Chapter 948:Heavenly Dao Formula


Four million years later.

"All indicators of the incubator are normal."

"The brain waves matched the characteristics of consciousness, and the mental state was stable."

"Allow to wake up."

"Waking up..."


The culture medium quickly receded, and Li opened his eyes as the glass hatch lifted up.

Everything in front of him is very familiar, the white straight walls, the luminous ceiling, just like what he saw in the escape tower. If it weren't for the awkward feeling she felt when she injected her thoughts, she would even think she was back in the days when she first entered the patio.

But she understands that these are illusions caused by deja vu.

Although she had no recollection of what happened after being brought into Heaven, she was completely awake when she changed her body. And in the process, her consciousness also received some information from the outside world, telling her that human beings have landed on the earth safely. It has lasted more than four million years, and the great recovery started 30,000 years ago, and now the land has been For large life to survive.

This period of time was too long, and Li didn't have the impression of a long sleep, so that she did not respond to this message.

Li raised his arm and looked at it for a moment.

There is still a little orange broth left on it.

It seems that no limbs are damaged, and there is no discomfort all over her body, but she always feels that there is something different. As a senior executive of the bureau, she naturally knows most of the contents of the homecoming plan, including the part of body remodeling. Heavenly Court can only record data, but there is no way to convert data into human beings, so it is necessary to use the technology of escape tower to cultivate a living body that can carry consciousness, and then inject everyone's memory into it. Before the plan was launched, Sikong moved many of the equipment in the patio to Shangyuan City and buried it in the ground, in order to bring it back to Earth safely.

Now that she can stand here, it means that the plan has been very successful so far, but why does it feel so weird?

As if something was missing.

That's all, let's go out and take a look first.

After stepping out of the breeding cabin, Li quickly saw the clothes prepared for him, a set of tops and long skirts strung together by leaves and vines.

Shoes are also woven from hay.

She raised her eyebrows, the last time she wore such simple clothes was probably back in the time of wandering.

But Li didn't care about this little problem.

After she got dressed, she walked out of the training room.

Outside is a narrow walkway with many doors on both sides, but all of them have red lights.

There is no doubt that those rooms are also cultivation rooms.

Are you the one who wakes up first?

Li walked about 100 meters along the corridor and found an old elevator at the end. She was already very good at operating this kind of thing, so she walked into the ladder without hesitation and pressed the up button.

The top floor was an airtight room, but the door was unexpectedly half-open.

This shows that there is no need for sealing inside and outside.

After hesitating for a moment, she stepped forward and pushed the hatch open, and a slightly damp breeze suddenly rushed towards her.

Li's eyes widened slightly.

I saw a vast green world presented in front of me. The grassland underfoot stretched until it was blocked by the dense jungle. The tall and straight trunks were as high as seven or eight floors, and the huge leaves clustered one after another, forming a cloud-like canopy.

And further afield are rolling hills, many hills are still smoking thick smoke, it seems that the fire just went out.

It was a sight that had never been seen in a shelter.

"The oxygen content of the new world is higher, so the animals and plants will be bigger." Suddenly someone said.

Li turned his head and found that the speaker was An. She was wearing a white lab coat specially designed for researchers, sitting on a reclining chair, with a pair of large sunglasses hanging on her face, looking extra leisurely.

The years have left no traces on her, and she is still the same young face.

"I thought you had..."

"Is it turned into dust?" An pouted, "Then I might as well become a chaotic entity, at least I can live forever."

"Uh... so you are now..."

"It's not me, it's us." She looked at the fox demon, "I improved the things left by the escape committee, so that the bodies born in the future are no longer pure living organisms."

"Me too?" Li touched his ears in surprise, at least the feeling was still soft, the same as before. If that person touched it, he would definitely say the same...

Wait, who is that person?

"Yes, I inserted the bio-electronic machinery and reserved an external interface." An shrugged and said half-jokingly, "The chaotic entity proves that the path of psionic ascension will not work, and I am now the support of the mechanical ascension faction. the person."

Li didn't answer, she tried to capture the thought, but found it disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

"Master Li!"

Suddenly someone shouted.

She followed the sound and found that Shan Hui was running towards her excitedly.

"Why are you all dressed differently?" Li asked Ann.

"Because of limited supplies, one set of clothes is less than the other. That's four million years, so I can't wear straw clothes for research, right?" An Xin said rationally, "These pure natural green clothes are not so bad, at least It's sewn with modern technology and there's absolutely no problem with durability."

"Master Li, you're finally awake!" Shan Hui came to her side wagging his tail, "When Your Excellency An said that your mental state was unstable, I was worried that something was wrong with you, but now I'm finally relieved!"

"It's been said that you shouldn't use the title of Your Excellency," An impatiently waved his hand, "This is a new era, you won't plan to follow the historical process again, right?"

"The mental state is unstable... What's going on?" Li wondered.

Shan Hui suddenly closed his mouth.

"By the way, UU Reading Let's go and see the camp that everyone has built. There are many acquaintances waiting for you there." An changed the topic.

"That's right, that's right, I was just about to tell you this!" Tengu quickly replied, "Although the new home is only a prototype, everyone has already regarded it as the new Jinxia City."

And the camp was not far from where she woke up.

Or the basement cultivation room is the center of the camp.

Just as he walked around the stone pillar at the entrance, Li saw a lively scene. Many thatched houses are scattered on the grassland, and there are wooden towers like outposts around. People shuttle among them, some weave nets, some burn bricks, just like a tribe. However, if you look closely, you will find that there is something strange inside.

For example, it is not fire that is used to burn bricks, but a magic weapon.

The nets are not plant stalks, but... goat demon hair.

Who is the one who is carrying the big tree trunk thicker than a person in and out? The person in charge of the dignified privatization department has also started to work hard like everyone else at the moment, but it seems that he is enjoying the process quite a bit when he is busy and shouting.

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