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I am Nanase Sakuma, and I have encountered the biggest problem in life.

I’m dead, but I’m alive again-now lying on the cold floor of the living room with a white cloth on my face, listening to the detectives passionately reasoning about the murder.

Help: How can I cheat the corpse so that I don’t appear horrified and embarrassed?

[Demining: The heroine is not silly, white, sweet, soft and kind, mind not to enter]

The male protagonist Toozi.

Involved in the world: primary and secondary school detectives, soy sauce in the backstreet, my love dog Jin boss! The full text is hilarious! Update every day, please collect and support a lot!

Content label: Comprehensive story Traveling through time and space Rebirth Suspense reasoning
Search keywords: Protagonist: Nanase Sakuma, Tooko Supporting roles: Inukin boss, elementary school students, etc. Others: Winery, Backstreet
Brief introduction: Days and nights fighting with detectives in the world of Conan
Purpose: Promote the importance of observing discipline and law

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