Chapter 2279:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)



Han Xiao had just been frozen, and a crimson dead light immediately blasted up, but the speed of melting of the ice couldn't keep up with the speed of freezing.

The volume of the Thousand-Year Ice Hell is still skyrocketing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and Shen Ruyu has no choice but to give up after trying to no avail for a while.

Feng Yixiu, who was watching the battle from a distance, was naturally unable to sit still when he saw this scene.

"If you don't want Han Xiao's body to be broken, don't use brute force to break the ice."

Just as the Heaven Killing Demon Ape was about to do it, Ren Tianze's words shocked Feng Yixiu's heart.

The dean's words will naturally not be aimless, and he certainly will not say this to scare them.

The temperature of the Thousand-Year Ice Hell has reached a terrifyingly low temperature, even the blood and water in the body will be instantly frozen, and the human body and the ice have already melted into one.

This means that if the Thousand-Year Ice Prison is forcibly broken, Han Xiao’s body will also be shattered...


Feng Yixiu spoke immediately, and this prevented the Heaven-killing Demon Ape who was about to do it.

As Han Xiao was frozen by the seal, the gravity domain was naturally released, and Ren Tianze slowly crawled out of the sand sea, his dry body greedily absorbing water.

Ren Tianze slowly raised his head, looked at Feng Yixiu in the air, and sighed: "This trick was originally used by the old man to deal with you. I never thought I was forced to do this by the kid Han Xiao."

Hearing this, Feng Yixiu was also shocked in a cold sweat, but fortunately he didn't fight alongside Han Xiao, otherwise he would be sealed in the Thousand- Year Ice Prison.

Although the blood and water in his body will not be frozen by virtue of the Suzaku Mark Protector, don't even want to break the seal before the end of the game.

If Feng Yixiu were sealed by the Thousand-Year Ice Prison, it would be difficult for the remaining three people to persist until the trial match is completely over.

"The moisture in the air shouldn't be enough for the second Thousand-Year Ice Hell in a short time. If that's the case, I'm not welcome..." Feng Yixiu touched his chin, and then switched to the Chaos Demon Sword in his hand. Qinglong Holy Spear.

I saw Feng Yixiu put out the starting position of Dingshanhe, the twin dragon souls of the mountains and rivers with both rigidity and softness around his body, and the unpredictable momentum made Ren Tianze feel a little jealous.

At the same time, the Seven Cang Lei Stars flew out of the Saint Dragon Star Territory of the Star Sacred Dragon King, and the dazzling Seven Cang Lei Star Array appeared behind Xiao Kongkong.

Now that Ren Tianze's physical and spiritual power have been consumed more than half, the Shuangtian Ba ​​sword is also on the verge of breaking, and Feng Yixiu will naturally not let go of such a good attack opportunity.

"Xiao Kongkong, let's go together!"

As soon as the voice fell, Feng Yixiu and the Heaven-killing Demon Ape disappeared in place at the same time, attacking Ren Tianze from left to right.

"A positive attack... just to my liking!"

Ren Tianze was unwilling to show weakness when he saw this, and the Frost Sky Ice Dragon that surrounded his body roared out, facing the wind and Xiu.

The Ice Prison Wind Piaolong is mainly used to deal with the Heaven-killing Demon Ape. The size of the two looks almost different, but in terms of strength alone, the Heaven-killing Demon Ape possessed by the Cang Lei Seven- Star Array is even more in the Ice Prison Wind. Above the dragon.


The powerful ice cone dragon tail and the sky-killing demon ape's double fists kept colliding, and this hard-to-hand collision caused turmoil in the world, and the thunderous impact resounded through the sky, and the spatial fluctuations visible to the naked eye made people stunned.

On the other hand, the fight between Feng Yixiu and Ren Tianze is also inseparable. With the strength of Dingshanhe’s strength and softness, his power is getting stronger and stronger. The Frostsky Ice Dragon, which is already on the verge of breaking, is about to be completely destroyed. collapse.

Hidden in the dark at the end of the Eastern Summer and Shen Ruyu in the far distance, they also supported Feng Yixiu from time to time. The tacit cooperation between the three also made Ren Tianze feel unprecedented pressure.

However, the most difficult thing for Ren Tianze was the God Killing Domain, which made his battle system Tier 6 source martial artist's super resilience completely useless.


It was another head-to-head collision. Ren Tianze and Feng Yixiu were shocked and flew out at the same time. The high-intensity battle in a short period of time left them both out of breath.

Feng Yixiu looked up at the public screen and smiled: "As the dean, the time for the trial match is almost up..."

"It's all for this purpose, so don't leave any hands. Brother doesn't want you to let me be in front of the teachers and students of the school." Ren Tianze gasped heavily and whispered.

I saw Feng Yixiu nodded silently, and these words made him more respectful of Dean Ren from the bottom of his heart.

Now if he deliberately kept his hands, it would be disrespectful to the dean, so they could only go all out.

"Dingshanhe, all counterattack!"

The battle just now caused Shanhe Shuanglong to absorb massive amounts of cold air, and immediately burst out immediately.

I saw a giant frost dragon roaring fiercely from the condensation of cold air, and Ren Tianze felt incredible because of its power.


However, in the blink of an eye, Ren Tianze and Bingfeng Piaolong instantly froze into an ice sculpture, and both were struggling violently at the same time. The ice element could only be imprisoned by them for a short time, and could not cause too much damage to them.

"Sister Xia Mo, you can make a move!" Feng Yixiu said loudly.

"Phantom Streamer Slash!"

Hidden in the dark, the end of Dongfang Xia suddenly appeared behind Dean Ren, and the other side flower erupted from the top of the Heavenly Underworld Saint King Tiger's head, and a slash with the phantom streamer fell with lightning speed.

Only a single blow split the ice block that was about to break into two, and not only a shocking scar appeared behind the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong, but also a very special phantom imprint.

Anything marked by the Phantom Mark will have all damage multiplied by ten times. It can be said that as long as it is marked, it is not far from death...


Ren Tianze's reaction was also extremely fast. Even when he launched a fierce attack on the nearby Dongfang Late Summer, a strong frosty cold air erupted from the mouth of the Frostsky Ice Dragon, instantly sealing the Heavenly Underworld Saint King Tiger and Dongfang Late Summer.

However, this was just a trial match after all. Dean Ren didn't make a dead hand, but with his soft power, he knocked the ice-bound Dongfang Late Summer into the air.

The Heaven-killing Demon Ape appeared behind the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong, and the seven Cang Lei stars behind it turned into a majestic Thunder Dragon wrapped around his right palm.

"Canglei Seven Star Palm!"

This palm looks light and fluttering, but it actually contains the weight of the god-driving wave and the seven stars of Cang Lei at the same time, and under the blessing of the Phantom Mark, it is even more unstoppable!


I saw the ice prison wind floating dragon instantly disappeared in place, and its unpredictable terrifying force made it hit the ground heavily, and a transparent hole with a diameter of tens of meters wide appeared behind it.

This blow directly killed the Ice Prison Wind Piaolong, only to see it slowly disappeared after struggling for a few times.


When everyone saw this scene, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon was wrapped in rock-solid ice, and its defensive power was no less than that of a powerful defensive war spirit. It was hit by a punch from the Skykiller Ape. It was too violent!

But what everyone didn't know was that the main reason why the Heaven Killer Ape was able to kill the Ice Prison Wind Floating Dragon in a single blow was because of the phantom imprint attached to his death in the late summer of the East.

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