Chapter 2800:Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 5982:

"Xun'er, you go down and rest first, and leave it to me here." Long Sijue knew that she was caring and messed up. She was not suitable for asking any more. If she continued, she would only be led by this woman.

Su Qianxun glanced at Long Sijue and understood the meaning in his eyes. She also knew that she was too worried now, and it would be no good to keep asking.

With the support of her bodyguards, she went elsewhere to rest first, waiting for news from Long Sijue.

Su Qianxun didn't expect that Chu Xinian was already dead. She deserved it when she died. The bad things she did were enough for her to die at least ten times, but where is her baby?

Her hands were tightly squeezed together, and her fingers were twisting each other unconsciously, worrying beyond words.

Su Li came over and took her mother's hand.

"Xiao Li, why didn't you go back?" Su Qianxun shook his son's hand and asked with concern.

Long Sijue has arranged a bodyguard to ** his family and baby home first.

Lu Qi and Lu Boyuan accompany the baby back together.

Lu Qi is clever and smart, and Su Qianxun can be relieved with her by the baby.

"I don't want to go back, I want to stay with you." Su Li hugged her.

"Okay, then stay with mom." Su Qianxun also hugged him tightly.

"Mommy, was that lost sister lost because of me?" Su Li looked at her with a blank look in her eyes.

"Of course not. What are you thinking about? You are also a victim. You still don't know who your biological parents are. The bad guy is too bad. She ruined two families." Su Qianxun took hold. His little hand explained.

Su Li felt better when she heard this, "Mommy, I don't want to find my biological parents, I just want to be with you, don't leave me."

Su Qianxun was distressed, did he ignore him again during this time? Make him feel insecure?

"Of course I won't leave you, Xiao Li, even if you find your own biological parents in the future, you will only love you by two more people, and you will not love you less, I will still love you the same." Su How could Chihiro not love him, this child was raised by her, and the one who loved him is more important than her life.

"I know Mommy, thank you Mommy." Su Li stopped talking, but was by her side sensibly.

"Good." Su Qianxun hugged him, waiting for news from Long Sijue.

Ten minutes later, Long Sijue came back with a sullen face. Su Qianxun quickly stood up and asked nervously, "How is it? Is there any baby?"

"Xun'er, I said you don't be too anxious. That person was indeed recruited. She said that Chu Xinian told about the whereabouts of the child before he died. She said that the child was severely mutated and she was thrown into the primitive Africa. In the forest, whether it is still alive or not, no one knows now."

Long Sijue knew that this kind of thing could not be kept, and she also had the right to know the truth of the matter.

Su Qianxun was stunned when she heard what he said. She only felt that her head was swelling and her body was weak. Seeing her as if she couldn't sit still, Long Sijue quickly came over to support her.

"Xun'er, you must hold on to it. I have sent someone to find the baby. I believe she will be fine." Long Sijue also knew that his words were not credible at all, a child who was born not long ago. , Was thrown into the primeval forest, how could he survive?

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