Chapter 2280:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

Honorable Elder

"How is this possible..." Ren Tianze looked at the war spirits dissipating below, and the whole person was completely stupid.

"President Ren, you should worry about yourself first!" Feng Yixiu's mouth raised slightly, and the Azure Dragon Holy Spear in his hand switched back to the Chaos Demon Sword, and all the remaining light of disillusionment was concentrated in the Chaos Demon Sword in his hand.

"Zheng Zheng Zheng..."

The round dance sword wheel also suddenly condensed into shape, different from the normal form of the magic sword of thought, every magic sword of thought also rendered the element of disillusionment.

"Disillusionment·Nine Crowned Devil Sword!"

Feng Yixiu pointed the front with his finger instead of the sword. The Chaos Demon Sword was the first to transform into a stream of nine colors, followed by hundreds of Nianzhi Demon Swords.

Clang clang...

I saw hundreds of Nianzhi Demon Swords with the Chaos Demon Sword as the core, constantly attached to it, condensed into a giant nine-crowned demon sword with a length of more than 100 meters!

This gorgeous Nine Crowned Devil Sword is not only exaggerated in size, but also fast enough to be hard to catch with the naked eye!

"This kid...Could it be that he has become a three-line source warrior."

The nine crowned magic sword in Ren Tianze's eyes quickly zoomed in, before he could think about it, he subconsciously waved the fragmented Shuangtianba sword in his hand.


The elemental light that made people unable to open their eyes erupted in mid- air, and the cold air of Tianshuang and the light of nine crowns collided crazily, spreading layer by layer like a mountain whistling a tsunami.

The people in the front row of the Anger Scale Martial Arts Field were almost taken off, and the alternating hot and cold elemental storm made them feel like they were in a ** of ice and fire.

That's the case, everyone still refuses to take a half step back, even from the cracks of their fingers, they have to watch the war of the century in their entirety.

Just as the Nine Crowns Demon Sword and the Shuangtianba Sword were in a stalemate, a long-lasting flame of death in the distance became the key to breaking the balance.

I saw that Ren Tianze, who was still struggling to support, instantly turned into an arrow from the string and fell to the ground, and the Frost Sky Ice Dragon was also completely shattered at this moment.

"The trial match time is over, congratulations to the four-person team for passing the trial match!"

Just as everyone was preparing to watch the battle intently, a mechanized announcement suddenly sounded.

In an instant, the silent rage martial arts field also boiled instantly, and everyone looked at Feng Yixiu, Shen Ruyu and others with extremely hot eyes.

"Won! They actually won the dean, which is incredible!"

"I thought it would be great for Feng-senpai and the others to survive a stick of incense, but I didn't expect them to be so powerful that they could suppress the dean in the whole process. It's really terrifying..."

"But it can be seen that the dean still has his hand, at least he didn't hit Senior Han and Senior Sister Dongfang hard, otherwise I am afraid that even if they can win, I am afraid they can only win miserably..."

"That's not necessarily true. I think Feng-senior seems to have some extra energy. Don't forget that his Star Sacred Dragon King has almost never attacked."

"Anyway, that is the head of the four great holy courtyards, the head of Anurin, but he is on the same level as the seven marshals..."

Whether it is an angry scale student or an angry scale teacher, everyone is extremely shocked by this result.

Everyone has thought that Feng Yixiu's team's strength would be very outrageous, but they never expected to be so outrageous.


When the smoke cleared, the dignified Ren Tianze slowly raised his head, his chest surged so violently that he couldn't help but cough slightly.

A sweet smell of blood surged, but Ren Tianze, who had always been strong, swallowed it forcibly, looking towards Feng Yixiu's gaze seemed a little complicated.

Dean Ren was not only gratified for the amazing growth of Feng Yixiu and others, but also a little humiliated for his embarrassed appearance.

The teacher Xuanji on the high platform just wanted to snicker, but was stared at by a cold stare, and when even she forced her smile back, she immediately put on a look of regret.

"Xuan have smashed Lao Tzu!" Dean Ren frowned and cursed in his heart.

Before the start of the trial match, he originally thought about whether he needed to put a little bit of water to let the four of them successfully obtain the title of Outstanding Anger Scale Graduates, but he didn't expect the situation to be completely beyond his expectations.

None of these four people is good, especially Feng Yixiu's strength makes him feel extremely jealous, his offensive methods are too much.

Feng Yixiu and Shen Ruyu smiled at each other, and then steadily landed side by side, bowed to Dean Ren and thanked him: "Thank you, Dean Ren for your mercy!"

"If you lose, you lose. There is nothing to quibble. Moreover, it is not a shame to lose to you. On the contrary, my brother is very proud!" Dean Ren waved his hand and sealed the ice with Han Xiao and Dongfang. They were all released at the end of summer.

"Huhuhu...I'm so cold, if you don't finish the fight, I'm afraid you won't see me again!" Han Xiao shivered all over, slowly approaching in the direction of the three of them.

At this time, Han Xiao had already been completely cold from the cold, and his entire body was covered with frost that had not completely melted, and his appearance was rather miserable.

When Shen Ruyu saw this, he lit a cluster of flames and said with a smile: "Big Brother Han Xiao, who makes you always think about being in the limelight, otherwise it will be Brother Feng if you are stuck in the ice."

"It's so warm!"

Han Xiao couldn't wait to put his hands into the fire ball, and then said with a serious look: "I will not be popular in the future if I kill me. Whoever loves this terrible limelight will come out!"

"Brother Han Xiao, are you roasting pig's knuckles? I can smell the smell of meat..." Dongfang Xia Mo looked at Han Xiao suspiciously, frowning.

"Ouch, I'm scalded to death!"

Only then did Han Xiao react, and suddenly pulled his palm out of the fire ball, and kept blowing on his red hands.


Everyone was also laughed from ear to ear by Han Xiao, as if to forget all previous victories.

"Good boy, I didn't expect that the crane tail used to be able to be alone now, and it almost made this Dean suffer a big loss!" Dean Ren patted Han Xiao's shoulder heavily and said in a deep voice.

"Hey...Thank you for the compliment from the dean. But when I am the tail of the crane, I have always been very strong..." Han Xiao whispered.

"Yes, yes, brother Han, you're so wise and foolish, you've always been excellent." Feng Yixiu smiled slightly and said lightly.

"The captain still has vision!" Han Xiao grinned.

"In just four years, you have also grown into strong people who can stand alone. The title of this outstanding graduate is well-deserved!" Dean Ren looked solemn and said after a short pause: "In addition, I intend to award four angry people. Lin's title of lifelong glory elder!"


Feng Yixiu touched his chin and said intermittently.

This lifetime honorable elder is generally only qualified for those who have made outstanding contributions to the Angerscale Academy, and so far there are fewer than ten lifetime honorary elders in the hundreds of years of the Angerscale Academy.

"This is the honor you deserve. If none of you four can get this honor, I'm afraid no one will be qualified!"

Just as Feng Yixiu was thinking, Xuanji and Teacher Jialan walked towards a few people, with harmonious smiles all over their faces.

"Since Teacher Xuanji has said so, it's better to be respectful!" Feng Yixiu slightly clasped his fists and agreed.

Dean Ren smiled and nodded, and immediately jumped up with force, and landed firmly on the high platform of the martial arts field. Feng Yixiu and others also followed when they saw it.

"The dean decided to confer honors on four outstanding graduates, and at the same time listed the four as the elders of the glory of life in Anulin, can anyone oppose?" The dean's voice is like a dark drum Hongzhong, constantly echoing in the martial arts field.

Suddenly, the entire rage scale martial arts venue was silent, and no one dared to stand up at this moment.

Just kidding, the strength of Feng Yixiu and others is obvious to all, even if the dean is no match for the four people, perhaps this honor is naturally a matter of course.

"Since everyone has no opinion, then the dean will officially award the outstanding graduate certificate, as well as the ring of the elders of lifetime glory!"

As soon as the voice fell, a ceremonial team that had been prepared for a long time stepped forward, and Dean Ren handed the certificate and honor ring to the four in person.

"The four of you are the pride of Nulin Academy, and this dean is also proud of you. I hope that no matter where you go in the future, you will never forget that you used to be a student of Nulin..." After the dean finished the award ceremony, he said earnestly. .

"Dean Ren can rest assured that no matter where we are in the future, we will never forget our alma mater." Feng Yixiu said with a serious expression.

"Old Ren, don't you have any surprises? Maybe you forgot..." Teacher Xuanji said abruptly.

Dean Ren glanced at Xuan Ji, as if he was still a little bit angry about being trapped, and said, "What's the hurry, isn't this going to be said soon!"

After that, Dean Ren took out two diamond-level demon cards, which turned out to be the demon cards of the Shanhai series!

"President Ren, you are..." Feng Yixiu said with some doubts.

"These two demon cards are the two world-class monsters suppressed at the top of the White Tiger Tower. These two monsters have broken free from their shackles and caused the White Tiger Tower riots. They were killed as a last resort. They should have been handed over to the Huaxia Treasury for safekeeping. But the seven marshals agreed to give it to you. I just handed it to you on behalf of China. Don't make my brother embarrassed!" Dean Ren explained with a smile.

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