Chapter 4239:Forever Worthy of Your Love

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This is why Zhaojue Temple no longer sees visitors. Today Zhaojue Temple has no energy to benefit the world. It may even cause disasters to the entire Zhaojue Temple because of Wanfeng, affecting the people who come to believe in sincerely.

It's just the child in front of him and Jiang Xinrui's change that Wangchen couldn't refuse.

He knows that Hua Sheng has always been worried about Jiang Xinrui. Now he can witness Jiang Xinrui's change. He is very happy. Some people are destined to be unable to participate in the future, but he can participate in the witness!

When the light of the Buddha flowed from Wangchen's body into He Sizhe's body, only the eyes of He Sizhe's body bulged up, and then a little bit left He Sizhe's body, standing in front of everyone was a dozen or so five. Six year old boy.

In a short while, Wangchen's meditation house was full of children, but the feet of those children were suspended, and they were no longer humans.

The children's expressions are ignorant, they don't know where they are, let alone what's wrong with them, staring blankly at everything in front of them, thinking as if they have not yet returned.

Although He Sizhe could not see the children, he could clearly feel the lightness of the body, the invisible burden on the body, disappeared little by little, and then he saw that he and the kind master and father in front of him had a golden light. Is that Fo Guang Pudu?

He doesn't understand.

He Sizhe is very close to Wangchen. In addition to his physical condition getting better and better, He Sizhe has become energetic. His body has really improved. It is also because of this that He Sizhe has the intention to pay attention to other things. He saw Master father sweats a lot on his forehead?

Is it because the room is hot?

But the others didn't sweat, and their expressions were normal. He Sizhe was still young, and he didn't understand many things.


Just as He Sizhe was about to get up, Wang Chen suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, and even splashed it on his face without warning.

"Miss Ruier, I saw..."

Ling Shujun started paying attention to everything around him as soon as he entered the door. Even though the Buddha's light shined, he couldn't detect other auras for a while, but it didn't mean that Ling Shujun had been unable to detect it. It was just that he was interrupted by the sudden situation in front of him before he continued to say anything. NS.

"Master Wangchen!"

The little monk and Jiang Xinrui shouted in unison, no one paid attention to Ling Shujun's words.

"I'm fine! I haven't had a good rest recently, and my body is overdrawn. Don't worry!"

"I have saved the souls of those children. They will have their own destiny. As for him, he has returned to his normal appearance. I hope that he can be more good in the future. The grievances of the parents can only be resolved by him."

Wangchen wiped the blood on his lips with a calm expression, and explained to Jiang Xinrui.

"I see, thank you!"

"but you…"

Jiang Xinrui frowned, she didn't understand what had happened to Wangchen, and she felt a little uncomfortable. He vomited blood, so she didn't forget to explain, let her rest assured!

This person...

Jiang Xinrui regretted coming to Wangchen.

"I'm really okay, don't worry, you know, I have other things to do, and your mother also helps, you don't have to worry, just do your things!"

"No need to delay time with me."

Wangchen took a deep breath and pushed Jiang Xinrui away.

He still remembers the scene when Hua Sheng left Zhaojue Temple, and Wangchen also noticed something in his heart. He didn’t know about the changes in this world before, and he couldn’t do much, but now it’s different. He can help. Of course, I don't want Jiang Xinrui to be dragged down because of him.

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