Chapter 2802:Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 6121:

The warm package made the little girl feel so miraculous. This feeling was completely different from what she had felt before. She blinked and tilted her head to look at him.

"Baby, I am a father! I am the one who gave birth to you! I am not a bad person, touch it." Long Sijue held her little hand and put it on his face, letting her touch his face.

The little girl touched the face of the two-legged guy in front of her. It was warm and smooth, and the touch was the same as her own, and it was different from those animals she had encountered before.

Just when the little girl touched her face, a lion roar suddenly sounded, and Long Sijue was startled.

He looked sharply at the male lion leaning over, and his whole body became vigilant.

The little girl saw'Dad' excitedly running towards the male lion, Long Sijue's nervous hairs all stood up, but thinking of his daughter growing up in the forest, he didn't move because of the monkeys' love for her just now. Just staring at that lion.

The little girl ran up to the lion and hugged him, rubbing against his soft mane, her little face full of satisfaction.

The male lion stared at Long Sijue, rubbing the little baby by the way, sticking out his thick tongue to sweeten her little face, and the little girl was enjoying it.

Long Sijue was sure that this male lion did not pose any threat to the baby, and he should have liked the baby, so he relaxed.

When the lion saw him relax, it also relaxes, even lying down.

The little baby hugged it and looked back at Long Sijue, still curious.

Long Sijue kept looking at one person and one lion. He stretched out his hand to the little baby, "Baby, come here, come and find Dad."

The little girl looked at him suspiciously, as if she didn't understand what he was talking about, Long Sijue understood in his heart, the baby couldn't understand what she was talking at all.

She can't speak.

Think about it, too, she came to the forest at a young age, how could she understand human words?

She should be able to understand animal talk.

Long Sijue thought of this, so he sat down too, he was tired, and too tired, he looked at the baby with soft eyes, he thought if Su Qianxun was here, she would be very happy.

The Emperor paid off, they finally found the baby.

Long Sijue was in a particularly good mood when he thought of it here, and it was worth all the pain and tiredness.

The male lion was also staring at him. I don’t know why. Long Sijue always had the feeling that this lion could understand him. Could it be that the lion had become fine?

Long Sijue occasionally looked at the lion, occasionally at the baby, his eyes constantly shuttled between the two people, and finally his eyes stopped on the baby.

He looks at the baby, he should be very healthy.

How did she survive these years?

Thinking of her being protected by a monkey, he thought that the animals in this forest should have grown up protecting her.

This lion should be her most trusted animal, right?

Long Sijue suddenly thought of the wolves and snakes. He suddenly had a bold idea. Wouldn't the animals attack them only after listening to the baby's command?

He stared at the baby intently, the more he looked, the more he realized that this was the case. This is the territory of animals. They shouldn't want to be disturbed. So if someone comes, she will find a way to drive them away.

Long Sijue knew this when he thought of it. He had better let his own people out first, otherwise, he would become the enemy of the little guy.

"Baby, come over to me, okay?" Long Sijue spoke to the little baby in a gentle voice, and stretched out his hand to her.

The little girl looked at him with big eyes blinking, and continued to hold the lion without moving.

She didn't move, but the lion moved suddenly. It stood up, turned and prepared to leave.

The little girl immediately got up and rode on its back. She looked back at Long Sijue, and then the lion drove her away quickly.

Long Sijue watched his daughter be taken away by the lion, but he was relieved. He knew that all the animals here were the patron saint of the daughter, and they would guard her daughter's safety and would not expose her to any danger or grievance.

There was a sudden gunshot outside, Long Sijue was taken aback, and quickly got up and ran in the direction of the sound source.

He can't let his own people hurt the actions here. With the protection of the animals to his daughter, if the animals here are injured, the daughter will be very angry.

When Long Sijue arrived, there were a lot of wild wolves lying on the ground, and a group of wolves were watching in the distance.

Seeing him rushing back, Xu Xi rushed over excitedly, "Master, are you okay? We are all scared to death!"

"Stop it, what's going on?" Long Sijue looked at the wolves on the ground and asked nervously.

Xu Xi realized that something was not right, and watched him explain, "These wolves are different from the previous group. They are all killers for us, and we have to kill them!"

When Long Sijue heard that these dead were different from the previous ones, he felt a little more relaxed. He stepped forward and checked. These wolves were earthy gray. The previous wolves were absolutely white and gray, but their coat color was not so good. same.

"Master, there is another group over there, who attacked us before and broke us apart."

"There were no casualties, right?" Long Sijue guessed that those should be his daughter's partners.

"No, those wolves are too thief, we can't catch them at all." Xu Xi replied.

"That's fine, let's withdraw first." Long Sijue ordered.

"Huh? Withdraw? Master, don't you look for the little lady?" Xu Xi asked nervously.

"Retreat first and tell everyone that you are not allowed to hurt any animals here." Long Sijue ordered to go down.

Although Xu Xi didn't know what happened, he still steadfastly confessed to Long Sijue's orders.

All the people who were put in the forest withdrew back, leaving people around this forest, not allowing people to approach this forest, and not allowing people to harm the animals here.

Xu Xi complied with a dazed expression.

When Long Sijue returned to his residence, Su Qianxun had just coaxed the child, and no one dared to tell her what had happened just now because she was afraid she was worried.

After Long Sijue entered, he hugged her tightly. Su Qianxun was a little embarrassed by him. She looked at his excited expression, which she rarely saw.

"I saw my daughter! I saw her!" Long Sijue's voice trembled a little.

"What are you talking about, you are right!" Su Qianxun looked at him incredulously. She thought she might be dreaming, otherwise, how could she have heard him say she saw her daughter?

"It's true. I really saw my daughter. She is very beautiful and healthy now. She lives with animals. The animals are her friends. And I can tell that she is doing well." Long Si Jue was very happy to share with her about seeing her daughter.

"Really? Then why didn't you bring her back? Did she not believe that we were her parents? You take me to see her! I personally told her that I was her mother." Su Qianxun He grabbed his hand and walked out, wishing to see his daughter immediately.

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