AuthorReminiscent of the dawn
Num. of chapters335 chapters


The cold mansion is the beginning of her nightmare.

“I just want a free, simple and peaceful life!” She struggled angrily.

Couldn’t she get rid of it in this life?

“Leng Shaochen, if you die, you can get my freedom back, then I will let you die.”

However, the oath could not be fulfilled after all, knowing that this man is poisonous and cannot be loved, she still fell in love.

Until he threw her a red dazzling invitation.

She left with the scars, the wounds were not healed, but she stared at that dazzling handsome face, the smell of him will never be missing in the air.

At this moment, the freedom he had longed for was not so pale. Before he knew it, a heart had gone to hell with the devil.


Five years after he came back from birth, he saw her holding the handsome boy with her right hand and his brother with her left.

“Ruoruo, five years of peaceful life seems to make you forget the past.” He looked at her with a wicked smile.

She faded her blood, clutching her son’s hand tightly.

“Mummy, who is this man who drags two to eighty thousand dollars?” the son asked coolly.

Mommy? He raised his eyebrows mockingly. She had lived well without him for five years, and even had a son.

“Daddy, I want to eat KFC.” My son didn’t know when he had already climbed onto the man next to her.

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