Chapter 2801:Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 5983:

The little girl uttered animal desire again. Soon, a group of snakes crawled towards her and the lion. The little girl gave a few words, and the group of snakes turned and left to help the wolves.

The little girl began to communicate with her lion father again, and her gurgling mouth kept making sounds like beasts.

It's just because the little girl is young and her voice is very immature. It sounds a little cute.

The lion took her around the jungle two more times, and then took her back to the cave. The little ** the way also found some food.

After arriving in the cave, the little girl swiftly cut the meat from a wild boar, set fire to it and started barbecue.

The remaining meat is eaten by the male lion and the lioness. Everyone will be afraid of the ** scenes. The little girl has long been accustomed to it. She just grilled the meat on her own. When it was cooked, she began to eat the meat, and then picked up the fruit on the side. Two bites.

After eating and drinking, the little girl leaned on her lion father to sleep.

She feels that she is happy every day. She likes to be with her mom and dad. She likes to be with small animals. She doesn't like those foreign two-legged monsters.

Although it looks a bit like her.

The little girl was asleep, and suddenly a monkey came to play with her. The little girl opened her eyes sharply and rushed out of the cave. She was very fast. After a few steps, she ran up to a tree and followed the monkeys in the forest. Floating in the middle, she turned out to be faster than the monkeys, and those little monkeys could only run after her.

The little girl swung to a spring, stopped, squatted there and drank the water, lay back, looking at the blue sky and white clouds, with a smile on her mouth.

The monkeys also stopped, holding a large fruit in their hands and sending it over, and the little girl was surrounded by a group of fruits, all of which were the biggest and the best.

The little girl took a peach and started to eat it. The peach was juicy and delicious, and it was absolutely delicious.

For her, this kind of life is really too happy.

Suddenly there was a voice in the distance, and the monkeys were taken aback, and all dodged and hid.

The little girl quickly got up and quickly ran to the source of the sound. She hid behind a bush and looked at the situation in the distance.

She saw something with two legs that resembled herself walking this way. He was injured, his legs were still bleeding, and the ‘fur’ on his body was shaved and looked a little miserable.

The little girl blinked, raised the apple in her hand and took another bite. It was still big and sweet. The little monkeys treated her well and gave her the best.

Long Sijue and his men were dispersed by the pack of wolves and snakes. Those wolves and snakes seemed to be tactical, so they could only disperse first. He had already ordered his men to withdraw first.

He was forced to go in the wrong direction by the group of snakes, and now he can only continue to look forward.

Holding the weapon in his hand, he looked around to make sure that he was safe now, and he planned to rest for a while before moving on.

The little girl was gnawing at the apple, and suddenly she slipped under her feet, and she almost fell.

Long Sijue quickly raised the weapon in his hand and fired in her direction. At almost the same time, the little girl grabbed the vine on the side and flew up.

Long Sijue looked at the little girl who was flying suddenly, and was startled. He quickly put away his weapon and stared at the little girl who was flying.

"Daughter!" Long Sijue shouted out directly, this is his daughter can't be wrong!

After he yelled, the little girl stared at him angrily, apparently just shocked!

The apple in her hand was facing Long Sijue and threw it over. He quickly dodged his body. At this time, the monkeys rushed over and wanted to attack Long Sijue, but Long Sijue knew how to fight and kicked a few monkeys. After that, I didn't suffer.

The little girl looked at her little friend being bullied, but stopped doing it. She had seen this two-legged thing before, but she didn't like it at all, just wanted to drive them away!

The little girl flew towards Long Sijue and rushed over.

"Daughter, I am daddy! I am your father!" Long Sijue dodged, for fear that she would fall from the vine.

The little girl also understands this kind of two-legged words, and she can understand it simply, at least she understands the word father.

She looked at this guy's expression, it didn't seem to be hostile to herself, because she was born in the forest, she was very sensitive to hostility.

So this person is really not hostile to himself.

She looked at this man curiously, and angrily pointed at a few monkeys who had been kicked off.

"I don't want to attack them...I thought they would hurt me." Long Sijue explained to the child as he gestured.

He has determined that this is his daughter who has been lost for almost seven years.

Although the child is dark, he is very handsome, and his eyebrows are especially like Su Qianxun.

The little girl looked at his gestures and understood. She thought for a while and was sure it was so, and these two legs were not the same as those she had seen before, which seemed not to be annoying to her.

The little girl swayed a few times and suddenly jumped off from above.

Long Sijue was taken aback. He wanted to come over to pick her up. Seeing her steady, he didn't move. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm not a bad person! I won't hurt you either. It was an accident. You are my daughter." Long Sijue continued to explain to her.

But the little girl couldn't understand people, she just looked at him curiously.

Long Sijue looked at this little girl with only a few pieces of animal skins, and his heart was sour, he suddenly squatted down to tears.

Finally found their daughter, he and Xun'er's wish finally came true, finally found their daughter.

The little girl looked at the two legs squatting down with a weak look, she walked over to him cautiously, and poked him.

Long Sijue raised his head and looked at her with a smile, crying, "I'm fine, I'm so happy, I finally found you."

He stretched out his hand for fear of shocking her, so he didn't move, waiting for her to approach him.

During this time, Long Sijue had read a lot of information about wild men and orcs, so he probably knew how to communicate with them.

He guessed that his daughter might not understand him, but as long as she showed kindness, she should be able to feel it.

Sure enough, the little girl looked at him and knew that he was not threatening to herself, and seemed to like herself very much, just like Daddy Lion.

She carefully stretched out her little black hand, placed it on his palm, and quickly took it away. Long Sijue didn't move, looking at her patiently, encouraging her to reach out again.

Long Sijue waited for her patiently, motionless, and sure enough, the little girl put her hand on his palm again, and Long Sijue slowly and carefully grasped her hand, holding her little hand.

The warm package made the little girl feel so miraculous. This feeling was completely different from what she had felt before. She blinked and tilted her head to look at him.

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