Chapter 5566:Everlasting Dragon Emperor

Chaos will rise

"Do you have any idea?"

The Emperor Yao asked Lu Ming.

"Stop the Three Great Universes of Gods and Souls and allow more masters of Chaos to escape. In this incident, Chaos will definitely not give up, and will definitely send troops to attack Godsun. The stronger Chaos retains its strength, the better it will be for us and other universes."

"Otherwise, the chaotic universe will be annihilated, and the three universes of Divine Soul, Holy Light, and Yuqing will sweep across the sun."

Lu Ming said.

"I understand this truth naturally, but with my power, the three big universes cannot be blocked at all. In this event, the Great Universe cannot easily be mixed into it."

"But I can secretly shoot, and then contact the masters of other universes to see how many people agree to shoot, and do my best."

After Yao Huang said, his body disappeared silently.

At this time, the immortal king of the Chaos Universe, the true immortal, and even the quasi immortal, have also received news.

"Shenhun, Yuqing, Shengguang, ** it, they are looking for death."

"Kill over and save the three'Emperors'"

Many people in the Chaos Universe roared.

"Now is not the time to do things. The three big universes have been planning for a long time. The'Emperor' has done it all. With our strength, it is tantamount to hitting a rock with a pebble. What we have to do now is to keep our useful self, leave here as soon as possible, and return to the chaotic universe. "

A Nine Changed Immortal King roared and stopped the scene.

"Yes, go!"

Another peak fairy king also shouted.

They know very well that the battlefield of Half-Step Universe is not something they can intervene, and they will not be able to save the three "Emperors" of Half-Step Universe.

At the same time, they also knew that if the three emperors fell, the three universes would round up them next, and they must leave as soon as possible.

The top immortal king of the Chaos Universe, offered an immortal soldier, took everyone with him, and wanted to leave.

But at this time, in the chaos, a huge figure appeared, many times larger than the stars, a black robe, overwhelming the world.

He Yiming is a half-step universe of the Soul Great Universe.

"The people of the Gods and Souls Universe obey the orders to besieged and kill the creatures of the Chaos Universe."

He Yiming gave the order.

"Holy Light Universe listens to the order to encircle and kill the creatures of the Chaos Universe."

"Yuqing Universe's order to besieged and killed the creatures of the Chaos Universe."

In the chaos, two more voices came from the "Emperor" of Shengguang Universe and Yuqing Universe.


The masters of the three big universes screamed, and from three directions, they walked towards the chaotic universe.

At the same time, the chaos was surging, and a huge figure came out, overwhelming the world, it was a half-step universe.

Obviously, the three half-step universes of the Chaos Universe are no longer auspicious, otherwise the "Emperor" of the three universes of Divine Soul, Holy Light, and Yuqing would not be able to spare their hands.


The entire battlefield was in chaos, and a violent battle broke out.

Although the Chaos Universe is strong, it is unable to do so in the face of the siege of the three big universes, not to mention that the three big universes still have the "Emperor" to take action.

A large number of masters of the Chaos universe were killed.

"Separate, spread, and kill."

Some people roared in the Chaos Universe, and they scattered into hundreds of small teams, attacking from all directions.

But at this time, Lu Ming and the others heard more shouts of killing, and it seemed that a new universe had joined the war.

Which universe is it?

Is it to help Divine Soul, Holy Light, Yuqing, or Chaos?

Because the distance is too far, and the energy wave caused by the war is sweeping everywhere, they can't really see it at all and can only wait.

After about ten minutes, the sound of killing, the sound of the battle gradually weakened, and finally disappeared.

At this time, the light and shadow flashed, and the Yao Emperor reappeared.

The Yaohuang's breath was a little unstable, he obviously participated in the war, but was not injured.

"Senior, how is the situation?"

"Ancestor, how is the battle going?"

The people in the Great Universe are also always paying attention to the situation of the battle, and when they see Emperor Yao appearing, they hurriedly asked.

"Taiqing Universe, Shangqing Universe has taken action, helping the Chaos Universe to fight against Divine Soul, Holy Light and Yuqing, I, Shanhai, Fairy Insect, have a half-step universe to make a secret move, blocking Divine Soul, Holy Light and Yuqing’s half-step Universe, But the Chaos Universe still suffered heavy losses. A large number of masters died in battle, and only some of them broke out of the two universes, Taiqing and Shangqing."

Emperor Yao said briefly.

Lu Ming, Tang Feng and the others, based on the words of Emperor Yao, after a little analysis, they understood.

The two universes, Taiqing and Shangqing, are closely related to the Chaos Universe. They are allies and have to act.

Because, they know very well that once the Three Great Universes of Gods and Souls destroy the chaos, they will probably attack them.

And the Great Universe of All Souls, the Great Universe of Mountains and Seas, and the Great Universe of Fairy Insects are generally related to the Chaos Universe, and they don't want to be mixed into it.

There is no action on the bright side, but the ‘Emperor’ of the half-step universe has taken action in the dark. The reason is very simple. I don’t want to see the chaotic universe annihilate.

The chaotic universe is completely destroyed, and it is not good for them to make the spirit, the holy light, and the jade clear.

Only when the two powers compete, or even lose both sides, will it be good for them.

Lu Ming, Tang Feng, and Feihuang are all extremely clever characters. They wandered around and intrigues, and they all immediately understood.

"We will leave now and return to our respective universes. Lu Ming and Tang Feng, your primordial universe has enmity against the three universes of Divine Soul, Holy Light, and Yuqing. Now the sun is chaotic, and the law of Yang Ting is about to be in vain. Take action against you, you are premature, it is better to ally with me, I can protect you."

The Emperor Yao looked at Lu Ming, Tang Feng and others, and their voices rang in everyone's ears.

Lu Ming, Tang Feng and others glanced at each other, then bowed to Emperor Yao and said, "Then thank you Senior Emperor Yao."

This is a promise to alliance with All Souls.

As the Emperor Yao, take the initiative to speak, this is obviously intended to shelter them, how can they not agree.

The Yangjian will soon be completely chaotic. With the current strength of the Primordial Universe, it is far from enough, and we must find a powerful Universe for refuge.

It is better to take refuge in other universes than to take refuge in the Great Universe.

Moreover, the word used by the Emperor Yao is alliance, which is almost treated as an equal status.

Lu Ming knew in his heart that the Yaohuang's special treatment of the primordial land was mostly related to Ye Qing.

The relationship between Emperor Yao and Ye Qing is extraordinary.

Immediately, everyone set out, left the battlefield, entered the chaotic channel, and rushed towards their respective universes.

As for whether the underworld will take advantage of the situation to counterattack, at this time, they can no longer control.

The sun is about to be in chaos, so take care of yourself.

When the sky fell, naturally there was a tall man against it.

The underworld really strikes, and the universe such as Shensun can't stay out of it.

Along the way, Lu Ming and the others discovered that many chaotic passages had been blown up.

Probably it was made by the masters of the Chaos Great Universe, in order to block the pursuit and killing of the three universes: Divine Soul, Holy Light and Yuqing.

Lu Ming and the others went around, spending more time than before before returning to the prehistoric universe.

As soon as they returned to the primordial universe, they controlled the primordial universe and began to move, approaching the universe of all souls.

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