Chapter 182:Even If You Become An Animal, You Have To Serve An Iron Rice Bowl

Chapter 179:

Thumb-sized spider larvae, densely piled in the corner of the box, the action of prying open the durian flesh frightened the spiders inside, all jumping and scattering, making people unable to resist Got goosebumps.

Shen Qiu's vision is not good and can't see clearly, but it is even more terrifying.

The clumps of black things with several feet seem to run to you in the next second.

Even though the spider is the recipe of the kiwi, Shen Qiu dashed back quickly, almost jumping and running away.

I was not afraid, but when I saw it suddenly, I panicked.

The second the box was exposed, everyone gasped.

The police took out the intercom and called his comrades immediately, Liu Yan put down the durian in his hand and went to open the second one.

This batch of imported durians totals one ton, and almost half of them have the presence of this spider.

The durian was carefully opened, the flesh inside was dug out, the core was removed, and finally the plastic box with the spider's breathing holes was wrapped with the durian flesh and put back, the opened durian shell Finally, glue it together, leaving only a small opening for air circulation.

But the opening is small after all, part of the durian opened, only a box of spider corpses.

There was also an interlude.

The kiwi's recipe is spider after all, and Shen Qiu hasn't eaten since he passed by, and his stomach starts to scream when he smells the food.

After watching from a distance for a while, Shen Qiu couldn't help but step forward, it is not edible, who knows if this spider is an invasive species, or if there is a virus.

He just wanted to smell it and hope that the spider would stop hungry.

As a result, Liu Yan's colleague didn't hold the box firmly, and a box of dead spiders fell from the top of his head, knocking the head of the kiwi.

Shen Qiu was stunned for a moment, and after realizing that he was enveloped by the spider corpse, he was jolted and ran away, shouting "Qiwei Qiwei Qiwei." He took a bite of Liu Yan's colleague's leg.

The man jumped away with an "Ow" sound.

The feeling of being covered by a spider corpse was too terrifying. Shen Qiu never approached again after that, waiting for the anti-smuggling police to seal things up before handing over to Liu Yan and others.


Liu Yangang and Ji □□ finished handing over at the same time, turned his head and saw the green kiwi fruit, his heart throbbed, and subconsciously reached out and picked up the kiwi fruit.

Shen Qiu was taken aback, but he was hungry and lethargic at this time, and he didn't have the heart to ask for trouble, so he took a bite of Liu Yan and shrank into a ball

Liu Yan was surprised for a second, but quickly reacted.

This little guy hasn't eaten since he was discovered, and he follows them around. With so much exercise, he is probably hungry.

Touching the head of the kiwi, Liu Yan said apologetically, then turned to ask his colleague, "Is there any flower, bird, fish and insect market near us?"

The colleague was stunned by the question. He was still immersed in the dense horror of those spiders. Hearing this, he trembled reflexively and widened his eyes in disbelief.

"Have you not seen enough of those spiders? Do you still want to go to the flower, bird, fish and insect market to find abuse?"

Liu Yan squinted at him, "I'm going to buy food for this little guy!"

The colleague breathed a sigh of relief, glanced at the kiwi who was stunned, and smacked his lips, "It really doesn't look so energetic, you let me do a search."

He took out his mobile phone and searched on the navigation software. After a while, he looked up, "This place is closed, why don't you go to the pet hospital?"

Liu Yan thought for a while, took out his mobile phone, and first searched for what kiwis could eat.

After confirming that the kiwi's diet is invertebrates, he pondered for a while, dragged his colleague in one hand, and the kiwi fruit in the other to the parking lot.

The car was the same one during the day. When I got in the car, I picked up the spare key on the floor mat and put it in my pocket. Liu Yan put the kiwi in the co-pilot and drove his colleague to the back seat.

Colleagues expressed disbelief, "I can't compare to a chicken... a bird!"

Liu Yan didn't even look at him, started the car and said, "They are endangered, so are you?"

The colleague touched his nose, "That's not it." Seeing the car pull out of the parking lot, he asked, "Where are we going?"

"By the river."


One person and one bird are very confused.

Until the car drove to the nearby river, Liu Yan got out of the car and went around to the trunk, and took out a shovel from the trunk.

Seeing that the colleague in the car had not moved, he tilted his head with a shovel, and the face illuminated by the headlights was a little blurred, "Aren't you coming down?"

The colleague shook reflexively, and felt that this scene was particularly like being murdered and dismembered...

"Cough cough cough, so what, Brother Yan, although this bird is a little difficult to serve, but it is endangered after all, buried alive on the spot or something, it is not good."

Liu Yan gave him a kick, threw him a shovel, and went back to bring the kiwi.

"The flower, bird, fish and insect market is closed, and you may not be able to buy what he can eat when you go to other places.

He inserted the shovel into the soft soil by the river, and after rummaging for a while, he finally found the target.

Pull it out with a shovel, put the kiwi bird on the shoulder, "Come, eat."

Liu Yan pointed to the earthworm that kept writhing and struggling on the ground.

Shen Qiu:…


Shen Qiu's first reaction as a human soul was nausea, but soon his keen sense of smell made him take a deep breath.

Looking at the lively earthworms, Kiwi couldn't help but take a step forward and swallowed.

Should I say it or not, the recipes are really delicious.

The kiwi finally couldn't hold back, and lowered its head to peck.

"It smells good."

The kiwi is not looking up, obviously very satisfied with today's dinner.

Liu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and turned over a few earthworms.

To the disgusting face of her colleague, Liu Yan was very righteous, "I don't know how long this little thing will stay with us. Get more and go back in case you don't get it."

The colleague gave a thumbs up, "You are the supervisor, you have the final say, anyway, this thing can't be put in our office when you go back, and don't put that thing in the back seat later !"

The full kiwi burped and squinted to see the two big men fighting.

He began to think about being deported.

He made a great contribution today, so he shouldn't be deported again.

Shen Qiu was full of confidence, but as soon as he returned to the office, Liu Yan was called away, and when he came back, he was very reluctant to hold the iron cage containing Shen Qiu.

That's right, it's an iron cage, or the kind that is locked.

Liu Yan said a lot of words with reluctance and sigh.

The brief description is: Liu Yan's leader contacted the embassy in the hometown of the kiwi, and the embassy firmly believed that the kiwi is the national bird of the country and should not be found in other countries. Birds are repatriated.

Although the leaders were very reluctant after hearing about Shen Qiu's deeds, but there was nothing they could do, and immediately started the repatriation matter, Shen Qiu will take the plane to the hometown of Kiwi tomorrow evening...

kiwifruit hemp in hemp in hemp.jpg.

Liu Yan left work after expressing her reluctance. The poor kiwi spent the night pecking at the lock in the office...

The cage is still strong and the lock is unscathed.

Shen Qiu:…

That's all, maybe his fate in this life is destined to not be able to serve an iron job.

Kiwi sighed and squatted in the corner of the cage in discouragement.

On the second day, no one came to express nostalgia or reluctance to him except Liu Yan who took time out of his busy schedule to feed him once.

Shen Qiu is very puzzled, does not even one person think that his kiwi bird is very useful and very suitable for customs 996!

The kiwi got a slap in the face. Yesterday's waves were too long, and the drowsiness gene belonging to the kiwi started to attack, and the eyelids began to fight uncontrollably.

Although she had slept all night, the kiwi fell asleep quickly.

In the middle, he was woken up. He opened his eyes in a daze and saw Liu Yan standing in front of him.

"Do you a favor, little one."

The kiwi in the cage tilted his head sleepily to look at him.

Liu Yan took Shen Qiu out of the cage and walked outside.

On the way, Shen Qiu knew that there was a batch of succulents going to enter the country today. Although the things have been checked by the police dogs, the final result is good.

But because the police dog hesitated several times during the sniffing process, the results were not as quick as before. The police comrades who knew Shen Qiu wanted to let Shen Qiu smell again.

Shen Qiu raised a question mark in confusion.

It's not that Shen Qiu looks down on himself. Since the police dog has already achieved results, if he looks for him again, if he gives a different reaction from the police dog, will others believe him or the police dog?

Liu Yan didn't know who to trust, but the kiwi bird did not go wrong three times in a row.

Shen Qiu was brought to the scene with a dizzy mind. The search dogs had already stood there several times. When they saw Liu Yan, the police immediately stepped forward and looked at his head in his arms bit by bit, as if he was always on the spot. Kiwi, who can pass out, is a little worried.

"He looks sleepy, okay?"

Shen Qiu was shocked when he heard this, stood up in Liu Yan's hand, and couldn't help but hit Hache.

The sleepiness gene of kiwis is so terrible that they really want to sleep anytime, anywhere.

I looked around the scene, although I couldn't see clearly, but from the body and posture, all of them showed the spirit of these search dogs.


Although it is destined to be repatriated, it can be said that 007 and 996 are good.

The kiwi froze all of a sudden.

He shook his head, trying to make himself sober, and then rubbed Liu Yan's hand, "Qiweijijijiwei!"

Signed him to let him go.

Liu Yan looked at the ground, then at the kiwi fruit in his palm, strangely understood what he meant, and immediately put the little guy on the ground.

The kiwi began to run wild as soon as it hit the ground, like a kiwi that was kicked and kept rolling. The speed was so fast that the search dogs next to it were a little restless.

Shen Qiu rushed to the front of the box, and when she stretched out her small tentacles, she smelled a physiologically uncomfortable smell.

It was an odor that felt threatened by the safety of the body, which made Shen Qiu's body begin to reject it.

He took a step back involuntarily.

Everyone at the scene was staring at the kiwi's movements, and when they saw it, they thought it was nothing, and someone had begun to exhale.

The police were dumbfounded, "What does this mean?"

Liu Yan frowned.

He crouched down and wanted to bring the little guy to the box again, but the kiwi quickly avoided his movements, and then kept hitting the ground in the direction of the box.

Liu Yan's eyelids jumped, always feeling a little uneasy.

He tried several times, and every time he tried to bring the kiwi to the box, the little guy would run away quickly, but would keep hitting the ground in the direction of the box.

It's like telling them that there is danger over there.

Combined with the hesitation of the search dog.

Liu Yan and the police comrade looked at each other, "Immediately contact the receiver of this shipment and check the consignor, and also look for protective clothing and open the box for inspection."

The police and security guards are busy quickly.

Seeing them approaching wearing protective clothing, Shen Qiucai finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He wasn't sure what was in the box, but his intuition was always sharp. Since his body felt the danger, it was definitely not an ordinary thing.

The police opened the box, and the succulents inside were taken out one by one.

I checked inside and out, and even the soil was removed, but still nothing was seen.

Everyone is a little confused.

To be on the safe side, the police let the police dog wear protective clothing and continue to sniff.

The action of the police dog is similar to the previous one, first hesitantly circled a few times and then lay down to warn.

Shen Qiu was also brought over.

Succulents were exposed to the sun, Shen Qiu's sense of smell did not tell him what it was, and there was no special smell, but when he got close to his body, he kept sounding the alarm.

Kiwi stomped Liu Yan's hand in the protective suit, signaling him to step back quickly.

The reactions of both the kiwi and the police dog are indicative of a problem with these succulents.

But they did not see anything with the naked eye.

Liu Yan suddenly had a bad thought in his heart.

The policeman over there seemed to have thought of going to the same place as Liu Yan.

The two sides looked at each other and saw something in each other's eyes.

The police quickly took out the intercom, Liu Yan took out the phone at the same time to contact the upper leadership, and immediately blocked the scene after explaining the situation.

They are all old employees who have worked in the customs for a long time. They have seen a lot of things that happened in the customs, but they can't see the intangible danger. Except for the virus, they can't think of anything else.

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