Chapter 2276:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

Frosty weather

"Suzaku sacred flame, burn!"

Feng Yixiu let out a loud shout, and the frost-covered Azure Dragon Holy Spear burst out of red golden flames, only to instantly dispel the astonishing cold inside Feng Yixiu's body.

The Four Sacred Seals need to consume a huge amount of spiritual power to use, although with the assistance of the Sun Luo aura, Feng Yixiu is not worried about the spiritual power being exhausted.

However, Feng Yixiu's spiritual sea is limited after all, and the maximum spiritual power he can control at the same time is fixed. Even if the four sacred seals are opened at the same time, he still needs to make corresponding adjustments according to the battle situation.

In the face of Ren Tianze, a strong ice element, Feng Yixiu naturally wanted to incorporate a large amount of spiritual power into the mark of the Vermillion Bird, and use the powerful fire element to counter the ice element.

"Bang bang bang..."

Dang Bahuang is a typical continuous marksmanship, and the power of each gun is more terrifying than the previous one.

Each collision will cause a ripple of energy visible to the naked eye, and the contest between the ice and fire dragons is a gorgeous visual feast.

Ren Tianze abruptly fell from a height of 100 meters to the ground little by little. If it hadn't been for the arduous support of the icy prison wind dragon under him, he might have been unable to bear it and fell to the ground.

"Bahuang Wandering Dragon, break it for me!"

Feng Yixiu held up the Azure Dragon Holy Spear, and the eight thunder and fire dragons wandering at the tip of the spear were roaring frantically.


Along with the collapse of the spear, the Eight Desolate Wandering Dragon landed at the same time with the power of Wanjun, and the horrible scene as if the punishment were coming to the audience stunned everyone present.

Just at the moment of touching, the Shield of Frost Sky on the verge of breaking completely collapsed. Ren Tianze raised his head and looked at the eight wild wandering dragons exuding dazzling thunder. His pupils suddenly narrowed, and he subconsciously raised the Frost Sky Dominator in his hand.


The Frostsky Ice Dragon passively protects the lord, and the huge body over a hundred meters long surrounds Ren Tianze, and then one sees a person and a dragon slamming on the ground like a cannonball.

The strength of this blow is beyond everyone's imagination, even Ren Tianze, who is a Tier 6 combat source warrior, dare not collide head-on, instead relying on the Awakening Spirit Soldier to protect the body.

"It's really a difficult awakening spirit soldier..."

Feng Yixiu looked condescendingly at the smoke and dust that hadn't dissipated below, frowning involuntarily.

Although on the surface it seemed that Ren Tianze had suffered a big loss, in fact, he knew that the other party was not in serious trouble at all, at best he was only slightly injured.

With the dual defenses of Frost Sky Shield and Frost Sky Ice Dragon, Ren Tianze is almost invincible on the defensive end.

In fact, Feng Yixiu is not incapable of breaking the defenses completely, as long as he condenses Shaking Yutian Xing, he may be able to completely crush the cold and hard Frost Sky Ice Dragon.

The Frostsky Ice Dragon is a special kind of embodied primordial spirit. Once it is completely destroyed, the Frostsky Tyrant's Sword will be considered to be half abolished.

But after all, this place is in the rage scale exercise field. Once such indiscriminate attacks are used, I am afraid that all the teachers and students who watch the battle will be involved.

Ren Tianze did not rush to attack again, but repaired the cracks on the Frost Sky Ice Dragon as soon as possible.

But before the Frost Sky Ice Dragon was completely repaired, a huge black enchantment suddenly appeared above his head, and there was a faint sound of chain collision.

"Luminous Waltz!"

This is obviously the voice of the Eastern late summer, but it is impossible to judge her specific location through the range of the voice.

Inheritance of the White Tiger allowed Dongfang Xia Duan to inherit the predecessor of the White Tiger’s Holy Spirit card. Through the Phantom Armament, she can remain absolutely hidden.

Not to mention that the dean is not a source martial artist of the mind force system, even if he is a source martial artist of the mind force system, he can't perceive the existence of the eastern end of summer.


I saw countless ghost chains converging into a shocking black tide, falling like a waterfall.

The ghost queen is the second war spirit in the late summer of the East. Where did Dean Ren have seen it before, and when she was caught off guard, she was firmly bound by the chains of the ghost coming from all directions.

This Nether Chain is like tentacles from hell, with a cold aura itself, even if it is in direct contact with the Frost Sky Tyrant Sword and the Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon, it is not instantly frozen.

"What the ** is this, it can withstand my frosty weather..."

Ren Tianze struggled to get rid of the shackles of the chains of the Nether, but the number was too much.

In addition, the Frost Sky Ice Dragon had been smashed to pieces by Feng Yixiu, and its destructive power was greatly reduced, and there was nothing to do in a short time.

The room leak happened to rain in the night, and Han Xiao and Dongfang had formed a tacit understanding between Han Xiao and Dongfang at the end of summer. Naturally, they would not miss such a good opportunity.


I saw a huge black tortoise coming from the water, and the exaggerated body shape like a moving castle brought a sense of pressure visible to the naked eye.

While Feng Yixiu was fighting with the Dean, Han Xiao had already completed the fusion of war spirits, but this time his fusion war spirit was not the Heavenly Stealing Xuanwu in the main defensive form, but the Stealing Xuanwu in the main attacking form.

There was also the Heavenly Underworld Saint King Tiger not far away, Han Xiao and Dongfang Xia Mo looked at each other, and nodded solemnly.

Without much communication, the two war spirits began to quickly prepare for the war spirit harmony technique. For a while, the world suddenly changed color, and the snow-white clouds were dyed black, and they continued to converge toward the top of the trapped Dean Ren.

The dark clouds in the sky grew bigger and bigger like snowballs, and strange black rain fell within the coverage of the dark clouds, but within a hundred meters of the dean, it was frozen and turned into black snowflakes.

"Netherwater Magic Waterfall!"

Without waiting for Dean Ren to come back to his senses, a horrible curtain of black water fell from the sky, and even his horrible strength was somewhat unsupported.

At this time, Dean Ren seemed to be in a cold lake, the strong pressure and gravity made him completely unable to raise his head.

Ming Shui seemed to be eroding his body frantically, and he only felt his vitality and spiritual power passing by at an extremely exaggerated speed.

This is not the most terrifying. What bothers Dean Ren the most is that this Underwater possesses extremely strong ice resistance, and even the Frost Sky domain cannot completely freeze it in a short period of time.

This is all due to the Yin attribute of the Heavenly Eclipse Pluto Python, its existence makes Ming Shui extremely cold, and its power and destructive power have made a qualitative leap.

"Clang clang..."

The originally flat ground also suddenly changed, and a series of sharp sword- like soil magic thorns began to rise from the ground, and the target was Ren Tianze who was in the center.

Fortunately, there is a Frost Sky Ice Dragon guard around the dean, and the surrounding soil magic thorns cannot instantly break the defense. But this is still no way to go, the Frost Sky Ice Dragon has not been repaired, and if it continues, it will be completely crushed sooner or later!

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