Chapter 647:God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times

Enter the crypt

After Ye Nan killed this ninth-tier star-exalted fierce beast, the data about the material drop of the fierce beast appeared.

A smile appeared on his face, and then he left this place, after all, his main purpose for coming here was to enter the cavern.

He only hopes to be able to do something in the cave, and even after entering this cave, he will be able to return to the Dragon Emperor City.

It didn't take long before Ye Nan returned to the entrance of the crypt.

Seeing Ye Nan's return, the elder of the seventh-order Star Venerable hurriedly greeted Ye Nan and said respectfully to Ye Nan: "Master Ye Nan, are you back?"

Ye Nan nodded at the old man of the seventh-order star, and he looked at the entrance of the cave.

"I'm going to enter the crypt."

Ye Nan said to the old man of the seventh-order star.

The elder of the seventh-order Star Venerable had of course guessed that Ye Nan came here to enter the crypt, but when he heard Ye Nan say this, he couldn't help being surprised.

"Master Ye Nan, then you should be careful."

The old man of the seventh-order star said respectfully to Ye Nan.

Ye Nan entered the crypt.

After entering the cave, the first thing Ye Nan saw was a ruined city.

Looking at the dilapidated city in front of him, Ye Nan couldn't help being shocked secretly, thinking that the fierce beast industry was really good.

Before long, he saw several fierce beasts, and several fierce beasts were discussing something.

"I heard that Lord Miwang is about to break through the ninth-ranked big star- level fierce beast, it's really too powerful."

"Of course it's strong, that's Lord Miwang, you thought it was you."

"Hehehe, then I just said it casually."

Ye Nan naturally heard the comments of these fierce beasts, and he walked towards these fierce beasts.

Just when Ye Nan was about to walk in front of these fierce beasts, these fierce beasts discovered Ye Nan.

"Human, human!?"

A few fierce beasts turned pale in shock, and they quickly rubbed their eyes, just because they thought they must have seen them wrong.

But no matter how these fierce beasts rubbed their eyes, the result was the same. A human really appeared before them.

After a few seconds, these fierce beasts came back to their senses, and they sneered at the humans who appeared before them.

"Human, you dare to be in our true king's crypt, you are really looking for death!"

One of the fierce beasts spoke coldly to Ye Nan.

Ye Nan heard the words of this fierce beast, he couldn't help but laughed, "What do you think I am doing here."

Hearing what Ye Nan said, several fierce beasts were slightly startled, "Human, are you..."

"Yes, it's here to kill you."

Before the words of these fierce beasts were finished, Ye Nan shot at these fierce beasts.

How could a few fierce beasts think that Ye Nan would suddenly make a move, they only felt the unprecedented danger, and the panic was beyond the point of being added.

However, no matter how scared they are, they cannot survive. After Ye Nan's urging attack hit the bodies of these fierce beasts, the fierce beasts fell into a pool of blood, and the data of the material dropped by the beast naturally appeared accordingly.

After slaying a few fierce beasts, Ye Nan entered the ruins-like city in front of him.

It didn’t take long before Ye Nan entered the city. What Ye Nan didn’t expect was that the city’s buildings were full of gecko-like beasts. These beasts were not very big, but compared to For humans, it's a long way.

Ye Nan looked at the densely packed fierce beasts, thinking about it, let's do it.

After a while, more than a dozen fierce beasts found Ye Nan, and these fierce beasts roared at Ye Nan.


Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen fierce beasts rushed towards Ye Nan. Although the dozen or so fierce beasts are all weak and small, they have a strong sense of oppression.

After more than a dozen fierce beasts rushed in front of Ye Nan, the fierce beast in the front opened a big mouth, ready to swallow Ye Nan into his stomach in one bite.

But what made this fierce beast never thought was that when it was about to swallow Ye Nan into its stomach, it would kill it.


The fierce beast that was about to swallow Ye Nan into his stomach was directly beheaded by Ye Nan.

When the other fierce beasts saw this, they were all horrified. They never thought that the human being in front of them was so powerful. Of course, they had never seen such a powerful human.

"Human, you..."

It was another fierce beast preparing to say something to Ye Nan, but before it had finished speaking, Ye Nan attacked these fierce beasts.

Suddenly, more than a dozen fierce beasts all fell in a pool of blood.

Such a movement was of course discovered by other fierce beasts. The fierce beast came to Ye Nan's side on a large scale, and surrounded Ye Nanqi Tuantuan.


Suddenly, a Tier 3 star emperor level fierce beast rushed towards Ye Nan.

Ye Nan looked at the Tier 3 Star Emperor-class fierce beast that was coming, and he slapped it out. This palm directly slapped the cheek of this Tier 3 Star Emperor-class fierce beast.

This Tier 3 star emperor level fierce beast was slapped and smashed to the ground. It looked a bit too tragic, and there was no life fluctuation anymore.

Seeing a Tier 3 star emperor-level fierce beast was beheaded in this way, the fierce beasts surrounding Ye Nan showed a look of horror.

However, although these fierce beasts were scared, they did not back down, just because these fierce beasts knew that they surrounded Ye Nan with so many fierce beasts, and they felt that the human being in front of them would not be their opponent no matter how powerful.

I saw that Ye Nan raised his fist, his eyes were directly at these fierce beasts in front of him.

The fierce beasts in front saw the human being in front of them and raised their fists. They were all stunned. Of course, they didn't expect that Ye Nan would suddenly raise their fists.

The purpose of this human being with his fists is...

When these fierce beasts still couldn't understand, Ye Nan had already fisted at these fierce beasts!


Suddenly, a star power fist swept toward the fierce beasts in front of Ye Nan.

These fierce beasts in front of Ye Nan felt such an attack, and their pupils couldn't stop shrinking. Such an attack made them feel unprecedented danger.


Immediately afterwards, these fierce beasts in front of Ye Nan experienced violent explosions in their areas, and the data of the falling of fierce beast materials continued to appear in Ye Nan's retina.


The other fierce beasts looked at such a scene, and finally they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of air, and they would never think of such a scene anyway.

Ye Nan didn't give the other beasts a chance to escape. After beheading the beasts in front of him, he again beheaded the beasts behind him.

The beasts on the left and right have fallen in shock, and most of the beasts are limp on the ground!

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