Chapter 456:Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

The First Soul Formation Cultivator among the Human Tools! (2)

Chapter 456: The First Soul Formation Cultivator among the Human Tools! (2)

In Fu Shuangni’s impression../

There seemed to be only one!

And now, she was the second!

The excitement in her heart was now displayed on her beautiful face. If it were any other time, she would be able to calm down quickly, but she could not do it now.

After breaking through to the Soul Formation stage, the joy in her heart was soaring!

At the same time, this also meant that in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, any crisis could no longer threaten her.

All her previous worries vanished into thin air along with breaking through to the Soul Formation stage. As expected, in the end, it was still true — in the cultivation world, strength was the most important thing!

As long as she was strong enough, there was nothing to be afraid of!

No matter what schemes they had, no matter what plans they had… She would break them all with one punch!

“Although I can even break through to the seventh level Soul Formation stage in the simulator, it is still in the simulator and not in the real world. However, it is different now. The current Soul Formation stage level one cultivation is in the real world!”

Fu Shuangni tried to spread out her divine sense to see how big an area she could cover.

Then, in the next moment, her divine sense covered half of the Great Yan Dynasty.

There was city after city, and there were trillions of living beings.

At this moment, a strange thought rose in Fu Shuangni’s heart — wherever her divine sense covered, she was a god!

Fortunately, this inflated thought was dispelled by her, because Fu Shuangni was very clear that she was far from the legendary Immortal God.

She was only at the first level of the Soul Formation stage. It was not to the extent of being invincible.

At the same time, Bai Yi also received his rewards, “You can get it if you lie down.”

There was no other way, who asked his Human Tools to be so great?

Fu Shuangni’s settlement reward gave him a cultivation reward of the sixth level of the Soul Formation stage!


The sixth level of the Soul Formation stage!

Bai Yi had just broken through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage not long ago. He did not even spend time to familiarize himself with how powerful the fourth level was… and he was about to break through to the sixth level of the Soul Formation stage.

Bai Yi continued to break through as usual. He was already numb to breaking through, so he could not have too many pleasant surprises.

This was because he knew… As long as his three Human Tools were still alive, as long as the three of them were still simulating Immortal cultivation.

Then he would continue to break through while lying down. He could break through without doing anything.

This was perhaps the reason why so many people were trying so hard to become capitalists!

Of course…

Bai Yi did not admit that he was a capitalist. He felt that no matter what he said… He was once a person who grew up under a red flag. How could he be called a capitalist?

Please call him an entrepreneur!

After all, those capitalists were crazy exploiters, and he treated his three Human Tools fairly well! After all, they were only in the Foundation Establishment stage not long ago, and one of them was only an Immortal cultivator in the Qi Refinement stage.

And they worked for him for less than half a year. One of them had already reached the Soul Formation stage, and the other two had also reached the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage.

Bai Yi was already very modest if he did not call himself a philanthropist!

Yes! That’s right, that’s right!

Bai Yi used the time it took to brew a cup of tea to break through from the fourth level stage all the way to the sixth level of the Soul Formation stage. After familiarizing himself with his own strength a little, he did not continue to pay attention to his own cultivation.

This was because there was nothing worth paying attention to. In any case, in a few more days, he might break through again.

He could not pay attention to his own cultivation every day, right?

He did not have the leisure time.

If other Immortal cultivators heard Bai Yi’s heartfelt words… They would probably want to beat him up.

Others might not gain anything even if they cultivated arduously for a few days.

Bai Yi could casually lie down for a few days and break through several cultivation levels!

Then, he would say something like… He did not care about his cultivation level?

Of course, others naturally would not know what he was really thinking. Moreover, no one really dared to beat him up.

Because in the entire Immortal cultivation world, not many people had the qualifications, and not many people had the strength.

The cultivation stage of the sixth level of the Soul Formation stage…

In the vast Immortal cultivation world in the real world, Bai Yi could definitely enter the top five!

The Immortal cultivators who were stronger than him definitely could not surpass or equal five!

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

[Age 16,000, ever since Qin Jiao broke through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage 500 years ago, her cultivation stage hasn’t made much progress. This made Qin Jiao so anxious that she scratched her ears and cheeks. She knew that every time she made a breakthrough, it was at the last moment. Once something delayed her cultivation progress, it would definitely be fatal for her.]

[Age 16,200, in order to improve her cultivation, Qin Jiao set her eyes on the cave abodes left by the ancient mighty figures. Qin Jiao didn’t know the exact location of the cave abodes left by the ancient mighty figures. She could only collect all kinds of ancient books and search for legends that had been circulating among the people for a long time… She tried to find the cave abodes left by the ancient mighty figures from these aspects.]

[Age 16,500, maybe her luck this time was too good, but through this very simple method, she actually found a cave abode left behind by an ancient mighty figure. That ancient mighty figure recorded all the insights he had learned in his lifetime.]

[After comprehending the insights of that ancient mighty figure, Qin Jiao had a deeper understanding of the Soul Formation stage, and her cultivation finally began to progress.]

[Age 18,000, Qin Jiao, who already felt that her lifespan was about to run out… Broke through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage! Her sudden breakthrough gave her another few thousand years of lifespan, which should have ended.]

[In the same year… Qin Jiao learned about Chen Qianxue’s ending of the simulated Immortal cultivation.]

“Chen Qianxue is gone? She’s Gone? Gone!! Hahahahaha!! Fu Shuangni is gone, Chen Qianxue is gone, doesn’t that mean that I am the only one who will live to the end? Finally… I finally became the last person to live!”

“But what was Chen Qianxue’s cultivation level before she ended her Immortal cultivation simulation… I was too excited just now and didn’t pay attention to it, let me take a look…”


“Huh?! Huh?!”

Qin Jiao face of the joy of instant solidification in the face, her expression stiff and confused.

She even stuttered and trembled as she spoke. “Soul… Soul… Eighth level of the Soul Formation?!”

Qin Jiao was stunned!

What kind of joke was this?

Chen Qianxue must have been practicing Immortal cultivation much later than Qin Jiao, right? But Chen Qianxue was already at the eighth level of the Soul Formation stage?!

And what was Qin Jiao’s cultivation level now? She had just broken through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage!

The gap between the fourth level and the eighth level of the Soul Formation stage… It was too big!

With her current strength, if she met Chen Qianxue, maybe Chen Qianxue only needed one flick… to send Qin Jiao flying!

Qin Jiao’s heart was filled with joy, but suddenly… it was as if a bucket of ice-cold water had been poured on her.

It made her listless.

“Damn it! I want to turn grief and anger into motivation! My biggest advantage now is that I’m still alive. As long as I’m alive… There are endless possibilities! Isn’t it just the eighth level of the Soul Formation stage? Give me 10,000… ahem, give me another 20,000 years!”

“I’ll break through! I’ll show you!”

Chen Qianxue did not know that she had already returned to the real world, but Qin Jiao was still talking about her behind her back.

At this moment, she was completely focused on the rewards of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

“A cultivator at the eighth level of the Soul Formation stage died and lived for more than 10,000 years…”

Chen Qianxue murmured, “I’m afraid that the settlement reward this time will also be pretty good, right?”


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