Fairy Technology

Fairy Technology

Sleeping on Pillows

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AuthorSleeping on Pillows
Num. of chapters1140 chapters


“Da Sheng, can you use my stick for me? Yes, the one that can be powerful! The younger one, the tiger leather skirt is well dressed, and there are no female monkeys. I mean the one that put your ears. root.”

“Too old Laojun, what do you do to protect your Jindan? I don’t take your Jindan …. I took this stove!

A Bingxian mobile game played by Shen Bing suddenly connected to the fairyland. The immortal is a cloud, but the items obtained from the fairyland have parsed the black technology, and a novice teleporter has created the quantum transmission technology. This is why Hang the world!

Over-the-horizon telescope technology, artificial intelligence, super materials … all because he got some gadgets in fairyland.

“Don’t talk about technological innovation and technological revolution in front of me. Our company only plays black technology!”

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