Chapter 2803:Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

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"Really? Then why didn't you bring her back? Did she not believe that we were her parents? You take me to see her! I personally told her that I was her mother." Su Qianxun He grabbed his hand and walked out, wishing to see his daughter immediately.

"Xun'er, don’t worry, things are not what you think. The baby shouldn’t be able to speak human words now, and she’s safe with animals now. I know you’re anxious, but find her We can't do it in a hurry, we have to think of a way, and since we found her, let's do it slowly, this time we can definitely take her home." Long Sijue comforted her.

"You said how cruel that bad woman is, how can she bear to throw such a small child into such a place, if something happens to the baby, I will not let her go even if she is a ghost." Su Qianxun thought of the baby. The possible suffering in the new year is like a knife cut.

"Don't think about it, now the baby is very good, and the animals treat her very well, I guess she was adopted by a pair of lions."

Su Qianxun was even more curious when he heard this. After asking him what was going on, Long Sijue told her everything carefully.

Su Qianxun is both happy and worried when she hears this. She is very happy that her daughter is doing well now, and worried that she lives with animals. Is there really no danger?

But it's the same when I think about it again. It's really useless for her to worry about it now, and she should be worried. Since the baby can survive in this sinister forest till now, she definitely won't let herself be in danger. .

Thinking of this, she was happy.

Long Sijue and Su Qianxun talked about the baby for a while, and Su Qianxun said that he wanted to go to the forest to find the baby. She felt that women would make the animals more relaxed, and the babies should like her more.

How could Long Sijue let her take this risk, saying that he didn't agree with anything, he absolutely couldn't let her in the slightest danger.

Su Qianxun also knew there was danger, but now everything blocked her from thinking about the baby.

She kept begging Long Sijue, and even pumped the milk for her little daughter. She kept it for several days. Now she wants to find her daughter herself.

As Long Sijue listened to her non-stop prayers, he also began to hesitate. On the one hand, he was afraid that she would be in danger. On the other hand, he felt that the animals here were spiritual because of the baby and would not harm humans.

Even yesterday's wolves just scared them, rushed them away, and drove them out.

"Ajue, you must let me go, I must go find my daughter."

"I'll go with you!" Long Sijue also knew that if he didn't get his daughter back, neither he nor her would be at ease.

Seeing that he had agreed, Su Qianxun almost jumped up happily, hugged him and kissed him, and planned to talk to Xiao Niannian and Su Li first.

Su Li heard that he really found his sister, and he also thought it was amazing and looked forward to seeing her again.

He said that he would take good care of the little sister at home, so that they can find the elder sister at ease.

Seeing that he is so behaved, Su Qianxun touched his head with satisfaction. After the husband and wife packed up their things, they set off for the forest.

Seeing that Su Qianxun was here, Xu Xi quickly walked over to say hello to the two of them.

Long Sijue hadn't told others about seeing his daughter before. Now he told Xu Xi and his subordinates. They all felt very happy. Everyone saw hope and became more motivated.

Everyone hopes to get Missy back soon.

Long Sijue and Su Qianxun decided to enter the mountain alone. Xu Xi was worried and had to follow. Long Sijue stopped him. He felt that the fewer people in this forest, the better.

Animals are very vigilant. Once there are too many people, bad things will happen.

Xu Xi also knew this was the truth, but if he left it alone, he would still feel at a loss.

Since Long Sijue and Su Qianxun had already made a decision, they would not change it anymore. They only took some water and food and went in.

The road in the virgin forest is not easy to walk. After walking for a while, Su Qianxun’s skirt was scratched, and blood was scraped out in some parts of his skin. Long Sijue felt sorry for her, but Su Qianxun refused to give up. Say nothing to go back.

Long Sijue wanted to carry her.

"I can go by myself, you don't care about me." Su Qianxun didn't want to look too delicate.

"You have a little weight. It's no different if I don't carry anything. When I was training, I used to carry two hundred catties of sandbags. Come on." Long Sijue insisted on carrying her.

Seeing that he said nothing, Su Qianxun refused to let himself walk again, and didn't want to waste any more time, so he lay on his back.

The two people walked for a while and did not find any trace of the animal. Su Qianxun was surprised and asked softly, "Why don't the animals come out now? Where did they go?"

She was afraid and longing in her heart. She was afraid of these beasts and longed to see these animals who had been with the baby for several years.

She wants to know how the baby has lived in recent years.

I want to see what these friends of the baby look like.

"Maybe the baby knew that we were coming, so he let them hide first, for fear of scaring us." Long Sijue explained to her with a smile.

Su Qianxun felt very happy after hearing this, and accepted this explanation very happily.

Long Sijue had just finished explaining, and suddenly there were sounds in all directions, and the two people stood still. Soon, the rustling around them became louder and louder, and animals were all around, surrounding them in a group.

After seeing these animals, Su Qianxun was completely messed up, in all directions, a team of lions, a team of wolves, a team of monkeys, a snake in one place, a tiger on the other side, and all kinds of weird animals. It's like entering the scene of the forest meeting by mistake.

Even so, she was anxiously looking for that little figure, hoping to see that little figure, however, there was no daughter in the animal queue of this team.

Just when Su Qianxun was anxious, a male lion rushed out like the wind, with a small figure on its back. The figure became clearer and clearer, and finally appeared in Husband and Wife Two. In the sight of people.

Su Qianxun saw that little figure, and his eyes slowly turned red. It was her daughter who could not be wrong. This is their daughter!

"Baby, you can't be wrong with a baby!"

Su Qianxun looked at the small dark figure, only a pair of big eyes were shining, which was so beautiful in her eyes.

"Baby, I am mom! I am your mom! Come here!" Su Qianxun stretched out his hand to the baby anxiously.

The little girl tilted her head and looked at the two legs that were different from those she had seen before. The position of her chest suddenly felt very different. She crawled off the lion and slowly walked towards Su Qianxun... …

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