Chapter 947:Heavenly Dao Formula


Li finally understood the source of that unease.

She shouted at Xia Fan, trying to break free from Heaven's acceptance, but the upload was at the last moment, no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't move a step, and she couldn't make any sound.

Soon, her consciousness quickly flew into the sky with a blue light.

Before all his thoughts solidified, Li saw the outline of a face emerge from the black curtain above the silver ball.

It was vaguely the appearance of Xia Fan.

He opened his mouth as if to say "I'm sorry".

Then the warm heaven embraced her.

"All the warriors have been uploaded to Heaven, and there are no traces of living beings within ten miles!" Sikong said loudly.

But she didn't get a response for a while.

"Xia Fan... Xia Fan!"

It was only then that Xia Fan came back to his senses, "I see. It will be implemented as planned, and the next million years will be handed over to you."

"Don't worry, I will serve humanity until the last moment."

For the first time, Think Control no longer calls them synthetics, but treats them as a legitimately born human being.

"Okay, hurry up and act!" An urged, "If you let the chaotic entity continue to toss like this, the moon may not last until it falls to the ground!"

If you want the moon to collide with the earth before it is torn apart by the Roche limit, the orbiting time must be reduced, and it is best to hit it vertically. Originally, the moon was propelled by the core material ejected by itself. This condition is naturally satisfied, but the two chaotic entities with relative masses comparable to the planet are competing with each other, which is equivalent to weakening the strength of the moon guard, which will also increase Roche accordingly. extreme distance.

In other words, objects with weaker internal gravity are more likely to be torn apart.

The Homecoming Plan requires that the Earth and Moon must collide as a whole.

Only in this way can there be enough energy to reshape the earth in one fell swoop, and at the same time destroy all the evil inundation areas entrenched on the earth.

Once the moon is torn apart and then falls to the earth, the destruction will be greatly reduced, and as long as some evil spirits survive, it will be a huge threat to the migrants.

Xia Fan turned his attention to the will of the world, "You said that I can't win the chaotic entity, it's not a wrong judgment, but I don't need to win it. Look good, this is the result of my choice."

When he said this, a dazzling silver light suddenly erupted from his body. The light was even more eye-catching than the sun. It instantly dispelled all the darkness and enveloped the chaotic entity!

Xia Fan used all his energy to activate the power of Moon Shadow Temple.

And this time, instead of opening the channel to go where, he sent all the chaotic entities to the past.

This ray of light expanded rapidly, and soon crossed the earth, flew over Saturn, and even spread to the edge of the solar system!

Under the silver light, chaotic entities were illuminated from the hidden void, and then dimmed one by one, just as Ann had experienced. This is not an attack against them, but causally cutting off the formation of chaotic entities, and the universe has many branches in an instant, but in any case, the chaotic entities entrenched in the solar system in this world will return to zero, and those heavy The consciousness attributed to human beings will also be recorded by the heaven, leaving a place in the new world.

An Zhao nodded to the two of them, then opened his arms, calmly welcoming the silver light.

Humans need a leader to rebuild civilization, and she will take up this responsibility.

The will of the world finally understands why the other party will be sure to send the spacecraft out of the solar system but will not be attacked by the enemy. Unfortunately, it is too late. Summoning the black gate is the last blow it has made with all its qi, plus the structure of the moon. It quickly disintegrated under the violent earthquake and eruption, and its body was unable to maintain normal operation.

It released the bondage, released the souls of all listeners together, and watched these condensed qi fly to heaven.


"If crushing these souls can turn the situation around, I will definitely do it." World Will snorted coldly, "Since it's pointless to do anything, it's better to send them to the new world. After all, they They were my siblings and part of the order I built."

Xia Fan wanted to say something, but finally closed his mouth.

"Do you want to see me regretting it? Even if I do it again...I will still make the same choice." It closed its eyes in disdain and turned into smoke in the collapse of Shangyuan City, "Remember human beings, We'll see you when you build your new shelter...I'm waiting for that day..."

"There are only two of us left," Sikong said.

Her body has been destroyed in the disintegration of the earth, and now only a few parts of the sky eye remain.

"Yeah." Xia Fan couldn't help but feel a little emotional, the homecoming plan has finally reached the last step, and the moon guard at this moment is like a candle in the wind. Due to the disappearance of the gravity created by the shelter and the escape of the atmosphere, the sky is full of floating trees. with house debris. The sea in the distance has become a tall and straight mountain, its peak is pointing straight to the direction of the earth, and it is constantly turned into a spray of steam due to the collision with the atmosphere.

The habitat that human beings have relied on for thousands of years is about to be destroyed.

But its destruction means a new beginning.

"It's time for you to leave. If you stay any longer, you may be caught by the earth's gravity."

Thinking is as brittle as paper in such an impact, so it must stay in a high orbit to avoid being affected by the lava rubble thrown by the earth. For quite some time in the future, Earth may even have suspended debris belts like Saturn's rings.

"hold on."

"What are you waiting for?" Xia Fan was puzzled. "If you use energy to change course, I'm afraid it won't last for ten thousand years."

"I'll see it soon." Sikong insisted.

See? What does she want to see?

As soon as this doubt emerged, a blue boundary line appeared at the junction of heaven and earth.

It's so wide that it almost takes up the entire field of view.

That is the homeland of mankind...the Earth.

This blue arc rose quickly, and soon it took up a quarter of the sky, and the two were so close together that it even gave the feeling that they were about to be attached. Since Xia Fan is still emitting a strong silver light, the earth's atmosphere is also reflected brightly, which hinders the vision to a certain extent, but even so, the two can still see the surging ocean and the emerald-green continent under the atmosphere. .

"Does it look like a sunrise?" Sikong laughed.

Xia Fan nodded involuntarily.

"I'm starting to understand a little bit about the irrational behaviors of human beings," Sikong said softly, "because some things are really worth taking risks."

"...Go." Xia Fan said slowly.

"Well, goodbye."

A flash of fire suddenly appeared in the sky.

It was the tail flame from the Sky Eye After watching the meteor disappear into the starry sky, Xia Fan fully opened his body and wrapped the earth under him. At the same time, the heaven is also shrinking and shrinking, until it becomes equivalent to a fist. In this high-density form, its outer layer can be regarded as a degenerate state, and its hardness is far superior to any material on the earth, which is enough to withstand the high temperature brought by the impact. with high pressure.

In addition, Xia Fan uses his body as a shield, so that a considerable part of the land in the Shangyuan City area will be preserved, and will not be shattered in the impact.

And those permanent fortifications buried deep in the ground store the necessary resources for human recovery.

After half an hour, the Earth completely occupied the lunar sky.

The last time the two were this close was when they were separated.

Now it seems as if time has been turned back, and history has come to the moment before the birth of all things.

With an inaudible loud noise, the moon dragged a shining silver flame and crashed into the depths of the ocean. On this land that had been dead for many years, a huge wave was once again set off!

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