Chapter 93:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

Sonori Adventure Group (seeking collection, seeking recommendation ticket)

An asteroid belt in the depths of the universe.

Here is the remains of the broken planets, scattered meteors move irregularly in the starry sky, and collisions between meteorites are staged from time to time. These small stellar bodies are thousands of kilometers in size, and the small ones are only the size of a fist. The dark small meteorites move at high speed, and under the constraints of the stellar gravitational field, they have never broken away from this circular orbiting belt.

On the main belt, the surface of a meteorite with a diameter of 500 kilometers was shining with crystal light. The dazzling light was particularly bright. At first glance, it was definitely not natural starlight, because there was no such luminous celestial body in the asteroid belt.


The dazzling flames flickered, and the ellipsoid-shaped maintenance robots stretched their arms to maintain the spacecraft docked in the harbor.

This place belongs to the space fortress of cosmic adventurer Sonori. The entire asteroid belt has been transformed into a copper wall and iron wall. Various high-tech defense systems are arranged on large and small meteorites. A tube of black hole muzzle is fixed on the meteorite. The dark muzzle is uniform to the outside, and the bright tube wall is ferocious and terrifying.

As long as an enemy enters this area, countless energy rays will be launched uniformly, forming an airtight energy network like a gust of wind and rain, destroying all enemies.

Inside the Battlestar, in the busy corridor, small cleaning robots hum and work hard, guarding soldiers patrolling back and forth, watching the surrounding situation dutifully.

The adventure group headed by Sonori is the largest adventure group in the nearby star regions, with about tens of thousands of people.

"Humhhhhhhhhh!" A blue-haired cosmic guy hurriedly paced, his crisp voice echoing in the corridor from time to time.

Walked through the long corridor and came to the hall where the leader was.

The blue-haired universe man opened the thick door to the inner room, and said to a green-skinned universe man on the high platform of the main hall:

"Boss Sonori, the Lannastars are moving, I feel they want to leave us alone."

The Green Universe man took a piece of fat and gnawed roughly. Hearing what his subordinates said, he tore a bite of the fat and asked, "What's the matter?"

"The Lannastars may have found a new partner, and they have no plans to develop the'Plant of Cultivation' with us."

"What?!" When Sonori heard it, she threw away the fat in her hand angrily and said in a bad tone, "What the ** is the situation, Prey, please explain the situation to me in detail."

The cosmic man named Pray immediately explained the situation he had monitored: "...According to my observations, the Lannastars are moving in the direction of the planet Sharada. It is very likely that they are competing with the planet. What kind of cooperation has Yaren reached? If this is the case, our Sonori adventure team will be completely left behind."

"Saiyan? That's the so-called fighting nation that just emerged recently? They dare to grab business with our Sonori Adventure Group?!" Sonori's face was cold, her rose-red eyes flashed with cold light.

Sonori is a green-skinned cosmic man with white fluffy hair. Although she is a female, she possesses extraordinary combat effectiveness.

Relying on its strong strength, Sonori has gathered talents over the years to form the largest employment organization in the nearby star field. There are thousands of combat cosmic people under his command alone, plus logistics and business personnel, and the scale is even greater. It is a giant of tens of thousands of people, and other adventure groups will have to detour when they meet them, and they are also well-known in the west of the North Galaxy.

It's just that the scale of the adventure group is large, and the expenses are also large. Usually, it is profitable by taking on the tasks of other rich people, especially the Lanna Stars, which can be said to be a big way for them to make money.

It must not be easily lost.

"Boss Sonori, what should we do now? Don't you just watch our business be robbed by those Saiyans?" Prey asked his boss for his opinion. If the cultivation business is obtained, the profits will be considerable.

Sonori thought a little, and sneered: "Of course not. How can the business I am aiming for can be taken away by others? I will immediately organize the manpower. I will go to the Sarada planet to take a look."

Prey was a little worried: "Recently, the star field on the planet Salada is not peaceful. Many adventurers tried to enter the planet Salada, but they were all repelled by the Saiyans there. To be cautious, shall we not observe it again?”

"Huh, can we be the same as those trash, my old lady is the boss of Sonori Adventure Group, a master with 20,000 combat power, and that is also a big figure in the universe, plus you guys, who are you afraid of? !"

Sonori looked arrogant, her rose red eyes showed strong confidence.

We must know that as long as a planet has a master with more than 5,000 combat power, it is enough to be called a high-level planet. Even in the Vegeta era, the strongest fighter has only more than 10,000 combat power. Sonori’s 20,000 horror combat power is enough to despise many strong Of course, even Frieza's right-hand man-Chambeau and Dodoria, can't speak of such a value in terms of combat effectiveness.

Although the blue-haired cosmic person Pulei felt a little uneasy in his heart, he couldn't help but settle down when he thought of the super strength of the boss.

"Understood, I will let you know and let the people in the adventure team prepare."

"Well, you go, don't care about the Saiyans, how could those people be our opponents." Sonori gnawed fat indecently, speaking in a slurred voice, "...if it is used among those Saiyans , I would like to bring them under their command. After all, the fighting nation should have some strength."

Prey smiled: "In this way, the scale of our Sonori adventure team will be expanded again."

Sonori laughed and said, "That's it, this boss has always been very forgiving to masters." After speaking, her tone changed and became a little indifferent: "Also, give me a good question about those Lanna stars, don't think you are rich. You can let the strong take orders at will. After all, this universe is the weak and the strong. Being polite to them is nothing but the mercy of the strong to the weak. Don’t be shameless."

"The boss said that they should be taught some lessons."

Prey, the blue-haired universe man, smiled, turned and left Sonori's room.


Just when the Sonori Adventure Group was so arrogant and arrogant and ready to rush to the planet Sarada, Luo Lan had already found the "Plant Human Planet" not far from the planet Sarada according to the star map given by the Lanna star Man Ai Boa.

This planet is located in an empty star field, only seven days away from the planet Sharada, because the surrounding stars are very scarce and the supply is insufficient, this star field has been rarely visited.

If Aiboya hadn't strayed in by accident, he would never have discovered that there is a "Plant of Cultivation" hidden here.


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