Chapter 184:Even If You Become An Animal, You Have To Serve An Iron Rice Bowl

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In the dark night, the macaque the size of a free-range chicken is perfectly hidden in the dark because of its gray fur.

Walking along the wall, when he reached the gate, he lowered his head and drilled, and successfully drilled out of the gap under the iron gate.

Kiwi uses his almost degenerated wings to look out on the road ahead, carefully discerning the smell in the air.

Soon, he determined the direction of travel, raised his head and left firmly.

There were very few cars on the road late at night, Kiwi fruit walked with her calf upside down for several hours, and finally came across a tricycle heading towards the customs building.

Taking advantage of the time when the owner of the car came down to solve the physiological problem, Kiwi jumped up and grabbed the rope hanging from the back of the tricycle with his sharp mouth.

After a while of pulling up, the sturdy claws stepped on the car body, swayed a few times, and then threw themselves in a parabolic shape, the kiwi fruit successfully landed on the snake behind the car body on leather pockets.

The owner of the tricycle came back soon, and didn't see a kiwi in the body at all, twisted the handle and continued to gallop on the road in the early morning.

Twenty minutes later, the car successfully arrived at its destination.

But it is the opposite direction from the Customs Building.

But it doesn't get in the way, he has come so far, just cross the road, how can it be rare for him?

The red light stops at the green light. Kiwifruit politely stopped in front of the zebra crossing. When the green light came on, she ran quickly on her short legs.

"Look Mom, it's the flying macaque again!"

Shen Qiu rushed through the gate and disappeared.

The little girl's somewhat dazed voice came from behind, "But why does that kiwi look like grandma's chicken?"

The kiwi slapped her foot and almost fell on the spot.

It seems that the two nicknames of kiwi fruit and free-range chicken are difficult to pick from him in this life.

He originally wanted to go directly to the security check to get his job done first, but then he thought about it.

Liu Yanneng contacted the Forestry Bureau to send him away when he was quarantined.

Even if you kill Liu Yan first, it is very likely that he will be sent back as soon as possible.

No, I have to think of a better way.

The kiwi in the corner stared at the passing crowd and fell into contemplation.

What is Liu Yan's position?

By the way, supervise! Level 3 Superintendent!

On top of Liu Yan's head, there is a second-level supervisor and a first-level supervisor, as well as the largest governor!

If it doesn't work for Liu Yan, why not find the biggest leader? !

The kiwi fruit thought of a way jumped in place, turned around and ran towards the customs building.

Let him think about it, before Liu Yan said where is the Governor's Office near?

Shen Qiu sniffed the smell in the air, trying to find the source of the smell of the place Liu Yan said.

But after walking back and forth for a long time, I couldn't find what Liu Yan said.

Standing in front of the elevator door, kiwi head dizzy.

Liu Yan shouldn't be a donkey.

Before Shen Qiu could understand, the elevator door opened.

With a "ding" he was about to run away subconsciously.

In the end, a person rushed out of the elevator, and firstly shouted "kiwi."

Then quickly rushed forward and picked up Shen Qiu.

"Why are you here?"

Shen Qiu looked at himself in the glasses and fell silent: You let me think about what to do with you, do you believe me when I say I don't know why I am here.

The royal family shook their heads, "Forget it, don't care why you came here, it's really a coincidence that you came this time, go to work with me first."

Shen Qiu: ?

I was hurriedly taken to the security check by the royal family, and Shen Qiu only figured out what was going on from the royal family's broken thoughts on the way.

The previous succulent virus incident made the security check on the customs side more stringent, and everyone wore heavy protective clothing to search the entry personnel one by one.

Such a rigorous search will inevitably affect the progress of the work.

Not only is there a shortage of security inspectors, but also the police and search dogs are understaffed.

It will take some time to dispatch from other places.

That's why the royal family caught Shen Qiu the first second they saw him.

After all, Shen Qiu's ability is obvious to all, and he can relieve some pressure.

Shen Qiu never thought of it, he decided to show his face in front of the governor, but he was first brought to work by the royal family.

But if you think about it, it doesn't seem like a loss?

They seem to be lacking search dogs now, so this search bird will definitely come in handy...

When Liu Yan comes back and sees how capable he is, maybe he can stay?

Shen Qiu quickly measured and realized that the current situation was very good for his situation, and immediately jumped off the security check and started to sniff around the crowd.

Last time! If Liu Yan passes by this time and then sends him away, he will be a forest ranger again!

Who is not a bird that has always been proud, it is also possible to be a search bird and a ranger bird!

Probably because the virus spreads too fast abroad, there are two or three times more people who want to enter this time than a month ago.

And each of these people has more or less things that are not allowed to enter the country.

Shen Qiu only walked around the team and found several pockets of marijuana.

Click one by one and let the security inspectors search, Shen Qiu went to another team.

It didn't smell much at first.

But at the end of the line, Shen Qiu stared at the sandal-wearing foot for a long time.

Something odd.

This person is frantically secreting a pheromone called fear and tension.

Shen Qiu looked up uncertainly.

My vision was hazy and I couldn't see what this man looked like, what kind of expression he was using at this time, but Shen Qiu's intuition told him that this man was a little wrong.

After hesitating for a while, Shen Qiu squatted down in front of him with his sharp mouth.

The royal family behind saw it and immediately asked for an inspection.

Shen Qiu heard the man's voice.

A little trembling and nervous.

"Comrade, how long will this line be in line? I'm a little uncomfortable and want to go to the bathroom."

Immediately afterwards, he heard the royal family say, "If you want to go, go first, and come back and arrange it later. I think your face is ugly, is there any discomfort?"

The woman quickly denied it.

"It's nothing, I just have diarrhea after drinking cold on the plane. I'll just go to the bathroom."

Then she whispered something to her companion.

Shen Qiu didn't hear clearly, but he was quickly picked up by the royal family.

The royal family did not check anything on the woman and companion, he asked Kiwi in a low voice.

"Did you make a mistake?"

Kiwi didn't say a word, but tilted her head to look at the man in front of him, the woman's companion.

This person…

Not quite right.

Shen Qiu smelled drugs on him.

But the royal family has just clearly checked it from the inside out.

The two people did not have much luggage, only two backpacks, the royal family turned out the inner lining, and there were no contraband.


That is the smell of drugs, Shen Qiu will never admit it wrong!

It's a different smell than when you were a cat or a human, but it was definitely white powder!

He shouted "Qiweijiweijiwei" at the royal family, then struggled to the ground and continued to warn in front of the man.

After the virus incident, everyone still trusts Shen Qiu's sense of smell. After two warnings, the royal family immediately changed their face and stared at the man with a frown.

The man was a little flustered when he looked at him, and there were beads of sweat on his face unconsciously.

He then said, "Comrade, do you have anything else to check? I want to go to the bathroom."

The royal family squinted and quietly pressed the intercom behind them, then nodded to the man.

"You go, come back as soon as possible or you will have to queue again when the next flight comes back."

The man nodded one after another and walked away quickly.

But Shen Qiu looked at it, the legs and feet that the man left was a little strange, as if... the lower limbs were inconvenient, why?

The man left a distance, and the royal family immediately called his colleagues and the police patrolling not far away on the intercom.

After explaining the situation, he looked at the search dog, "Please ask the police comrade to ask the search dog to check it later."

The police nodded, the royal family winked with colleagues, and then went to the bathroom.

There are only two passengers washing their hands in the restroom.

Shen Qiu sniffed the smell and looked at the last compartment, his sharp mouth stretched out in that direction, and the royal family immediately stepped forward with light steps.

The royal family tried to push the door, but it was locked inside. After waiting for a while, she raised her hand and knocked on the door, "Hello, is there anyone inside."

No sound.

Shen Qiu sniffed carefully, something was not right.

This person's breath is very wrong, very weak!

Is there going to be an accident? Thinking of the man's back when he left, Shen Qiu began to touch the palms of the royal family.

Then called at the cubicle door.

The royal family frowned and slammed the door vigorously.

The people inside were not knocked out, and the security inspector who went to the women's toilet next door suddenly ran over anxiously.

"No good that lady fainted in the compartment!"

The royal family glanced at the door of the compartment and kicked it hard. After several kicks, the door was kicked open, revealing the man who fell on the floor tiles.

The man's face was covered in sweat, and his face was pale and almost transparent.

The police behind him immediately contacted 120.

The royal family threw Shen Qiu on the ground and went in to help him up.

120 came very quickly, and the two were taken to two ambulances respectively. The security check was already short of people. It was a last resort to let the royal family go up. No one could be drawn from the security check. .


"I'm going with the little comrades, you all go back to work."

Someone stared, "Governor!"

The Governor nodded and touched the head of the kiwi in his arms, "The search dog that came to support is already on the way, I will take this little guy."

After saying this, she signaled the doctor to close the door.

The whole process took less than one minute, and the ambulance drove out of the building with a piercing whistle "woo woo woo".

In the ambulance, the medical staff is giving first aid to the man in the hospital bed.

I saw the doctor press on the man's abdomen, and the man immediately showed an extremely painful expression.

The doctor looked serious, "There is no trauma, but looking at him, it should be a problem with the abdominal cavity."

He slowly looked around again, his expression became a little dignified and a little strange, "This position is... rectum?"

Shen Qiu's eyes flashed, thinking of the smell of white powder that he had just smelled, combined with the drug transport method he encountered when he was an anti-drug police officer.

He looked at the pained man on the hospital bed, and an unbelievable thought came to his mind.

This person must have put drugs on…

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