AuthorThree golds under the pen
Num. of chapters1322 chapters
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“Didi! A corpse of Primordial Tyrannosaurus can be recovered to get 1,000,000 strengthening points. Will it be recovered?”


“Didi! You used 100,000 strengthening points, and your cultivation level began to improve. One star…two stars…three stars…”

“You used 100,000 enhancement points for a lottery draw!”

“Obtain the supreme martial arts——【Nine Sun Magic Art】!”

“Get the ancient battle to defeat the Buddha’s magical soldiers-the wishful golden hoop!”

“Get the best martial arts of the heavenly rank-[Eighteen Palms of Jianglong]!”

“Get an ancient beast——White Tiger!”


Su Ba, a fighting master who fought all over the world in his previous life, accidentally traveled through another world, determined to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts.

The system is in hand, all recycled!

Since then, his legend has been kept on the road to becoming stronger!

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