Chapter 2835:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

chief disciple

"Thanks to the love of the monarch Feng, it's just..." Yuan Shenyu hesitated, as if he was worried.

"You just said that you don't want to be the emperor. I thought you were just joking, but looking at your reaction, you don't seem to be very happy?" Feng Yixiu touched his chin and asked.

"To be honest, I haven't had much interest in the throne since I saw my father being poisoned with my own eyes." Yuan Shenyu gave a wry smile, and then said softly: "Mr. Feng, you probably haven't seen your second brother, he He is honest and kind, and his strength and prestige are much stronger than mine, maybe he is more suitable than me..."

"Are you afraid?" Feng Yixiu's eyes became sharp, and after a slight pause, he continued: "Or do you think that this monarch has no purpose in supporting you in the upper position, and you are worried that it will be like the Nine Sins Fox Venerable controlling the Tianyu Empress, Make you a puppet?"

"I...I didn't mean that." Yuan Shenyu subconsciously twitched his throat, not daring to look directly at Feng Yixiu's sharp gaze.

"If you really think so, then you underestimate this monarch. Now the world situation is in turmoil, the common enemies of our four empires should be the tyrannical masses and the seven deadly sins, and should join forces to defend against foreign enemies, not intrigue. Internal friction." Feng Yixiu's eyes were bright and he continued: "Whether you believe it or not, I promise you that I will never interfere in the internal affairs of the Sun Moon Empire!"

Shen Wuyue's eyes suddenly became more relaxed, and it could be seen that Feng Yixiu's words, he really listened, only to see him bow slightly, and said softly: "The character of the monarch Feng is naturally trustworthy, but I have no prestige in the Imperial Court of the Sun and Moon, and I am afraid it will be difficult to convince the public..."

Hearing this, Feng Yixiu also nodded thoughtfully, and the other party's concerns were not unreasonable.

It is not difficult for Yuan Shenyu to become emperor. It is rare to convince everyone that he is not the crown prince who was canonized by the previous emperor. He is still young and lacks strength, and he has no backing.

When Feng Yixiu was still in the Sun and Moon Empire, naturally no one dared to raise objections, but he would eventually leave one day.

Once they leave, I am afraid that some people will violate the yin and yin, and even take the imperial power. This is not what Feng Yixiu wants to see.

After pondering for a long time, Feng Yixiu suddenly said, "Would you like to worship me as your teacher?"


Yuan Shenyu was stunned, staring at the person in front of him with a look of astonishment.

"Why... Could it be that I don't like this gentleman?" Feng Yixiu frowned slightly and asked back.

"No, no... I just didn't expect you to accept me as a disciple, so I was so happy for a while." Yuan Shenyu shook his head repeatedly and explained.

"It's fine, as long as you become Ben's apprentice, let alone no one in the Sun Moon Empire dares to despise you, even in the entire world, I'm afraid no one will bully you again." Feng Yixiu smiled. He nodded, his eyes revealing unparalleled dominance and confidence.

"What are you still doing, don't hurry up and kowtow to your teacher!" Seeing that Yuanshen Yu was still inactive, Bai Taki urged softly.

"oh oh!"

Only then did Yuan Shenyu react, and without saying a word, he knelt on the ground, lowered his head to the ground, and said loudly, "Master is above, please accept the disciples and bow down!"

"Get up! From now on, you will be the apprentice of this monarch. In the future, whether it is in practice, or if you encounter any troubles that cannot be solved, you can come to me." Feng Yixiu nodded with satisfaction , smiled.

"Thank you, master!"

Genshinyu stood up abruptly, and his face was filled with indescribable excitement.

No wonder he was so excited, Feng Yixiu was a genius that was rare in a century, and if he could teach him all the money, the road of cultivation and the road of the emperor would probably be smooth all the way.

"Fourth Highness is really a blessing. Lord Feng has always been a person who is afraid of trouble. He has never accepted any apprentices. You are his first apprentice!"

"If you say that, then I'm not the eldest disciple?" Yuan Shenyu said with a smile.

"Let's put it this way! In the future, after the Sun Moon Empire and the Shura Empire have established a teleportation formation, you can go to the Shura Tongtian Tower to practice when you have time. You may not have time to teach yourself as a teacher, but you still have time to incarnate outside your body. "Feng Yixiu doesn't intend to perfunctory, since he promised to be the master of Yuan Shenyu, he should do his best.

In this way, the relationship between Feng Yixiu and Yuan Shenyu will naturally become closer, and the relationship between Shura Empire and Sun Moon Empire will become more unbreakable.


The good news one after another made Yuan Shenyu feel a little fluffy, and I saw that he suddenly pinched his face hard, and the weight of the force was actually a little purple.

"Well done, what are you doing?" Feng Yixiu turned his head slightly and looked at the person in front of him with a puzzled expression, expressing incomprehension.

"Today is really too dreamy, my disciple is a little afraid that he is dreaming." Yuan Shenyu said with a naive smile.

From a precarious and impoverished student, he would ascend to the throne in one day, and even become the apprentice of the famous Shura Emperor. He did not faint with excitement, and he was already considered to be mentally strong.

Feng Yixiu chuckled and shook his head, and said lightly: "Don't be too happy, the premise of all this is that you have to promise to become emperor..."

"No problem, let alone ascend the throne and become emperor, as long as you can become your apprentice, even if you go up the mountain of swords and go down to the sea of ​​​​fire!" Yuan Shenyu said without hesitation.

Hearing this, Feng Yixiu and Bai Long couldn't help looking at each other, and there was a wry smile on the corners of their mouths.

Even if the Sun and Moon Empire fell, it was still one of the four major empires, but Yuan Shenyu was afraid to avoid it, and even equated it with the torture of going up the knife mountain and going down the oil pan, as if being persecuted. It seems that this kid is somewhat clueless.

However, it was this kind of performance that made Feng Yixiu more firm in his inner thoughts. Once upon a time, he didn't care about the throne, and becoming Emperor Shura was just helpless.

It's just that Feng Yixiu's thinking has gradually changed in recent years. He realized the truth that with great ability comes great responsibility, and no one can stay out of trouble in a chaotic world.

"Perhaps it wasn't your original intention to become emperor, but since once you ascend to the throne, you must consider the hundreds of millions of people in the Sun and Moon Empire and make your own contribution to the world." Feng Yixiu's eyes were shining brightly. , said with a serious face.

"Master, rest assured, the disciple will definitely become an excellent emperor like you!" Yuan Shenyu nodded heavily and said loudly.

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