Era of Breakdown

Era of Breakdown


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Qigefei, listen to me, Qiyana and I really love each other, and it was just an accident for Mei! ————If you don’t believe me, you can ask Cecilia!


Do gods really exist? Is it the world or the human heart that collapsed? Yaeji, who was supposed to be the guardian of the village by the god of the shrine, faced ignorance and collapse, what should he do?

The book is also known as: “Friendship will not collapse”, “I like everyone because of friendship”, “I hope everyone is happy”, “I’m really not a scumbag,” “Wings? What wings? 》

The current world: the eighth chapter of the collapse — Tokyo Ghoul — ???

Ps. Welcome non-captain, creation god, aerial split cleaner, rainbow team members, demons, square people, commanders, guns Divine agents, dragon slayers, stubborn bronzes, peaceful elites… and other diverse existences settled in Hyperion (*???)

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