Chapter 1492:Era of Breakdown

The shadow of the old lover

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The Huberian Captain's Lounge.

"Let's talk about it, what the ** is going on?" Karen sat on the only chair in the lounge, with her slender legs folded together, her upper body straight, her arms folded, her eyes as if she was interrogating the prisoner.

Yaeji's brain was running fast, with a pretty smile, quietly approaching Karen.

"Okay! You just stand there, don't come closer!" Karen said.

"Okay, good." Yaeji stood still, with a smile on Qiao's face still like a spring breeze, "The one who clashed with you just now is the fallen flame ** from the Fa'an Star Faya Forest Elf clan, which is our human civilization. For the said'Liang Yonglin' ​​of the Law of Flame, I used the power of power to temporarily subdue her.

Maybe it’s the custom in the Forest of Faya, and it’s also very common to call it ‘master’. We used to be in the manor of the French Empire, no..."

"Am I asking you to explain this?" Karen stared at Yae Ji, whose beautiful sapphire eyes brought pressure to Yae Ji that was comparable to the pressure when facing the Final Ruler.

"Uh..." Yae Ji wondered where else he could offend Karen. There were too many places to offend him, and he really didn't know which crime he had picked up was a lighter explanation.

"Aji, I know that you are one of the pillars of human civilization and have been elected as a civilization hero. Very busy, super busy!" Karen said: "I know all of these, so I never dared to disturb you on earth, but Are you busy during the voyage? So busy that you only sent me two emails at the beginning of the voyage?"

‘Hurt, it turned out to be this! Yae Ji breathed a sigh of relief in secret, and moved closer to Kallen, and smiled: "Not only I am busy, but the entire civilization is busy. The Huberian voyage to Fa'an Star takes a lot of information each time. Energy, and the transmission time is extremely long, which is not cost-effective."

"Don't think I don't know that you are using Sumeru mustard seeds to convey information!"

"How does Karen even know this?" Yae Ji's smile on her face remained unchanged, and she said patiently: "Karen, that is a public transmission channel. I can't rely on my position to use the public channel to send mail like you, no Talking about waste of resources, now the Pan-Human Federation has just been integrated and established. As a high-level person, I must lead by example. Otherwise, how can the Pan-Human Federation talk about saving civilization? What's more, as a "civilized hero" to promote, my every move will be unlimited. Enlarged, so...Do you think I don’t want to send you a message with my baby? Alas~"

"Haha~" Karen sneered, "Do you think I didn't know that the Huberian was controlled by Aiyi? As long as you don't want to, who knows what you did in human civilization? I think you don't want May to know you. Some little secrets!"

Hearing Karen said "Mei", Yaeji's head suddenly got bigger. Karen didn't mind his finding a small one, because she received a different ideological education when she was a child, but even if she was feudal, Karen would not be able to The woman who threatened her status remained indifferent.


"What are you? You are afraid that people will know that you still have a fiancée in the new earth era~ No wonder you treated Raiden Yayi so well, because you used her as the shadow of your old lover.

Now that your old lover is in the highest position of human civilization, he is thinking about getting rid of the relationship with his former fiancée?"

"I didn't." Yaeji reduced the smile on his face and said solemnly: "Mei and I were colleagues in the fire-chasing moths of the last civilized era. We did solve some of each other’s troubles. I don’t know. Where did you hear about my relationship with May, but my relationship with her is by no means what you think."

"What do you imagine?"

Yaeji didn't answer Karen's question head-on, but instead bullied herself forward, came to Karen's face, and fixed her hand firmly on the armrest of the seat.

"Karen, what I said to you hasn't been realized? I said I will meet again in the future. Didn't we meet again? I said I will work hard to find the father- in-law, he was also found by me? Why? Would you not believe me?"

Karen tilted her head and didn't look directly at Yaeji's magnificent eyes.

"I want to believe you, who told you to have Mei, Sakura and Ling in the last civilization era, you don't know Sakura and others..."

"What's wrong with Sakura and others?" Yaeji thought of the scene where the "sisters" were gathered, and suddenly his head got bigger, especially Rin. She is definitely not an easy to provoke. Maybe she will get Sakura and Ling together. Sullen face.

"It's nothing," Karen shrugged. "They like to sit together and play mahjong after they finish their tasks."

"Playing mahjong? Huh~ That's okay." Yaeji imagined it and thought it was very likely. Sakura looks almost exactly the same as Sakura except for two fox ears. Rin would not persecute each other. As for Ling? No matter how many horrible ideas she has, she can't play with Eightfold Rin who has been in power for hundreds of years in the Holy See of Heaven.

‘I hope you can still laugh at that time. Karen rolled her eyes and thought to herself.

At this moment, Yaeji had already taken up Karen's little hand, dragged her to sit on the bed next to her.

"How is your father-in-law's body?" Yaeji decided to change the subject.

"Injected hypervariable factor and bloodline medicine, regained control of the Kaslana family, it was unreasonable to be energetic, and also taught a younger generation named'Zig Fei' to fulfill his promise to others." Karen knew. Yae Ji was changing the topic, and went on, obviously holding back his anger when he came, and when he saw Yae Ji, his anger had already been halfway away by thinking.

"That's good," Yaeji tentatively put his palm on Karen's shoulder, "what about Xiaoyou? Xiaoyou listened to me lately?"

"Before I left, she was seconded to the A11 world bubble by the expeditionary army. I heard that there was a trial-level collapsed beast with a headwind attribute in that world bubble."

"With Xiaoyou's strength, really don't worry."

"That is!" Karen Qiao's face showed pride, "I don't look at whose daughter it is."

After that, Karen looked worried again, "Aji, you said that after so many years, Xiaoyou has also eaten a lot of food, why hasn't she been tall? I also took her to see many doctors, UU reading those doctors are useless!"

Yae Ji laughed twice. There must be a doctor on the earth who can help Xiaoyou grow up, even if it is the birth of the next Dr. Mei.

"Oh, I should have followed!" Karen became more worried. "I'm really afraid that the expeditionary army will detect the strength of the collapsed beast. What if Xiaoyou gets injured?"

"Impossible," Yaeji comforted: "Even Junyan can only seal today's Xiaoyou. What collapsed beast is more powerful than Junyan?"

"thats right..."

"Karen, there is actually another promise that hasn't been fulfilled."


"Remember Xiaoyou's brother?"



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