Chapter 917:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

The West Capital of Parallel Time and Space

Looking at the devil Buu's egg, whose aura became weaker, Emma stretched out her hand to touch it, and then felt the change inside.

Shaking his head, according to this trend, Majin Buu's consciousness will die sooner or later, but his demon energy will not but will not disappear because of this.

The true origin of Majin Buu has always been a mystery. According to the king of the world, Asin, Majin Buu is a killing machine made by Bibidi to rule the world, but Emma, ​​who is also a demon, knows that the truth is not. In this way, Majin Buu was not made by Bibidi, but has existed since time immemorial.

His origin is extremely mysterious, even if his consciousness dies, his body will not disappear completely.

The demon, this special creature, is a living body that has survived repeated rampant riots and long dormancy. It is obviously impossible for the Realm King God to use the spirit of the Realm King God Realm to obliterate it.

He is like the pros and cons of life in the universe, bound to the entire universe. Unless the universe is destroyed, the demon will reappear sooner or later.

"When the last world king * is resurrected, is he a world king * or a demon?" Emma glanced at the old world king ** with a startling glance.

The Old World King God thought for a while and replied: "The position of the World King God has been passed to Asin. Even if the previous World King God wakes up, he cannot be the World King God, but he will not be a demon." The Realm King God looked at Emma and said confidently: "Because the Realm King God's physique will suppress this."

Emma nodded after hearing this. The Old World King God did not explain the details, but she thought it might be related to the position of the World King God.

In fact, it is true. Under normal circumstances, the succession of the world king gods needs to be canonized by the whole king, which is equivalent to imposing a protective net on their bodies. Under the suppression of the whole king's force, there is little energy in the universe. Harm them, let alone rob their bodies.

Emma knows that the demon will not disappear completely, and the evil and chaotic energy generated all the time in the universe provides energy support for their existence.

She is now a demon god, capable of exerting control over this power, but she did not do that.

Because the natural demon energy is completely different from the energy from hunting. Those demon energy is the natural nourishment of the demon, and Emma wants to leave it to her children.

After the demon Buu died, the devilish energy inside served as nourishment for Noah.

Emma was already thinking about it in her heart.


Luo Lan waited for a while in the realm of the realm king, before the realm kings Axin and Jiebitt were late.

"Sorry, it's late, there are a few planets in the lower realm that I need to deal with." A Xin apologized to everyone after he appeared. Under the guidance of the old world king, he was accepting the work of the realm king step by step.

Luo Lan shook, very generously without blaming.

A Xin glanced at Yingying Yanyan's Caroline and the others, and said with a look of surprise: "Are there so many people going by? Time and space rings can't bring so many people!"

"You just lead the way, I will naturally deal with them how they pass." Luo Lan smiled.

The trainee Dragon God himself has the ability to shuttle between parallel worlds. If it weren't for the large universe of the whole king's inner domain, and the dimensional interlayer between the parallel space-time and the parallel space-time is too thick, he would not need Ah Xin to lead the way.

Hearing this, Asin nodded immediately, then took out the space-time ring representing the Trunks world and touched the main space-time ring on his finger.

Suddenly, a wonderful force communicated to the parallel world, and the portal of time and space was opened.

Luo Lan keenly perceives this time and space fluctuation, and the power of the trainee Dragon God is agitated, a touch of spiritual power penetrates through the time and space portal, on the other side is a vast and boundless world, twelve huge universes gathered in that world , It is the time and space where Trunks is located.

Upon seeing this, Luo Lan's silver-gray eyes flashed a divine light, and a dragon god's power sprayed out.

"ready to go!"

Speaking in a low voice, a secret and full of sacred charm enveloped Emma, ​​Caroline and others, and then shook them, taking them away through time and space.


Trunks is in the world.

A Xin's figure appeared on a planet, and when he was wondering whether Luo Lan and the others had followed, the void around him suddenly became distorted, and Luo Lan's figure appeared beside him.

"This is another world, no different from other worlds."

Emma was observing the surrounding situation. In order to find Luo Lan, she traveled through countless worlds on a time machine. She was no stranger to parallel worlds, but Caroline and others, because it was the first time to travel through time and space, she was excited. It has not been suppressed yet.

Well, of course it could also be because of the soon to see Trunks.

"Luo Lan Dragon God, you can stay here, but please don't disturb the operation of the universe too much." A Xin exhorted before leaving.

Luo Lan nodded towards him, and A Xin was dumbfounded, feeling that his instructions were a bit unnecessary.

Mr. Luo Lan is the Dragon God, and these truths must be clearer than himself.

Saying goodbye to everyone, Asin restarted the Space-Time Ring, and then disappeared out of thin air in the eyes of everyone.

"Okay, let's go to the earth next. That is where you will live in the future. No matter what your previous personalities, remember that after you get there, you must obey Trunks's instructions. Don't be like the time when the planet Salada. That's awkward."


The five Caroline girls responded in unison.

The women who can be selected by Naris to be sent here are not very bad in personality, but Luo Lan is not worried that they will have conflicts with Trunks.

I just don't know if the kid can hold on to seeing five beautiful women all at once.

Thinking of Trunks' surprised expression at that time, Luo Lan couldn't help but look forward to it.

"I don't know if Mr. Trunks will like us..." Caroline's five women became nervous.


Luo Lan said, reappearing has come to the western capital of the earth. Compared with the world he lives in, the western capital here is much newer, and all the buildings have just been constructed in recent years.

Luo Lan naturally knew where Bulma's home was, so he was familiar with the road, and a group of people came to the headquarters of Wanneng Capsule Company.

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

A series of door bells rang.

After a while, a beautiful woman with a mature dress and graceful demeanor appeared at the door.

Slightly curly hair, fine and lovely mouth, white as snowy and delicate, light makeup on the corners of the eyebrows and eye bags, simple and elegant, light, natural appearance, combined with the fashionable set of women's clothing, immediately give People have a very amazing feeling.

"Lazili!" Luo Lan looked at the woman with extraordinary temperament in front of him in surprise.


On the 18th, she also looked at Luo Lan, with a pair of beautiful eyes looking forward to charming, extremely moving.

"How did you learn to dress up?" Luo Lan asked.

No. 18 "I am so famous in this world, I will be recognized if I don't dress up."

"That's true." Luo Lan nodded suddenly, let alone, the number 18 dressed up like this, the originally beautiful person is even more moving.

"Teacher, what do you think of me?" No. 18 lifted her slightly curled hair and looked expectantly.

"Extremely Beautiful."

Luo Lan did not hesitate to praise.

On the 18th, the corners of her mouth were slightly upturned to reveal a beautiful arc, and she smiled in a good mood, then glanced at Emma next to her, turned her eyes, nodded towards her gently, and led everyone into the room. .

"Teacher, who are these people?" On the 18th, she asked about the identity of the five Caroline women.

Luo Lan said: "Isn't it what you want to bring, they will stay on the earth in the future."

On the 18th, it suddenly dawned on her. At this moment, Ascarly heard the movement and walked over. Seeing that Luo Lan had brought so many people, she immediately gave him a thumbs up. Luo Lan looked at him, laughing and crying, on her head. Knocked.

"You are my brother-in-law?" The middle-aged Bulma came over.

"Hello, I am Taisi's husband."

Luo Lan looked at the Bulma in front of him. It was different from the other Bulma he had seen before. The hair color of the Bulma in front of him was also lavender, indicating that he belonged to the universe of Kings.

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