Chapter 920:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Son Gohan, go home with me!

After knowing everyone's choice, Bulma's eyes were filled with tears, and she grinned while complaining: "Fuck off, and give them a chance to be resurrected, they don't want to come back."

Bulma respected their choice, and her friends only had the pursuit of martial arts. Compared with heaven, the environment on this side of the earth was not attractive at all, and it was only natural that they did not want to come back.

What surprised her was that the fellow Vegeta went to ** after death. It seemed that he had done too much evil in his lifetime and suffered retribution after his death.

The Saiyans are generally like this. They fight all the year round, and they are more or less contaminated with the blood of innocent people—just like Badak, they seem to behave more decently, but they are definitely not good people, if it weren’t by the Monkey King. If you use Dragon Ball to resurrect, you should also serve your sentence in ** now.

Fortunately, Vegeta has been reincarnated and reborn.

After a couple, he was able to start a new life, Bulma was also relieved.

After calming down, Bulma yelled at the dragon in the sky: "Please bring Monkey King back to life."

"This wish can be realized!"

The eyes of the huge blue dragon gleamed, and a magical force was applied to the distant kingdom of heaven, giving Sun Gohan a new life.

"Gohan...has been resurrected?"

Bulma's eyes were a little dazed, and then his gaze became firm, and he looked at no Sun Gohan around, presumably still in heaven.

Shenlong has one last wish left. What wish should he make?

Bulma hesitated, and wanted to bring Sun Gohan with her last wish, but in this way the last wish did not reflect the value.

Looking at Luo Lan and asking for his opinion, Luo Lan said that he would go to bring Monkey King back without wasting the power of Dragon Ball. Seeing this, Bulma gave up his plan to make a wish with Dragon Ball.

"Those who have collected Dragon Balls, please say their third wish!"

The head of the Shenlong descended from the high-altitude clouds, as if a towering mountain was pressed down, giving people a huge sense of oppression.

At this moment, Ascari came up with an idea: "It's better to use the last wish to restore the Namek star here!"

Bulma's eyes lit up when she heard Ascarly's words.

Ten years ago, after Ascari teamed up with Luo Fei and others to destroy the humanoids, in order to speed up the reconstruction of the earth’s civilization, they used teleportation to go to New Nameck, hoping to borrow the dragon ** there to restore the earth, but when they rushed to Nameck It was only when I found out that something happened there too, so I finally returned without success.

If you save the vitality of Namek with the last wish now, it seems that you have given your wish to others and you have not earned anything, but doing so is actually equivalent to leaving a hope for the future earth.

"If everyone has no opinion, just make a wish." Bulma said.

"Make a wish!" Ascarly urged.

"We don't care."

Emma and Number 18 watched as they had nothing to do with them, and Dragon Ball's wish was not worth any money in their eyes.

Luo Lan didn't care even more.

Seeing that everyone had no objection, Bulma nodded, looked up at the dragon in the sky, and made one last wish to it. Suddenly, the new Namek stars located on the other side of the distant starry sky came back to life, and the Namek people came back to life one by one.

The Blue Dragon even thoughtfully informed the Namekians of the reason for their resurrection.

Suddenly, the favor of the Namekians to the people on earth increased greatly.

Afterwards, the Nameks re-elected the great elder, and the new generation of dragon youth Dandy inherited the position of the great elder and recreated the dragon ball by using the dragon ball relics left behind.

At the same time that Namek star recovered, the blue dragon completed its mission, explained to Bulma and the others the completion of the wish in a fixed procedure, and then reverted to the appearance of a dragon ball, ascended to the high altitude to prepare to spread.

Luo Lan naturally wouldn't sit and watch these dragon ** scattered in this world, so he thought about it. He didn't see any movement, but the void automatically showed a distortion, as if an invisible big hand grabbed the sky, and the huge power distorted the dragon ball. The time and space around.

Soon, the seven dragon ** returned to him neatly.

Luo Lan smiled faintly, and then with a wave of his hand, he retracted the dragon ball into the different dimension space.

"carry out!"

Ascarly and the others have been quite familiar with Luo Lan’s abilities, and their expressions have always been calm, but the five Caroline daughters were really shocked by what they saw today. Until Luo Lan put all the Dragon Balls away, they The shock on his face still did not subside.

Lord Luo Lan...It's really amazing.

Several people yelled in their hearts, and their eyes were filled with awe. They had never thought that they would be able to see such a magical scene.

Next, he was going to heaven to pick up Sun Wufan. Luo Lan was going to go there in person, but Trunks had to call him back.

Luo Lan asked Bulma: "Are there any contacts in Trunks?"

Bulma shook his head, "No, he usually comes back only after he finishes his cultivation."

"That won't work, I can't let Caroline and the others wait long..." After seeing Caroline and the others who looked a little nervous, Luo Lan smiled and said to Ascari: "You go to the realm of the realm king God Realm. , Bring Trunks back."

The fiancées are all present, how can Trunks not come back.

Ascarly responded immediately: "Okay, I'm going now!"

As soon as the voice fell, Ping Ting's curvy figure disappeared under everyone’s eyelids, and she had already moved towards the realm of the realm king God Realm. After seeing Ascari approaching to pick up Trunks, Luo Lan smiled to Caroline. they:

"Wait a minute, Trunks will be here soon."

"Yeah." The women Caroline nodded nervously. There was a feeling that the ugly daughter-in-law was about to see her in-laws. Of course, in their hearts, they were more expecting Trunks.

Their future husband-in-law is a super Saiyan 2 level master!

Seeing the nervous and expectant expressions of the women, Luo Lan laughed loudly, striding forward, directly penetrating the limitations of space, and appeared in the heaven of the underworld.

The kingdom of heaven here is no different from the kingdom of heaven Luo Lan has been to, and what catches your eyes is a golden patch.

The Great Realm King is located in the center of the entire bright red space. There are many planets similar to the Real King in orderly distribution, half- hidden and covered by auspicious clouds. These planets are much larger than the Real King. Mainly for the heroes in the kingdom of heaven.

Luo Lan's divine consciousness spread out, the divine light in his eyes flashed, and he quickly found the position of Monkey King, and then stepped over.

Came in front of Monkey King.

At this moment, the resurrected Monkey King was really surrounded by Monkey King, Piccolo and others. They seemed to be explaining something. When Luo Lan's figure appeared next to them, several people immediately became vigilant. A trace of shock hung on it.

They didn't realize how the other party appeared.

Observing the opponent with his breath again, all the breath seemed to have fallen into the mud, disappearing without a trace.

"Don't try, you won't find my breath."

Luo Lan’s faint voice came over, perhaps because the comfortable life in Heaven lacks competitiveness. The strengths of Monkey King and Bick in this world are far less than those of his world. With Luo Lan’s strength in the fourth-level sequence, a few people are here. There is no secret in front of him, and his strength is completely exposed.

Monkey King actually didn't even reach Super Saiyan 3!

Luo Lan frowned.

"Who is your Excellency?" Piccolo looked shocked, and the soul felt a tremor in the vaguely.

"Ah, you are also a Saiyan!" Monkey King couldn't help yelling after seeing the tail behind Luo Lan.

"What, Saiyan?"

"There are other Saiyans in heaven?"

"Look, he doesn't have a halo on his head, hiss...he didn't die!" As if they had discovered an earth-shattering secret, Klin and Leping took a breath, and there are still living people in the kingdom of heaven. , This has not been seen before.


"Quiet!" Luo Lan looked at them calmly, and said a soft word that fell in the ears of Monkey King and the others, but it was deafening like thunder, resounding through the sky.

Monkey King swallowed and looked at him in disbelief.

This person is so strong!

Luo Lan looked at the effect she had made with satisfaction, nodded, and pointed to Monkey King and said, "Monkey King, since he has been resurrected, I will return to Earth with me, and I will take you back." The latest chapter address of Dragon Ball God-level Saiyan: the full text of Dragon Ball God Saiyan: Ball God-level Saiyan txt download address: Ball God-class Saiyan mobile phone reading: the convenience of reading next time, you can click "Favorites" below to record this time (Chapter 918 Sun Wufan, go back with me!) to read the record, open the bookshelf next time Can be seen! If you like "Dragon Ball God Saiyan", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) ,Thank you for your support! (

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