Chapter 993:Full-time Occupation

True despair

But there are many shadow steps, only Tang Yin and others can, and Qiu Fei can also. He knows that the shadow step requires the character to move continuously, and the perspective of the attacked person. But now that they have three people, the blind spots that can be avoided are very limited. What's more, the other party is still two people, no matter how good the tacit understanding is, there will be flaws under these rigid conditions.

The sinking Qiu Fei adjusted his state and began to predict Tang Yinhe Ye Xiu's position. As long as the two of them could find one, he would have a chance. But now he still needs an opportunity to expose them.

"Sun Xiang, cooperate with me to use wind and flow clouds!" Qiu Fei said.

Hearing the words of the jersey, he also sounded the new style of play that Qiu Fei played today. Without hesitation, he swung his spear in the air like the breath of water in the blade of a ghost, except that the waves turned into The air currents danced with the spears.

Qiu Fei and Sun Xiang used Feng Juan Liuyun at the same time. Although Tang Yin and the others were not hit between the skill swings, the air flow had already wrapped them, including Xiao Shiqin in the middle. At this moment, Qiu Fei shook his hand forcefully, throwing out a huge splash of water, the force was so powerful, it directly turned his character over.

But when the spray hits the air current formed by the wind and cirrus clouds, it instantly atomizes. A thick cloud formed directly around them. Blocked the sight of Tang Yin and Ye Xiu.

With the help of this neutral position, the three of them all began to use the air displacement skills, the target value was rushed away by Wang Ze who was suppressed.

But with the ability to move straight in the air, how could Tang Yin just let them run away.

"Bump!" "Bump!"

With the rapid sound of gunshots, Tang Yin directly shot continuously for an instant, Qiu Fei and Sun Xiang shot one by one. Shoot them down directly, Qiu Fei's shot was still Barrett's sniper.

As for the only Xiao Shiqin who was left out, Tang Yin would have directly fired an anti-tank gun when he landed. As a result, Xiao Shiqin did not explode on his side yet.

"Damn!" Tang Yin couldn't help but explode when he saw this. Do you think you can't afford to play, you will blew yourself up when you are inferior. Can you be a bit stubborn?

That's right, because Xiao Shiqin was specifically targeted by Tang Yin and the others, his current blood volume was very unhealthy. When the priest came out in an accident, his blood bar was last low, only more than 20% left.

But in theory, he can do a lot of things with more than 20 health. If he didn't find the other party, he blew himself up. This blew directly covered Zhang Jiale and Wu Chen, who was afraid of affecting Tang Yin and the others, to cooperate and help. Explosion range.

Wu Chen was okay with this explosion, and there was still a little blood. But Zhang Jiale and An Wenyi, who came directly with Xiao Shiqin, died directly with him. It’s incomparable. These two professions have a leather armor and a cloth armor, and their defense power is lower than the other. After such a long battle, Excellent Era was suppressed by them throughout the entire process, but Zhang Jiale and Tang Yin who were in the center still suffered a lot. Tang Yin could evade the attack in time because he had electronic eyes, but Zhang Jiale couldn't do it.

Although Zhang Jiale is not often defeated, Excellent Era is after all five players together, and a successful set of fire is a lot of damage.

As for Wang Ze's acne, Zhang Jiale's blood volume had just returned from 50% by An Wenyi back to more than 60%, so what happened. This is very depressing.

In fact, not only Tang Yin was depressed, but Xiao Shiqin and the others were even more depressed. They had been suppressed since the beginning of the game. Judging from the shadow step just now and the previous fight with Lord Grim in the grenade, the opponent even changed their equipment. That is to say, all their plans cannot be realized afterwards, and all battles have to be responsive.

Now their blood volume has bottomed out, and if he doesn't fight this one, they really have no hope at all.

"Oh my God, Xiao Shiqin stood up after Excellent Era was the most dangerous, sacrificed one of his own blews and took away Happy Zhang Jiale and Pastor An Wenyi directly. It created an opportunity for Excellent Era. Now although in terms of blood volume, Happy still dominates, but Excellent Era has one more head than them. If Excellent Era can seize this opportunity, there will not be a lot of chance!" Li Yibo said.

"I'll leave it to you next." Xiao Shiqin took off his headphones and said.

"Don't worry!" Sun Xiang said seriously, he must not let Xiao Shiqin use his life to lose the advantage.

"I'm sorry." Zhang Jiale said a little embarrassingly, after all, his own advantage was ruined by him.

"It's okay. Only in this way can they experience true despair," Tang Yin said.

"Huh?" Zhang Jiale didn't react for a while.

As if Zhan knew Zhang Jiale's face now, Ye Xiu said, "Look at my screen."

Hearing Ye Xiu's words, Zhang Jiale looked at Ye Xiu's screen and saw Lord Grim's Thousand Chance Umbrella turned into a war spear with a move to break the army! He blasted at Qiu Fei and Sun Xiang who were still dizzy, and now his streak number is one hundred and forty-nine!

That's right, there is no restriction on the style of play, Tang Yinhe Ye Xiu completely overturned himself in the combo just now, with various skills in an endless stream. In addition, the two sides pulled each other's hand speed up, and now Ye Xiu's hand speed has exceeded 600.

And Tang Yin broke seven hundred, and the two of them went wild all the way on the road of hand speed, and the one that took off quickly was their number of combos.

"What is despair? It is to push them into the abyss after the other party sees hope and the light!" At this moment, Tang Yin's tone called a gloomy....... Hearing Zhang Jiale and An Wenyi's faces The creeps...

What should I do if I feel that my deputy team has been played badly? Waiting online, very anxious.......

Don’t blame Tang Yin for being angry. He was blew up twice in a game by the opponent. How can this make him feel better?

Now Tang Yin wanted to let the other person experience what it means to be truly desperate!

At this time, Ye Xiu had already blasted towards Qiu Fei and Sun Xiang who were stunned, but just like Sun Xiang said before, he would never let Xiao Shiqin's opportunity to create with the death of life down.

At this moment the two of them are flying fast. It was Ye Xiu who succeeded in avoiding them, but would it be useful? Ye Xiu and Tang Yin didn't just target them, but also the Excellent Era Pastor Zhang Jiaxing who had stale blood behind them.

Originally, he was Tang Yin and the others, except for Xiao Shiqin's main focus, otherwise he would not be assigned to Zhang Jiale during the general attack. Although Zhang Jiale was killed by Xiao Shiqin's sudden self- detonation by the flower chasing the water, it was Zhang Jiaxing's remaining blood, and Ye Xiu's attack made sense at this time.

This blow directly knocked Zhang Jiaxing into the air, and the next bullet directly killed Zhang Jiaxing with a headshot! It was really Tang Yin's headshot. And with the death of Zhang Jiaxing, in the shocking eyes of everyone, Dao Dao Jinguang appeared on Lord Grim, echoing with it, it turned into a long golden hair!

Eighth-order fighting spirit will-open!


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