Chapter 2278:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

Xuanming Shield Anti


Han Xiao didn't say much, seeing him driving the Stealing Xuanwu and swooping towards the Dean Ren below.

Now Han Xiao is only an eighth-level fourth-order war spirits realm, let alone fully exerting the power of the holy spirit card, even if it is extremely difficult to maintain this state for a long time.

"Tianwu Heavy Punch!"

Maintaining a high-speed dive, Han Xiao waved his fists in succession, relying on the ability of the Heavenly Xuanwu extremely double arm armor, the powerful water cannon continued to bombard the bottom.

Each of these punches has a huge power like a mountain, and the ground of the entire angry scale martial arts field is constantly turbulent...

"So strong, break it for me!" Ren Tianze frowned and roared.

The Ice Prison Wind Piaolong erupted with an extremely cold roar, and all the water cannons in front of him were instantly frozen, and then a powerful tail smashed them all to pieces.

The moving speed of Stealing Xuanwu was much faster than Shitian Xuanwu, and the moment the water column was crushed, he took the initiative to attack Ren Tianze.

"You dare to approach me actively, you brat!" Ren Tianze murmured, and then took the initiative to launch a storm.

"Ice Dragon Swing Tail!"

The Tianshuang Ice Dragon surrounding Ren Tianze roared out, he was obviously confident in his own power.

But just when the two were about to collide, Stealing Xuanwu suddenly appeared around a black shield.

Stealing the sky basalt form, even if it is Feng Yixiu, has not seen too much, not to mention that the dean does not understand it.

This is Stealing Xuanwu’s first combat skill "Xuanming Shield Anti", which is different from Shitian Xuanwu’s Xuanwu Holy Shield. It exists not only for defense, but also for counterattack!


I saw a powerful blow hit the black light shield, but there was a situation that everyone hadn't expected.

The mysterious black shields around the Stealing Xuanwu burst out with dazzling streamers, and a powerful counterattack force bounced the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong away.

The Ice Prison Wind Piaolong barely stabilized his figure, let out a low growl of doubts, and kept pacing back and forth around the Stealing Xuanwu, delaying to attack again.

"Rebound shield, this is a bit tricky..." Ren Tianze raised his brows slightly, and after a moment of contemplation, he said in a deep voice, "But then you shouldn't be able to stop it!"

"Winter roars!"

The azure blue dragon pattern on the body of the Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon exploded with amazing light, and the extreme winter cold was madly accumulating in the mouth, and then a straight line of winter cold suddenly erupted.

There is no problem with the idea of ​​the dean. The general anti-injury shield can only reflect physical damage, not the force of the elements.

However, he misestimated the strength of the Sky Stealing Xuanwu, whether it is physical damage or elemental damage, as long as it does not exceed the upper limit, it can all counter injuries!

The Xuanming Shield is different from the extremely hard basalt shield. Its texture is as soft as water. Faced with the impact of the powerful elements, it only stirred up ripples on its surface, and it has not been crushed for a long time.

"Not good... it seems to be absorbing the power of the elements, stop quickly!" Ren Tianze finally found something wrong, and ordered the war spirits to stop.

But as soon as the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong stopped its offensive, the mysterious shield suddenly burst out with a stronger light, and a mysterious black winter roar was actually bounced back!

Ren Tianze was obviously prepared, even if he was driving the war spirit to dodge, but the winter cold that bounced back seemed to have eyes long, and he was chasing after him, and the speed was getting faster and faster!


The black streamer flashed by, and one person and one dragon were instantly frozen into a huge ice sculpture. Ren Tianze also understood the horror of his winter cold, and could not break free in a short time.

However, as a warrior of the source of ice attribute, Ren Tianze can only trap him for a short period of time, and cannot cause much damage to him.


I saw the huge ice sculptures trembling constantly, and tiny cracks could already be seen faintly on the surface, as if they were about to break through the ice in the next moment.

"Taste the taste of the gravity cannon!" Han Xiao smiled like a naughty kid who succeeded in a prank, exclaimed excitedly.


The two gravity water cannons behind Stealth Xuanwu constantly adjusted their directions, and finally aimed at the ice-covered Ren Tianze, and the deafening high-pressure gravity water cannons burst out frantically!

"Boom boom boom..."

Ren Tianze, who has not completely broken through the ice, has no room to fight back. The continuous high-pressure water cannons blasted him from midair to the ground, feeling the heavier and heavier body, and he also felt extremely anxious in his heart.

Three seconds later, Ren Tianze finally broke free from the shackles of the ice, but he and Bing Prison Wind Piaolong had also been hit by dozens of gravity water cannons.

The terrifying gravity made him a little reluctant to even stand. The Ice Prison Wind Piaolong tried several times but failed to take off successfully, as if an invisible heavy shackles pulled it off to the ground.

"Damn... I'm still following this kid's way!" Ren Tianze clenched his fists and muttered to himself.

In fact, Dean Ren has always been guarding against being hit by gravity water cannons. Although this trick is very powerful, its flaws are also very obvious, that is, it is too cumbersome.

With the speed of the Frozen Hell Wind Dragon, it can be said that it is easy to dodge the slow gravity water cannon, but I never thought it was frozen by my own winter cold air.

After all, Xuan Ming Shield is too powerful, if it weren't for this, Ren Tianze would not be frozen, let alone hit dozens of gravity water cannons.

"As Dean, don't you feel uncomfortable about my Xuan Ming Shield?" Han Xiao also landed steadily from high in the sky, smiling with his arms around his chest.

The so-called Xuanming Shield can make the Sky Stealing Xuanwu injure all the attacks it receives, but the premise is that this blow cannot crush the Sky Stealing Xuanwu's upper limit of defense.

Han Xiao originally had a demon card of anti-injury type, but this demon card can only reflect physical attacks and cannot counter-injury elemental damage, and only close combat can exert its maximum effect.

The application range of Xuanming Shield is obviously much larger, not only can counter-injury physical damage and elemental damage at the same time, but also can rebound damage against long-range offensives.

However, if the opponent's power is far greater than Stealing Xuanwu, the Xuanming Shield will be instantly defeated, and the anti-injury effect will naturally not work.

Therefore, before Han Xiao used the Holy Spirit card, he would not easily use the Xuanming Shield. After using the "Holy Xuanwu—Holy" Holy Spirit card, the defensive power of the Heaven Stealing Xuanwu has reached the point where ordinary people can hardly understand it.

In fact, relying on Ren Tianze's strength, as long as he goes all out, he can completely destroy the Xuan Ming Shield in one blow.

But Ren Tianze didn't understand the principle of Xuan Ming Shield's anti-Xuan Ming Shield, both of which were tentative offensives, and it took him for a while.

"Good boy, there are two brushes! But this can't help me, even if I stand here and don't move, what can you do with me?"

Ren Tianze simply stopped struggling. He also knew that the duration of the gravity water cannon was not long. The water elemental attack of the Stealing Xuanwu was completely helpless from the cold of winter. He only had to drag it until the end of the time.

"President Ren, if you think so, then you would be too small for me..."

Han Xiao smiled and shook his head, only to see that he slowly took out a purple gold demon card, it was the "desert tyrant-desert".

"It's all to the dust, the sand waterfall burial!"

I saw that, centered on the basalt basalt, the ground of the Furlin Martial Arts Field began to be desertified.

But within a dozen seconds, almost half of the martial arts venue has turned into a sea of ​​golden sand.

Under normal circumstances, these war spirits that affect the terrain can be said to be meaningless to flying war spirits, but they are deadly to Ren Tianze who is now bound by gravity!

Not only that, but the desert armed forces allow this golden sand sea to evaporate the water of the human body. As long as it is submerged by the sand sea, this is undoubtedly a painful chronic death.

Ren Tianze was desperately trying to get out of the sand sea, but found that the more he struggled, the faster he would sink. As long as he stayed still, the sinking speed could be slowed down to the greatest extent.

"As the dean, don't struggle, you have already lost..."

Stealing Xuanwu casually wandered in the sand sea, and Han Xiao, who was standing on his back, smiled extremely happily.

"Smelly boy, don't say that too much!" Half of Ren Tianze's body has sunk, but he didn't panic at all, and said indifferently: "Millennium Ice Hell!"

As soon as the voice fell, a azure blue dense formation suddenly appeared under Han Xiao's feet, followed by the sudden formation of four icicles exuding an aura of extreme cold.

An extremely cold breath of frost made Han Xiao's whole body stiff, and there was no time to react. The four icicles were suddenly connected, but within three seconds they completely turned into a square ice prison.

For such a large-scale thousand-year ice prison, let alone Han Xiao couldn't break free, even Feng Yixiu would not be able to break free in a short period of time.

This is the strongest fourth war spirit skill of the Ice Prison Wind Dragon, but if you want to use this kind of war spirit skill, you need to consume a lot of spirit power, and at the same time, you need to have enough water vapor around it.

Han Xiao's all returned to the dust is to evaporate all the water on the ground, and it is to make the water vapor in the air reach unprecedented abundance!

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