Chapter 99:Dragon Ball God-class Saiyan

The spacecraft arrives (seeking collection, seeking recommendation ticket)

"Then you have to be careful."

Herz nodded towards Seferia. After Seferia became the queen, she became more and more powerful. Even if Herz had been her captain, she couldn't arbitrarily overstep her as before.

Sefilia joked: "My pressure is also great. If I don't work hard, Luo Lan will climb on top of me in a few years, and he will be bullied by him..."

Sephylia has always been proud, even Luo Lan should not think of surpassing her so easily.

Hertz couldn't help laughing when he heard it, but the siblings started to compete with each other. But this is also good, if it is not because he thinks he is not as good as Sefilia and Luo Lan, he also wants to join the competition.

Next, Seferia discussed with Herz about the training of the Saiyans on the planet Salada after she left. An afternoon passed quickly. When Herz got up and was about to leave, a breath of terror suddenly shrouded like a giant net from high above. The air trembled slightly, the water cup on the table shook, and tea splashed on the table. .

Feeling a group of powerful and unfamiliar qi entering the planet Salada, Sefilia raised her head, her face looked like frost, and a hint of coldness appeared on her beautiful face.

"Which guys who do not live or die?"

Seferia has encountered an intruder like this many times during this time.

Herz looked solemnly: "This time the intruder is very powerful, and there are more than one or two powerful auras."

Seferia sneered: "No matter how strong it is, it's just a chicken dog. I'm worried that I can't find anyone to move around. These guys are here."

Herz is not as optimistic as Sefilia. Of course, with a master like Sefilia, the safety of the planet Sharada is naturally safe. What he needs to worry about is how to minimize the loss of the planet Sharada.

"I asked Naris to immediately organize the manpower to ask the soldiers of the defense forces to protect the safety of the young people..." Herz said, her body turned into a flash of light, and suddenly flew towards the gathering place.

Seferia squinted slightly and stared at the blue sky. The breeze was blowing, her long hair like satin fluttered slightly, and her face was calm.

"This intruder seems to be a bit interesting." A beautiful arc formed at the corner of her mouth, and Sefilia sneered and walked slowly outside.


A few hours ago, shortly after the Lanna star Aiboa's spacecraft flew out of the planet Saradar, not far from the planet Saradar, a dark spaceship armed to the teeth crossed the starry sky and headed towards the planet Saradar.

There are countless spiral-shaped star systems in the northern Milky Way. A certain flash in the starry sky may be another star system outside the distant star region. These star systems vary in size and are far apart, sometimes even spanning hundreds of thousands of light years. , It may not be possible to reach the next stop. If it were not for the advanced navigation technology in the universe, it would be impossible for many civilizations to cross their own star system.

In the spacecraft, the green-skinned Sonori raised Erlang's legs, leaning forward, palms against his chin: "Pure, haven't you reached Planet Sarada yet?"

The second in command of Sonori’s Adventure Group, Prey, checked and replied: "Boss, be patient, we will be there soon. Now there are three hours away from the planet Sharada. If you continue to move forward, you should enter the planet Sharada. It’s in the planetary system."

"Heh, to teach those Saiyans who don't know the so-called, my old lady spent more than half a month." Sonoli leaned back and found a comfortable posture.

"Don't worry, it will be here soon, when the time comes, the boss can vent his unhappiness as much as he can." Blue-haired Universe Man Pray said calmly. Only a few people in the entire Sonori adventure group dared to talk to Sonori like this.

"Hehe, I'm going to play ten by that time, let them know the fate of offending my Sonori." Mei-red eyes blinked and her face was full of discomfort.

"Sister, we are here to collect them."

Another cosmic warrior said next to him, his name is Thorne, Sonori’s younger brother, he has the same green skin, and possesses a strong body. In fact, Sonori, Thorne, and Prey are all of the same race. Come from a race called the "Nolay".

This race has light green skin and handsome appearance, and is considered to be a more beautiful race in the universe.

Sonori recklessly said: "Before collecting it, we must first have a lesson."

"Ha ha."

Prey chuckled softly, and dealt with his somewhat arrogant boss in a gentle manner. He came to the bridge and asked about the sailing conditions of the spacecraft. The operator of the spacecraft answered that everything was normal. Prey nodded and returned to his seat to close his eyes and rest.

In order to teach the Saiyans this time, the Sonori Adventure Group dispatched a total of 100 combat personnel. These combatants generally have 1,000 combat effectiveness, and there are three people with combat effectiveness above 10,000 such as Pule and Sonoli. If it is a general high-level planet, facing such a formation, I am afraid that it will directly surrender.

More than an hour later, the Sonori Adventure Group's spacecraft detected a period of spacecraft signal.

A silver-white spacecraft quickly passed by the side of the Sonori adventure group spacecraft.

"It's the Lanna Starcraft!"

"Those guys flew from the planet Salada, sister, do you want to stop them?"

Sonori's younger brother Thorne looked at his elder sister.

Sonori gnawed her finger and said fiercely: "Let's let them go for the time being. After we teach the Saiyans, we will go to them to settle the accounts. I will take over all their business at that time."

"That's it, it's just a race with weak combat effectiveness, so why occupy so many resources." Thorne agreed very much.

"The Lannastars have a very wide network of contacts in the Universe Commercial Headquarters, and it is easy to provoke revenge from other strong people for their words." Prey shook his head, a little more thoughtful in his indifferent eyes.

"Cut, I can't control those. At most, we will change to another place. The universe is so big. There is no place where we can't go." Sonori was disdainful. She has always looked at Lanna star people upset, why? She desperately can only build a fortress in the asteroid belt, but the Lanna people can sit on several planets and live a life of drunken gold and gold?

Humph, business is monopolized by those guys.

Also, the cosmic mercenary organization is also true, why should she get involved with the people from the cosmic business headquarters, making her Sonori uncomfortable.

"Forget it, don't think about the unhappy things. Everyone is ready. It may be a tough battle later. Although I am here, those Saiyans will definitely not be able to make any waves, but after all I intend to include them. If they cause too many casualties, it will be our loss."

Sonori waved a big hand, already placing the Saiyans as a force under her command.


More than an hour passed.

Sonori's army came to the range of the star where the Sarada planet was located, and passed through the many small stellar bodies outside, and a huge azure planet appeared in sight. It is a beautiful, brilliant planet like a pearl...

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