Chapter 921:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan


"You also come from the earth?"

"Are there other Saiyans besides Trunks on Earth?"

Suddenly hearing the other party saying that he was going to bring himself back to Earth, Sun Wufan became vigilant subconsciously, and then a puzzled expression appeared on his face. They don't know the situation of the earth in heaven, and they don't know if there are other Saiyans on the earth.

Luo Lan glanced at Monkey King indifferently, and said, "Although I came from the earth, I didn't live there. Okay, come back with me. Bulma is waiting for you."

"Aunt Bulma!"

Monkey King's heart suddenly shook, and his thoughts couldn't help but fall into memories.

When the cyborgs were rampant and wanton killings, it was Bulma's meticulous care and encouragement that allowed him to survive the most difficult years. As a woman who also lost her family and relatives, Bulma used her persistence and Stubbornly raised him and Trunks, and continued to help behind the scenes.

For Monkey King, Bulma is a gentle and respectable elder. She does not have strong power, but she is using her best efforts to resist the rule of artificial people.

In a blink of an eye, it has been 13 years since I came to heaven.

I don’t know what’s going on on the other side of the earth. Does Trunks protect everyone...

Sun Wufan was extremely worried about the situation on the earth.

So when Shenlong asked him if he wanted to be resurrected, he chose to resurrect without hesitation.

After being sacrificed in the battle with the humanoids, Sun Gohan has been practicing kung fu in heaven, in order to one day be able to help the earth.

Now his strength has surpassed the artificial humans No. 17 and No. 18 back then, but because of the guidance of his mother-in-law, he has not been able to find a way to return to the earth.

Although the heroes of the heavenly kingdom have the opportunity to return to the sun one day, that must be approved by the king of the great realm. Before a serious crisis occurs in the human world, the people of the underworld are not allowed to go to the realm at will.

Of course, the only exception is the divination mother-in-law, who possesses the mysterious power of inheritance, and can take the underworld back to the sun for a day.

The earth’s dragon ball has disappeared with Piccolo’s death, and he can be resurrected. It must be the effect of Namek's Dragon Ball. With earth’s technology, to find Namek across the vast sea of ​​stars, it must have been spent by Trunks and Aunt Bulma. A lot of energy.

His thoughts were flying for a while, and Monkey King came back to his senses. At this time, he couldn't wait any longer, and the urge to return to Earth immediately appeared in his heart.

"How's the situation on Earth?" Monkey's voice trembled and his expression was a little nervous.

"The disaster is over. The humanoid was wiped out by Trunks seven years ago, and the earth is now rebuilding civilization." Luo Lan smiled and truthfully informed the earth.

"Tranks... really did it. It must have suffered a lot."

After working hard for more than 20 years, he finally expelled the darkness. When dawn came, after Sun Wufan heard it, a gratified smile appeared on his face.

"It's true that Trunks is not easy. To save the earth, he did not stop for a while. Fortunately, the ending is satisfactory. After returning to the earth, you can ask him about the specific situation."

"Yeah." Monkey King nodded and smiled contentedly.

"This gentleman..."

"Call me Luo Lan."

"Mr. Luo Lan, how do we return to Earth, do we pass through Lord Yan's palace?"

Luo Lan Junyi smiled slightly on his cheeks, and shook his head and said, "It doesn't need to be so troublesome. I have an instant movement skill that can take you back to Earth at any time."

Teleport? !

Monkey King was taken aback. This skill was taken literally, and you could know its effect. It should be a space shuttle skill.

Monkey King, Piccolo and others were also stunned. They didn't expect that there were such magical skills in the world.

Son Gohan, they still don’t know about teleportation!

Seeing the surprised expressions of several people, Luo Lan smiled indifferently. In Trunks' world, even though Monkey King escaped from Namek in Captain Kinyu's spacecraft, he did not learn teleportation from the Adrats.

After talking about it, Luo Lan raised his hand, and an invisible force hovered around Monkey King, preparing to take him back to Earth.

"Don't resist, I will take you back."

"Wait!" A cry came from behind, Luo Lan looked back and saw Monkey King's hands clasped together as a begging.

"What's matter?"

"Um... are you really a Saiyan? Why are your hair and eyes different from ours?" Monkey King asked the question from the bottom of his heart.

Is the red-haired Saiyan because of mutation?

It is still said that in addition to the Super Saiyan, Saiyan also has other transformation forms.

If it weren't for Luo Lan who looked like a Super Saiyan now, and had a tail behind him, Monkey King would doubt if he was a Saiyan. Because Luo Lan's various characteristics are completely different from the Saiyans he knows. There is no breath in his body, and the colors of his eyes and hair are not consistent.

"This is the form of the Saiyan after becoming a god, called the Super Saiyan God, Monkey King, you can now become Super Saiyan 2, and you can consider moving closer to the direction of the gods in the future."

"But I suggest you reach Super Saiyan 3 first before speaking..."

Luo Lan doesn't know whether the Monkey King in this world has any hope of becoming a god. After all, for him, who has not even reached Super Saiyan 3, he is still far away from the ** sequence.

Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3?

Monkey King frowned, his expression a little confused, he didn't know what the so-called Super Saiyan 2 was, but vaguely guessed that it might be his current state.

The name is quite apt.

Call it Super Saiyan 2 from now on!

Luo Lan's words were like dropping a huge rock toward the calm lake, and immediately set off a huge wave in Sun Wukong's heart.

After learning about Super Saiyan 2, there was also Super Saiyan 3, and then there was the mysterious God of Super Saiyan. Monkey King's quiet soul for a long time finally boiled.

When I was about to ask for more information about the God of Super Saiyan, I found that the other party's figure had long since disappeared.

"Oh, how come you have already left!"

Monkey King thumped his chest, as if he had missed a good opportunity.

Looking at Piccolo pitifully, "Piccolo, you said we didn't choose to resurrect, did you choose the wrong thing?"

"At present, it seems to be wrong." Piccolo nodded and said.

After listening to this, Monkey King immediately cried his face. If he had known that there were such great masters on earth, how he should have chosen to resurrect, he had missed it now.

On the earth, Luo Lan showed up at Yunzebit Heights with Monkey King.

When Bulma saw the Monkey King who had returned from the resurrection, tears flowed from her eyes, and then rushed towards the Monkey King, "Gohan... Gohan, you are finally resurrected."

"Aunt Bulma, I'm back!" Sun Gohan was suddenly hugged by Bulma, his hands dancing in the air.


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