Chapter 181:Even If You Become An Animal, You Have To Serve An Iron Rice Bowl

Chapter 178:

Liu Yan, who was not far away, heard a familiar babbling sound before he approached, his eyelids twitched, and he suddenly felt a headache.

He turned to look at his fellow driver, "Is your car unlocked?"

My colleague stared at you with a nonsense expression, "How is that possible."

Liu Yan pointed in the direction of the search dog, "Listen."

The sound of "Nao Nao" was too harsh. The driver was stunned for a few seconds, then suddenly patted his head, "My car!" After turning around, he ran away.

Another colleague looked at Liu Yan, "Is that chicken following?"

The babbling paused for a second, and the colleague shrank reflexively.

Liu Yan ignored him and walked over there.

The long beak of the kiwi kept making noises on the box, the search dog tilted its head, and looked at this strange-looking...chicken with great puzzlement.

It made a threatening whimper in its throat, attracting the attention of the police.

The police held the leash and looked into the crack of the box, and saw the kiwi fruit that was like a woodpecker, constantly pecking at the box.

The police made a noise.

"Where's the chicken from."

Shen Qiu:…

Kiwi closed her eyes tightly and told herself: Chicken is chicken, who made the kiwi little known.

The kiwi took a deep breath and continued to hold the box.

Liu Yan's footsteps approached, and he always felt that the voice sounded more forceful than before.

You must be angry again.

He thought about it for a while, changed direction, stood behind the search dog and looked into the gap of the box, and saw the kiwi that had pecked a hole in the box.

The face was full of anger, and the top of his head seemed to be on fire.

Hearing footsteps, those black bean eyes looked over, Liu Yan coughed, "Little fellow, what did you find?"

He still remembered Shen Qiu's previous feat, told the police, and then waved to his colleagues.

Seeing that Liu Yan understood what he meant, Shen Qiu didn't talk any more, withdrew from the gap, and squatted aside to watch the security inspector check the fruit in the box.

The durian in the box has a suffocating smell when you open it.

As a star who does not eat durian, Shen Qiu was almost swept away by the smell, and quickly stepped back.

Apparently the search dog was not used to the smell and sneezed.

Liu Yan and others took out the durian and checked it around.

Durian is durian, they are all unopened, and there seems to be no problem.

"Brother Yan is fine, and the search dog didn't warn me, isn't it... a mistake."

The colleague glanced at the kiwi fruit that was coveting, but did not dare to say the word chicken again.

Liu Yan frowned and did not speak. After checking the durian, he looked over the box over and over again, and did not find any problems.

He put the durian back, wondering if the kiwi was mistaken.

In the end, before he could say anything, the kiwi who was watching from behind suddenly rushed over and slammed into his calf.

The sharp mouth poked his calf like a toothpick.

Liu Yan raised his foot and hissed.

"What do you want."

He lowered his head and met those black bean eyes again.

The next second, the kiwi fruit took advantage of the opportunity to grab a mouth on his leg, and then continued to grab the box.

Although Liu Yan was not present when Shen Qiu discovered the problem before, he watched the surveillance later, and through the royal family's dictation, he probably knew how Shen Qiu would warn if he found something wrong.

Shen Qiu's appearance was clearly telling him that there was a problem.

Thinking about the two who were caught before, Liu Yan decided to take another look.

He took out Shen Qiutao's box, opened it and put the durian in front of Shen Qiu.

Shen Qiu turned around, sniffed carefully, just about to talk, looked at the search dog staring at him next to him, squatted in front of Durian, and poked the ground with his mouth.

This confuses Liu Yan, "So is there a problem or no problem."

Shen Qiu rolled her huge white eyes, then put her mouth on the durian branch and continued talking.

Liu Yan suddenly said, "There is still a problem." He looked at the police.

The policeman has his face sullen, nodding to Liu Yan and leading the police dog forward.

"Domineering, sniff!"

Domineering is a Springer with long ears and curly hair.

The moment it heard the password, it retracted its eyes from Shen Qiu, stared at the durian intently, and sniffed in a circle.

It seemed a little puzzled, it took a long time to smell it, and in the end, it must have fallen on the ground steadily.

It looks at its partner.

The warning dog gave a warning, Liu Yan and others looked solemn for a moment, the police picked up the durian and held it in their hands to look, and then sniffed it close to the tip of their nose.

He seemed to smell something other than durian.

The police comrade turned the durian around, not knowing what to see, suddenly approached, and waved to Liu Yan a few seconds later.

"Look, has this place been opened?"

Liu Yan leaned over and saw a gap in the durian.

He immediately asked his colleague to get a knife, and the tip of the knife cut the durian along the gap, which was surprisingly easy to cut.

As a durian lover, Liu Yan knew there was something wrong with this thing as soon as he got started, how could the durian shell be so easy to open!

He narrowed his eyes slightly, speeding up.

The shell was opened, finally revealing the true face inside.

The unique smell of durian is overflowing. The police saw the tip of the box inside the durian flesh with a sharp eye, and used a knife to poke the durian flesh away, revealing the plastic box inside, and the inside of the box was moving around The... spider.

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