Chapter 185:Even If You Become An Animal, You Have To Serve An Iron Rice Bowl

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Shen Qiu stared strangely at the man on the hospital bed for a while.

But now it's just his guess, and the specifics will not be known until the hospital examination.

As soon as the ambulance arrived at the hospital emergency room, the two were pushed into the operating room together.

During the period, the governor handed Shen Qiu over to the royal family to wait outside the hospital, while he was on the phone while guarding the door of the emergency room.

Shen Qiu could only hold his head and look inside.

Because it was an emergency, and the customs quickly cooperated with the police station, they contacted the immediate family members of the two immediately. After the other party made it clear that they would arrive as soon as possible, the Governor temporarily carried out the work for the person in charge. The two signed the rescue operation.

The operation took a long time.

Shen Qiu fell asleep after waiting for a long time.

It's really not his fault, after all, he's just a sleepy kiwi, and he can't control his sleepiness when he's not working.

Waking up again was awakened by the sound.

Shen Qiu opened his eyes and saw a few people standing at the emergency door shouting impossible.

Shen Qiu was still a little stunned, and quickly pricked up his ears to listen.

After listening for about two minutes, I finally figured out the reason.

The operation was successful and the contents of both their stomachs were taken out.

And Shen Qiu guessed right, the man was using his body to transport poison and stuffed the wrapped white powder into the back, but he didn't expect the walking along the way, so that the contents slowly moved to the ** The inner and outer packaging directly cut the rectum, and this was the rescue.

And a woman... is not much better than this man.

She was even more ruthless and swallowed the diamond directly. How could the fragile intestine of the human body hold up something as hard as a diamond, if it weren't for the rescue in time...

The hospital explained the situation to the police as soon as possible, so the two were taken over by the police after the successful operation.

Shen Qiu only felt harsh when listening to the noisy scream.

The Governor came over after handing over to the police over there.

"The Governor."

The royal family shouted.

The Governor nodded and took Shen Qiu over.

The governor first asked the royal family about the situation. After learning that Shen Qiu had discovered it, he immediately looked down at the kiwi in his hand.

"I remember that he was also credited with discovering the succulent virus before?"

The royal family nodded.

"Originally, Director Liu had already sent this little guy to the Forestry Bureau, but I don't know how he came back. I went out to look for help, but I saw him as soon as I got out of the elevator. When I was in a hurry, I came to help, but I didn't expect to catch these two people..."

The royal family is a little embarrassed to mention this.

The Governor raised his eyebrows and looked at the kiwi, "So, this kiwi is quite suitable as a search bird?"

The royal family snorted, and then nodded, "You seem to be really saying that, Governor."

"It's a pity it's an endangered species, otherwise it's not impossible to be a search bird here."

The Governor hummed, "It's not impossible for the endangered ones, anyway, the Forestry Bureau is going, so is our customs."

One person, one bird didn't understand what this meant when he saw the Governor pinching the plump body of the kiwi, "Tsk, it's all meat, and it looks like a ball. "

"Since I'm going to work in customs, it's not a problem to keep calling you kiwi, so let me give you a name."

Shen Qiu opened his mouth subconsciously: Huh?

The Governor has already lifted him up, and after looking at it carefully for a while, he nodded thoughtfully, "Since you look like a ball, then you should be called Qiuqiu."

The royal family immediately clapped: "It's an aptly good name!"

Shen Qiu:…? The familiar name like a shadow ghost made him suddenly recover from the joy of finally being able to stay in customs.

No, am I bound to the name Qiuqiu! Would you die by giving me another name! Won't! Then why do you have to call me ball!

Round like a ball…

The kiwi was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

Wait! When he goes back, he will start exercising, vowing to become the most muscular and slender kiwi in the world!

Of course, having muscles and being slender is not meant to happen to some kiwi named Ball.

Because of the kiwi's excellent sense of smell and accurate warning, he quickly became famous in every department within a month of entering the customs agency.

Especially, after the investigation of the situation of the man and the woman is clear.

The two people are newbies, the diamonds are their payment for transporting drugs, and the way of transporting drugs is also taught by the people who transport them.

It's just that those people probably didn't expect that there was a Shen Qiu at the security check, which exposed the two of them clearly, and also exposed the people who were hiding behind them to the police's sight.

The police later uprooted a drug trafficking organization in China based on the information brought by the two men.

The news was sent back to the customs, and everyone wanted to abduct this little guy to their own department.

In less than half a month, people from various customs departments almost opened their office drawers and opened their trouser pockets to see a small identical box.

The box contains all the recipes for the kiwi.

Everyone who encounters kiwifruit can't wait to feed all the food in the box, and then bluff the kiwifruit to stay in his department for a day or two.

So exercise, muscle, slimness, etc. are all destined to be impossible.

With the words of the Governor, the kiwi fruit has finally settled down in the customs.

But 996 did not happen in his imagination.

The kiwi is a bird by nature, and he must be sleepy every day. If it weren't for his professional instincts to keep him awake during the search every day, he would have been expelled from customs long ago.

But 996 does not, but the alternative 007 does.

This does not mean to work 24 hours, on the contrary, you can work anytime, anywhere, fall asleep anytime, anywhere, and work seven days a week in a sleep-wake-up state.

The kiwi has a lifespan of thirty years.

But Shen Qiu was ten years old when she was smuggled.

So he only spent twenty years in customs.

Probably because of the working state of sleeping and waking up, Shen Qiu felt that the past 20 years had passed very quickly.

Speaking of these twenty years there is a joke.

A kiwi bird was posted on the Internet as a 007 search bird at the customs, which caused a period of heat. The embassy over there saw it and came to the customs to ask for a bird, saying that their country's national bird should be sent back.

But at this time, the customs and Shen Qiu had a strong relationship, who would be willing to repatriate?

The governor directly came forward and blocked it back with the previous embassy's disapproval of Shen Qiu's virus.

Twenty years have gone by so fast, customs colleagues come and go, newcomers come and leave.

Shen Qiu sent away Liu Yan, who was transferred to work elsewhere, sent away the royal family in other departments, and sent away the promoted governor.

Several retired police officers and search dogs were also sent away.

Only him will stay for twenty years.

After turning 20, the customs arranges a medical examination for him every year.

After the age of 25, the physical examination has changed from once a year to once every six months.

At the age of 30, I visit the vet almost every two months.

When the veterinarian told the colleague who sent Shen Qiu to check, "It's this month, and it's time to get ready."

Shen Qiu knew that she should leave.

He always felt that his time in customs went by very quickly, but in retrospect, there are still many bits and pieces of getting along with colleagues.

The leader has considered letting Shen Qiu return from the security check and no longer conduct the search.

But Shen Qiu couldn't be idle, and when he was brought back, he would always find a way to run out to complete his daily patrol and search task.

After several times, the leader followed him.

Commute as usual.

At work this day, Shen Qiu smelled a long-lost smell while patrolling.

Seeing a familiar voice walking towards her, Kiwi tilted her head.

"A few dimensions." Here you go.

Recalling the time that the doctor said, and feeling the particularly tired body today, Shen Qiu knew that his life was coming to an end.

Being picked up by Liu Yan, Kiwi rubbed his hand obediently and squatted under his palm.

The eyelids are a little heavy, Shen Qiu thought, why is she sleepy again today.

But Shen Qiu heard the sobbing of colleagues around him and reacted.

Oh, no, I'm not sleepy, it's time.

It's time to say goodbye.

He wanted to open his eyes and say goodbye to his colleagues.

But the eyelids were heavy as if they were hanging a thousand pounds of stones.

He couldn't open it, he could only let his consciousness slowly sink into drowsiness.

In a trance, he felt someone rubbing against him, and then heard Liu Yan's voice saying, "Thank you for everything you have done at work, I hope you are not afraid of death, I hope you have an afterlife. I hope you The next life is a bold move forward in this life, never looking back."

Liu Yan's voice was a little distorted, and in a daze, his mind was like a slideshow, and many people passed by.

He was like an outsider watching every world he lived in before.

He saw Xing Lu, Qin Yan, Yang Yue and Yang Zheng who were police cats.

I saw the search and rescue team when the panda was a panda, I saw the 18-year-old firefighter Chen Fang who died in the earthquake, I saw the bear mother who was licking the calf deeply, I saw Zhang Zui talking to him in Sichuan dialect He said "let's go" Daddy Bear.

When the screen changed, he came to the Baima Street police station, saw Zuo Yuan, Tang Nian, and Song Yan who died on the way to pursue drug dealers.

White Horse Street is still lively, and all of them are waving to him to say goodbye.

Soon, the picture came to the life of a fox.

The fox father and the fox mother still do their best to raise the newly born cubs. They told him with a serious look that he must learn all the skills and live well.

Yes, I also saw the wolf son, he seems to have reached his prime, galloping on the prairie with the wolves.

And the fat fox, he seems to have shrunk into a healthy fat fox.

The screen turns little by little, Zhang Min'an when he was a dolphin, Big Brother Turtle, and finally his comrades in the nursing home.

Big Brother Lin Liang, Big Brother Zhang Huan, and those teenagers who have a bright future to protect the country and the people.

Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he saw the master standing behind him, Brother Fang, and those comrades who were hiding in the darkness.

He saw Brother Lin Liang's wife, who waved at him.

He raised his foot and wanted to walk over, but suddenly a clear sound that hit his eardrums came.

That's Big Brother's voice.

"Go forward, don't look back."

Master and those comrades all dissipated, his eyes were pitch black, and his consciousness slowly entered darkness.

He seemed to understand what Big Brother meant.

Never look back, never stop, go alone to one strange and familiar field, and become one strange animal after another.

Shen Qiu thought: Maybe I'm just performing a special mission, and the mission can only go forward, not back.

What kind of work will the next world become?

End of story…

Shen Qiu's story is unfinished…

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