Chapter 2277:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

Winter's Fury

"Damn...I can't go on like this, it seems that I can't keep my hands." Ren Tianze frowned, and even if he wanted to mobilize the last epic demon card, he couldn't use the demon at all when his hands were all tied. Spirit card.

"Quickly break this ** chain for Lao Tzu!"

The Frost Sky Ice Dragon ruptured rapidly, and the Dean was also eager to split, and immediately desperately issued an order to the Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon under him.

Although the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong is completely unable to break free from the endless chains of the Nether under the terrifying suppression of the Netherwater Demon Waterfall, this does not prevent it from biting the Nether chains.


I saw the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong frantically biting the Nether chain that entangled Ren Tianze's arm, and the hard chain finally began to break completely because it couldn't bear it.

As soon as he broke free from the shackles of the chains of the Nether, Ren Tianze impatiently mobilized the Demon Tome, and an epic-level demon card with orange-gold light flew into his palm.

"Winter Dragon-Winter Enchantment!"

Massive spiritual power crazily submerged into the epic-level demon card, and saw the demon card turned into an orange-gold streamer and sank into the ice prison wind floating dragon.

This is an epic-level demon card of the fantasy series, which can greatly improve the ice attribute elemental power of the Frozen Hellwind Dragon.

Ren Tianze had no intention of using this epic demon card. After all, his realm was beyond Feng Yixiu and so many people, and he was afraid that everyone would be injured.

But now it seems that his concerns are superfluous. The strength of the four is strong enough to make him feel a huge threat...


The body of the Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon exploded with gorgeous dark blue dragon patterns, and a terrifying winter cold abruptly exploded.

This extremely cold aura is too terrifying, and it has obviously surpassed Ming Shui's cold resistance.

I saw the Underwater Demon Waterfall freeze rapidly from the bottom, but it was completely frozen in the blink of an eye.

Han Xiao, Dongfang Xia Mo and the others couldn't help but stare at each other when they saw this scene. They didn't expect Dean Ren to break the suppression of the Underwater Demon Waterfall in such a short period of time.


Just as everyone in the Rage Scale Martial Arts Field was stunned, the completely frozen Netherwater Demon Waterfall burst open in an instant, and the extremely hard black ice cubes scattered like cannonballs.


Han Xiao immediately stood in front of the end of Dongfang Xia, constantly swinging his fists to smash several oncoming black ice blocks that looked like mountains.


Ren Tianze drove the Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon floating in the air, and the large amount of spiritual and physical energy consumption in a short period of time made him gasp for breath, and his complexion looked a little pale.

Ren Tianze felt overwhelmed by the constant onslaught that had just taken over. The Frost Sky Ice Dragon was already fragmented, and the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong also suffered serious injuries.

"You stinky boys, if you make this dean so embarrassed, then I'm really not welcome!" Ren Tianze said coldly with a faint look.

As soon as the voice fell, I saw a blue winter chill erupted from the mouth of the Frozen Hell Wind Floating Dragon, covering hundreds of meters!

"Flooded Eight Wastes!"

Han Xiao was also unwilling to show weakness, and drove the Stealing Xuanwu under his seat to spray a massive jet black high-pressure water curtain head- on.


Ice and water collided violently in mid-air, but after all, the coldness of winter was even better, and the water waves were frozen at an extremely fast speed.

In this situation, as long as he relaxes slightly, both Han Xiao and Stealing Xuanwu will be frozen instantly, and he must give Dongfang a little time to retreat at the end of summer.

"At the end of summer, you retreat first, I'll withstand it!" Han Xiao gritted his teeth.


At the end of Eastern Summer, he seemed to hesitate a little, and whispered in a low voice.

"Nothing! Don't forget your mission..." Han Xiao said anxiously.

After speaking, Dongfang no longer hesitated at the end of summer, and immediately entered the phantom state again, completely disappearing from the sight of everyone.


The cold of winter followed the water curtain sprayed by Stealing Xuanwu and began to freeze, finally freezing Han Xiao and Stealing Xuanwu at the same time.

"call out!"

But before Ren Tianze launched a chase, a deadly flame of extreme flame slammed on the ice sculpture, and the fiery flame instantly covered the entire ice surface.

However, because of this, the ice of Winter has not melted instantly, but is shrinking rapidly.

"Long Sanxia!"

Ren Tianze frowned slightly. Of course, he wouldn't let this excellent attacking opportunity open. He saw the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong suddenly wave his wings, and the ice cones like dragon teeth scattered out.

The power of these scattering ice cone dragon teeth is terrifying, as long as one shot hits Han Xiao, I am afraid that it will lose its combat effectiveness in an instant!

Just when everyone thought that Han Xiao was about to leave the field, Feng Yixiu suddenly flashed into a golden light, directly blocking the frozen Sky Stealing Xuanwu.

At this moment, Feng Yixiu has switched to Shura mode, and has also absorbed ten disillusionment lotus to enter disillusionment mode. The terrifying light of disillusion envelops the whole body, and the extreme elemental fluctuations spread layer by layer.

"Light of Disillusionment!"

The light between the magic horns was masterful, and a fan-shaped light of disillusionment burst out suddenly, and the dazzling light made the world pale.

Dozens of ice cone dragon teeth were instantly melted under the light of disillusionment, and Ren Tianze was stunned when he saw this scene.

"How many tactics do you have..." Ren Tianze muttered with a solemn expression.

From the beginning of the trial competition, Feng Yixiu has given him too much surprise, and the number of methods has made him a little overwhelmed.

Moreover, looking at Feng Yixiu's excellent appearance, it seems that he still has spare power, which really makes him feel a little unpredictable.


Stealing Xuanwu and Han Xiao also seized the opportunity of melting the ice to suddenly exert their strength, and finally broke free from the frozen state.

"I'm so cold..." Han Xiao's face was pale, and his whole body was still trembling slightly.

"Brother Han, are you okay?" Feng Yixiu asked softly, turning his head slightly.

"It's nothing big, you can't die..." Han Xiao managed to squeeze a smile.

Feng Yixiu smiled and nodded, and said, "We haven't fought side by side like this for a long time. I really feel nostalgic for the old days."

"This is our last battle in the Furlin Academy. You can't let the younger brothers and sisters read the jokes, I won't hide them!" Han Xiao's eyes burned, and the magical treasure on the side suddenly opened. The black Holy Spirit card floated out.

"Holy basalt-holy armed!"

I saw the black holy spirit card turned into a black streamer and plunged into the stealing Xuanwu body, and the hard tortoise shell suddenly became harder, exuding a metallic texture.

"Brother Han, you go first, I'll take the battle for you!" Feng Yixiu raised Han Xiao's fighting spirit and said with a smile.

Today's battle is more like an open exhibition game for Feng Yixiu, and he is not too caring.

Don’t forget that Feng Yixiu, Shen Ruyu, and the fusion of war spirits have never been used. The astrological sacred dragon and phoenix will not fall into the wind even when facing the war spirits of abnormal level such as the sun- winged dragon. Naturally, it's no problem.

Moreover, the war spirit serving as the dean belongs to the Yalong clan, and the Frozen Hell Wind Piaolong can be said to have been perfectly restrained by the astrological sacred dragon and phoenix.

In addition, Feng Yixiu also took into account that the destructive power of the astrological holy dragon king's war spirit skills was too amazing, and it was a bit outrageous to razed the alma mater's martial arts field to the ground for a trial match.

So if possible, Feng Yixiu still hopes to give Han Xiao and Dongfang Xia more opportunities to perform.

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