefilia squinted her eyes, the authentic Super Saiyan God is the hairstyle of Super Saiyan. As a realm god, she has already broken away from the concept of energy augmentation, so when she saw the normal form of Saiyan God, I was a little surprised.

Hertz was pleasantly surprised: "If Super Saiyan is allowed to accept this kind of ceremony, wouldn't it be possible to produce Super Saiyan level 3 masters in batches."

Luo Lan splashed cold water, "It's not that simple. There are not so many super Saiyans with kind hearts. If you take the second place and perform rituals with ordinary Saiyans, the effect of increase may not be so good."

"That's true."

Hertz reacted, but there was still an uncontrollable smile on his face.

Even if the Super Saiyan Gods cannot be produced in batches due to conditions, it would be great to generate more Saiyan Gods. It can be expected that starting today, the strength of the Sharada planet will rise to a new level.

Looking at the young juniors who couldn't help being excited, Luo Lan couldn't help but think of herself who had just become a super Saiyan. At that time, she was in a similar mood. Turning his head and confessing a few words to Seferia, let her supervise the transformation ceremony on her behalf, and he was going to take the men and horses to the world where Trunks was.

From the young Saiyans, Naris selected five female Saiyans with good looks and hearts.

The five female Saiyans stood beside Naris with anticipation on their faces, while those who weren't selected have regrets on their faces.

"What is your name?"

"Caroline, Honora, Siya, Al, Estre." The five answered in unison, and they reported their names.

Luo Lan looked at them, then nodded in satisfaction.

Although these five female Saiyans are not as stunning as Seferia and Ascari, they are also rare beauties. If you want to come to Trunks, you will be very satisfied.


Realm King God Realm.

There were auspicious clouds floating in the vast sky, and suddenly a bright light flashed, Luo Lan appeared on a hill with five selected Saiyans, and Emma was walking with him, saying that he hadn’t gone out for a long time. , Let's go over and have a look together.

Caroline and other five young Saiyans have passed through the realm of the realm king from the future, and at this time they are looking at the realm of the realm king, full of curiosity.

"Luo Lan Dragon God, you are here." The Old World King God appeared beside him, and then looked at these young and beautiful female Saiyans squintingly.

"these people……"

Luo Lan said: "This is what I want to bring to Parallel Time and Space, and I will solve the identity problem."

As soon as the Old World King God heard this, he had no objection, but it was a pity that such a beautiful beauty was going to be sent out. If he stayed with him, he would still be seductive.

Emma stared at the Old World King God for a while, her deep eyes seemed to be able to see him through, and said, "Majin Buu's aura is getting weaker and weaker, almost disappearing."

A smile appeared on the old face of the Old World King God, "Hey, the previous World King God has suppressed Demon Buu, and it is not far from waking up."

Hearing the answer from the Old World King God, Emma nodded lightly, flashed her body, and came to the front of Demon Buu's egg.

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