Chapter 1:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

God pet evolution system

Ningping County Yucai Middle School, Jiangshui City, Class 3 (9).

It was June, and the hot weather made the whole class look a little impetuous, and from time to time there was a loud noise.

"Squad leader, this is about to pass the exam. Are you preparing for the text or martial arts exam?"

"Aren't you talking nonsense? The squad leader is so good, the family bought a variety of elixir for him from a young age, it must be Wu Kao!"

"The same is true of a young genius like a class leader who is excellent and wealthy. How can he choose the literary exam!"

Some of the students in the first few rows of the class were all around a strong man, chattering about the impromptu entrance exam.

The squad leader touted by everyone was Li Kaiyuan. He just smiled and waved his hand, beckoning everyone to stop saying that, but the arrogance on his face did not mean humility at all.

Li Kaiyuan ignored the praise of everyone, but turned his eyes to a thin man in the back right, proudly said: "Hey! Do you think about which exam to choose?"

The thin-faced teenager who was originally sitting at the back right of Li Kaiyuan was staring at the chimney in the distance outside the window. At this moment, Li Kaiyuan suddenly regained his mind and sneered: "This must not be seen if there is the blood of the war spirit." ! It seems to be made up to you.”

The boy's name is Feng Yixiu. Today is his fifteenth birthday, but he has the kind of maturity that his peers do not have, and he has a weather-resistant temperament at a young age.

He knew that the reason why class leader Li Kaiyuan would ask himself alone was that he wanted to attract the attention of those around him, so naturally he had no good looks.

"Squad leader, what nonsense are you talking to him! He is an orphan, and it is difficult to get enough food on weekdays, where there is still a heart to think about Wu Kao."

"That's just... you look at his skinny look, not to mention taking the martial arts exam, I'm afraid even the sports exam for the cultural exam can't pass."

"Even if his cultural achievement ranks first in the year, then the most respected profession in this world is not a war spiritualist. You and he are not in the same world at all!"

The classmates around the class leader were choked by Feng Yixiu's words first, and then they refuted badly.

Li Kaiyuan also had a condensed face, and said in a bad tone: "It is also said that he is just an orphan. I am afraid that he will go to the mixed society after graduating from junior high school. There is no academic background. It is estimated that he can only go to the restaurant as a waiter. Ask him this The problem is that I was abrupt..."

"Li Kaiyuan, what do you mean by that? Do you mean that I have to go to the restaurant as a waiter after graduating from junior high school?" Not waiting for Feng Yixiu to speak, the girl beside him slammed the table suddenly, sulking.

The girl sitting next to Feng Yixiu's name is Shen Ruyu. She is a recognized school flower in Yucai Middle School, but unfortunately, she is also an orphan.

Because I grew up together with Feng Yixiu in the same orphanage, I always like to stick to Feng Yixiu on weekdays. This makes Feng Yixiu offend many people who admire Shen Ruyu in Yucai Middle School. This is Li Kaiyuan. One of them.

" know I don't mean this, of course you are different..." Li Kaiyuan panicked and waved his hand.

"Huh! If you say bad things about Brother Feng, then don't blame me for not knowing you anymore!" Shen Ruyu stared angrily at Li Kaiyuan, who panicked in front of her eyes, angrily.

"Is it..." Li Kaiyuan quickly said yes.

But in my heart, I was jealous: "Damn it! Feng Yixiu is just a poor boy. Why should I be favored by the school flowers, I must make your boy look good!"

"Don't be squad leader, don't be angry, you will have a qualification assessment later, and Shen Ruyu will know that this kid is just a useless little white face, and then you will not choose the better you!" A boy sitting beside the squad leader He whispered in his ear.

"The same is said...I will let Shen Ruyu know the gap between me and the boy later!" Li Kaiyuan said, clenching his palms and gritting his teeth, making a clear noise.

Not at this moment, the figure of a young man passing by the window of Class Nine passed by, and the murmurs in the class gradually became tiny until the whole disappeared.

This young man was the head teacher of this class. I saw the young man slowly pacing to the center of the rostrum, holding a transparent bead carved with bizarre runes in both hands, and glancing very seriously around the students in the class.

The eyes of everyone in the class were all focused on the transparent bead engraved with strange runes in the hands of the young man, because it was a soul-calling pearl that was enough to change the trajectory of life!

The moment Feng Yixiu saw the soul-evocation bead engraved with bizarre runes, it seemed that his head was hit with a heavy hammer, and the whole person seemed to be in a dizziness.

"Ding! Detecting aura fluctuations nearby, the pet's pet evolution system automatically activates and automatically opens the war spirit bloodline for the host."

After a strong sense of dizziness, a series of electronic sounds suddenly appeared in Feng Yixiu's mind.

Immediately, his body seemed to be opened with a certain kind of shackles, and his weak body suddenly became alive, as if he had endless energy.



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