Chapter 2837:God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)

precepts and deeds

The three turned from the bustling commercial street to a dark barren land, surrounded by dilapidated houses built with iron plates.

There is no doubt that the place where Genjin Yu lives is located in a slum that no one cares about in Banaka City. Most of the people living here are refugees and slaves.

Although Feng Yixiu was fully prepared in his heart, he could not help but frown slightly when he entered such a poor place.

He didn't dislike this place, but he felt that Yuan Shenyu had lived in such a harsh environment for several years. No matter how miserable he was when he was young, at least he could get the care of Dean Zhou, so that he wouldn't be so miserable. Worrying about food and housing.

"Master, this is the residence of the disciple..."

Genshinyu stopped abruptly in front of a dilapidated tin house, only to see countless dilapidated patches outside the house, which was only a few square meters, and a strong smell of rust came to his face.

However, although this house is dilapidated, as if it will collapse when the wind blows, it looks quite neat and tidy, except for the smell of rust, there is no other odor.

"You are also a descendant of the royal family, so Shen Wuyue didn't come out to take care of you?" Feng Yixiu frowned slightly, and said a little angrily.

"The Great Priest Wuyue is also for the sake of his disciples, and he is also afraid of revealing my whereabouts, otherwise I would not be able to live today..." Yuan Shenyu explained with a smile.

"It's been really hard for you over the years, but you've come to the end of your hardships. In a few days, the Moonless High Priest should come to find you, and you don't need to wrong yourself any more." Feng Yixiu sighed helplessly. , said softly.

"Master, do you want to find another hotel?" Shen Wuyue asked cautiously.

"No need, although this house is not big, it can still be lived in by two people..." Feng Yixiu waved his hand casually, then looked at the person beside him, and said softly, "Shirataki, you are nearby. Find a hotel and stay!"


Shirataki bowed slightly, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

This is not because Shirataki is too squeamish, but because she is a daughter, it is naturally impossible for her to squeeze into a small room with two men.

"Don't be stunned, let's go in!"

Feng Yixiu casually opened the door curtain and strode into the small house.

The furnishings in this room are extremely simple. There is only a dilapidated wooden bed and desk, but they are neatly arranged. The quilts are stacked like tofu blocks, and the books are placed in a very orderly manner.

The details in the house can reflect the performance of a person's spiritual outlook. It can be seen that Yuan Shenyu did not resign himself during his exile, but has been strictly demanding himself.

"Master, this bed is really too small, you can just make it first, and your disciple will make a floor."

While speaking, Genshen Yu reached out to take the mat that was erected on the side, and quickly spread it on the fairly clean ground.

"Where is the need for such trouble? If the bed is not big enough, just widen it. It's not a good idea to sleep on the ground." Feng Yixiu smiled and snapped his fingers, the green dragon mark on his chest emitting a faint light.


One after another, soft vines broke out, and these emerald green vines surrounded the edge of the bed, constantly interweaving to form a soft bed.

Originally a small wooden bed that was only 1.3 meters, but in the blink of an eye, it became a large bed of 1.8 meters. The soft leaves also made the hard bed board much softer.

Yuan Shenyu looked at this miraculous operation, his eyes widened, and he muttered to himself, "This is too miraculous..."

"These are just little tricks for carving insects, and they are not worth mentioning." Feng Yixiu smiled and waved his hands, lying on the bed very naturally, and said softly: "Don't be stunned, you have been tired for a day, hurry up and rest. Bar!"

"oh oh……"

Only then did Yuan Shenyu come back to his senses, and he walked to the other side of the bed with small steps, and lay down on it lightly.

He saw that Feng Yixiu had closed his eyes to rest, and even though he didn't feel much sleepy, he still closed his eyes voluntarily.

Perhaps today is too special for Yuan Shenyu, and it is difficult to calm down in a short period of time, unable to fall asleep even after tossing and turning.

Half an hour later, Genshen Yu slowly got up, picked up a dilapidated wooden long sword, and walked out the door, actually starting to practice in an uninhabited wasteland.

"Good boy, you must be working too hard, aren't you?"

But before he practiced for too long, a familiar voice suddenly came, Yuan Shenyu turned around suddenly and saw Feng Yixiu not far away, only to see him leaning lazily under a big tree to enjoy the shade.

"I don't know why, I'm a little upset today, and I can't sleep no matter what, so I thought that it's better to practice swordsmanship, maybe I can fall asleep when I'm tired..." Yuan Shenyu scratched his head, and then said a little embarrassedly: "Could it be that Tu'er disturbed you just now, I'll go further away!"

"It's okay, I was a little sleepy as a teacher at first, but watching you practice swords like this, I was sober for a while." Feng Yixiu smiled and shook his head, and slowly approached.

"Master, is there any problem with this swordsmanship?" Yuan Shenyu asked in confusion.

"There is nothing wrong with swordsmanship. If you guess correctly, your swordsmanship is not from the folk, but from a swordsman master of the royal family. Naturally, it can be called a set of extremely exquisite swordsmanship." Feng Yixiu smiled and shook. Shaking his head, he explained, "But you have just become a source martial artist, the foundation is not yet solid, and such exquisite swordsmanship is absolutely impossible to penetrate. Besides, once you become a war spirit king, why is your spirit soldier uncontrollable? I practiced before. Martial arts other than physical skills are not only useless, but will limit future development."

"Thank you Master for your guidance. My disciple thought that being diligent would never hurt, but I never thought that I almost made a big mistake!" Yuan Shenyu was also shocked and broke out in a cold sweat, and bowed to thank him.

"Since you are my apprentice, if you don't teach you some skills in person, it would be a bit outrageous." Feng Yixiu smiled slightly, then changed the topic and asked: "But the basic martial arts of being a teacher is ancient Chinese martial arts. , I am afraid it is not the same as the martial arts of your Sun Moon Empire, are you willing to learn from scratch?"

"Of course I do, I just hope that Tu'er will not disgrace your prestige in the future!" Yuan Shenyu's pupils shrank suddenly, and the already excited he became even more excited.

Feng Yixiu nodded gratified and said in a condensed voice: "Very good... I will teach you a set of body techniques and palm techniques today. Whether it is the movement technique or the palm technique, there is a combination of hardness and softness, once the cultivation is completed, regardless of the strength of the battle spirit, it is not possible to challenge the level, at least there will be no rivals within the same level!"

"I also ask Master to enlighten me!" Yuan Shenyu clasped his fists slightly and said solemnly.

"Just practice it once for the teacher. As for how much you can comprehend, it depends on your own good fortune!"

As Feng Yixiu's cultivation became more advanced, he was able to appreciate his father's good intentions. It was not because he was impatient that he practiced once, but because he was not limited by his personal style.

Even if it is the same martial skill, people with different personalities will have different fighting styles. Once they practice many times, they will inevitably be influenced by the opponent, thus limiting their own development.

However, this kind of teaching method is limited to extremely talented people. For ordinary people, it may only have the opposite effect. After all, it is impossible for ordinary people to remember them all at once, let alone integrate their own styles.

Feng Yixiu did not start the formal exercise, but instead used his mind power to cover the surroundings, so as to avoid disturbing the rest of other residents due to too much movement.

"Boom boom boom!"

After the preparatory work was completed, Feng Yixiu started the drill, first of all, he put on the thundering Bagua palm gesture, and a looming Bagua formation appeared under his feet.

Lei Ming Bagua Zhang is one of the ancient Chinese martial arts. It focuses on being quiet like a virgin, moving like a rabbit, moving like a breeze and rain, and when it moves, it is like a thunderstorm.

The gusty thunder palms continuously bombarded the tree not far away. Even if he tried his best to restrain his strength, it still caused the tree to start shaking wildly, and countless leaves fell like rain.

The swaying leaves fluttered everywhere with the chaotic air flow, and when I saw Feng Yixiu, he took the opportunity to demonstrate the dragon stance on the wind. It's not very fast, but it is achieved that the leaves never touch the body...

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