Chapter 918:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Dragon Ball

The world where Bulma lives is too difficult, so he especially cherishes the hard-won peace.

This world can be saved, although it is because of Trunks' own strength, but without Luo Lan's training, his strength would not be able to advance so rapidly, and then defeat the cyborg to save the world.

So for Luo Lan, Bulma is full of gratitude from the heart.

Seeing the legendary brother-in-law in person now, Bulma couldn't help but looked at him curiously.

My brother-in-law looks so young. If I didn’t know his age, I thought he was a young man. I couldn’t see that I already had two children as old as Ascari and Luo Fei. Bulma said from the bottom of my heart. Sigh: Saiyan's puberty is so long!

When Bulma was observing him, Luo Lan was also looking at her. Hearing Bulma's words, Luo Lan was not greedy for merit, and said modestly:

"Trucks grew up because of his own enthusiasm, and I didn't help much."

Bulma smiled and said: "Brother-in-law is too humble. I can see Trunks' changes. If it weren't for your guidance, how could his power improve so fast... Ascari has already taken the situation in the Spiritual Time House. All told me, it was my brother-in-law who taught him from the basics bit by bit."

"Tranks has not been systematically trained since he was a child, and I don't know any martial arts. He can become stronger because of his brother-in-law."

Speaking of this, Bulma looked a little nostalgic, and seemed to miss the soldiers who sacrificed in those years.

The appearance of cyborgs disrupted the rhythm of the world and caused great harm to the entire planet.

Trunks lived in the midst of war in his childhood. His martial arts foundation was learned from Monkey King. But frankly speaking, at that time, Monkey King himself was only a half-year-old child. Where did he know how to train systematically? It's just fighting by brute force.

This resulted in a very weak foundation for the two of them. Although they have strong strength, they are not familiar with fighting skills, and because the foundation is not solid, the growth of the two is dragged down.

Son Gohan was so talented that he was just an ordinary Super Saiyan until he died.

"Oh, look at what I'm talking about, I forgot to entertain you." Bulma yelled and hurriedly entertained everyone, "Brother-in-law, who are behind you?"

Bulma looked at the five Caroline women who were standing agitated behind him.

Emma’s identity. Bulma has guessed something from her look like the 18th. She must be another wife of her brother-in-law. A strong person has multiple women, so it’s no surprise on earth that Bulma is. Being the head of a large family is not surprising.

It was Caroline's five daughters, who had never heard of Ascari's mention.

Could it be...Bulma's eyes lit up when he thought of what he had discussed with Ascari before.

Looking at Ascarly, the latter chuckled, Luo Lan smiled calmly and said: "They are the people you asked to bring over, and they will live here in the future, assisting Trunks in guarding the earth. ."

"Caroline, Honora, Siya, Al, Estre..." Luo Lan winked at the five people.

The five Caroline women immediately understood the meaning, and one by one came forward to say hello to Bulma.

Bulma is Trunks' mother, and they are too late to please.

Listening to the greetings of several female Yingying Yanyan, Bulma laughed so hard that she couldn't close her mouth, she said yes, and then gave gifts to the "prospective daughters-in-laws" one by one, all of which she collected and cleaned up, and also assisted her practice Small utensils.

I praised Ascarly for her high efficiency, and it didn't take long for me to mention it to her, and the daughter-in-law had already sent it over.

Looking at the appearance of the five women, they are all first-class beauties, and Trunks will definitely like it now.

Not to mention Bulma's smile, Trunks, who was the client, was still practicing in the realm of the realm king, and he didn't know that there were five more women in the house.

At this moment, dressed as a trainee of the Realm King God, he is holding the heavy Realm King Divine Sword and swinging towards the shiny energy balls. The Realm King God on the side is constantly setting up obstacles to increase the difficulty of his exercise.


Trunks suddenly sneezed, and a football-sized energy ball became a fish that slipped through the net, hitting Trunks, and suddenly a dazzling fireball appeared.

Upon seeing this, the realm king ** stopped the other energy balls: "Are you okay?"

Trunks shook his head, wondering why he would sneeze, "Master Realm King God, let's continue!"

The Realm King smiled, and he put away all the obstacles empathetically, and said: "Take a rest, don't put too much pressure on yourself." As he patted Trunks on the shoulder, the Realm King divinely swept away. Get the dust off his body.


Trunks nodded, put the Divine Sword of the Realm King on the ground, and sat up with his legs crossed to rest.

At this time, he didn't know that Bulma and Ascari had found five wives for him, and he was waiting for him to go back to meet.

At home, Caroline's five daughters have already known Bulma. Bulma has a general understanding of their situation and is extremely satisfied with them.

On the sofa, Emma was next to No. 18, her bright eyes smiling at No. 18's new image.

"After dressing up, it is different and full of charm." Emma put her chin in one hand and looked at it with a smile.

No. 18 moved a half step to the side, and said vigilantly: "What kind of look are you in?"

"Appreciative eyes. With such a dressing, your charm value has increased several times, and you look mature. Even I like it very much when I look at it."

"Boring!" No. 18 gave her a blank look, stood up and wanted to walk away.

Emma was not angry, she smiled and watched her walk away, "Remember that I owed you a favor before, do you want me to help you?"

No. 18's body suddenly paused, turned around and looked at her with scrutiny eyes, saw that she didn't seem to be joking, and then nodded without a trace.

When Emma saw this, her eyes rolled around her, as if she knew it well.

Oops, in the end, she still has to rely on her aunt!

"No matter, who made me face the same as you." Muttering in a low voice, Emma chuckled, feeling that she was really competent as a little aunt.

On the side, Ascari saw the sneaky look of the two, she couldn't help but feel surprised, what the two were discussing, frowning.

Forget it, let them make trouble, it's none of their own business anyway.

Ascarly tilted her head, letting herself not think about the troublesome things, picked up the snacks on the table, unpacked the bags, and sipped her drink.

"Dad, you have to help resolve the identities of Caroline." Ascarly said vaguely while eating snacks.

Luo Lan glanced at her, "I'm already ready."

As he said, raising his hand and making a stroke in the void, a different- dimensional channel opened, and then, in the eyes of everyone, ding ding dong dong, seven fist-sized dragon ** rolled from the channel to the table.

"I have brought Dragon Ball here."

Bulma picked up the dragon * on the table and said with a strange look: "Why are these dragon * blue?"

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