Chapter 950:Heavenly Dao Formula

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Li couldn't help but be a little dumbfounded. After a while, he asked, "Everyone built this... How long has it been?"

"It's only about two months. Before that, Your Excellency An has been taking care of everyone." Shan Hui replied respectfully, "I heard that she has been busy for nearly 100,000 years, and the equipment brought out from the escape tower is now More than half of them are back up and running."

"How many people have woken up now?"

"Not much, just about three hundred or so, most of them are members of the bureau."

"Why, is there something wrong with Heavenly Court?"

"That's not true." Shan Hui explained, "There are not many resources left to synthesize our body, so it takes time to accumulate. Besides, if millions of people come out, we can't support them. And many people still do not protect themselves. Capable civilians, so Your Excellency An prioritized us as the first awakening objects."

"Self-defense?" Li heard something wrong, "Isn't the evil spirit eradicated?"

"As long as there are living beings who can feel qi, evil will definitely exist. But that's all in the future. At least we haven't found the existence of evil-infested areas yet." Shan Hui paused, "The threat comes from other things. The place is not like a sanctuary, how can I put it, it's weird..."

weird? how come?

Shouldn't this be the homeland of human beings?

Wait... I have never set foot on the earth, why do I have such an idea?


A sudden howl interrupted Li's thoughts.

She looked up at the source of the sound, and was surprised to find that a huge fish was flying in the air! Its belly is incomparably wide, covered with scales that shimmer with metallic luster, and from time to time lightning strikes like lightning on the ground, causing sparks in the trees below!

If it smashed down, it would be enough to grind the camp they built to the ground.

"No, I can't let it fly over!" Li subconsciously reached out and touched her arms, but suddenly realized that this was not a shelter, and she didn't have any talismans and copper wire pendants.

"Don't worry, this is the dragonborn who are driving the prey." Shan Hui said.

Sure enough, two quadruped dragons appeared on the left and right of the giant flying fish. Looking at the shape of the horns and the color of the dragon scales, Li felt inexplicably familiar.

"Taxis and Olina?"

"That's right." Shan Hui smiled.

I saw the two flexibly dodging the lightning while using the dragon's breath to force the flying fish to keep approaching the village.

When the two sides approached two or three hundred meters, suddenly countless chains rushed up from the ground, trapping the giant strange fish in the air! Not only that, but the chain quickly fell, trying to pull it to the ground. The latter struggled desperately and let out a deafening roar, and the lightning blasted even scalded the chain red!

That is the ability of the lock weaver Yan Qing.

Li was stunned.

What kind of person is Yan Qing? The former Privy House Qingjian reached the feather level in the later period, but such a strong man actually formed a stalemate with a fish?

At this moment, a woman in white jumped up from Olina's back, and a golden long sword condensed in her hand.

The long sword slashed, and the golden light swept the flying fish up and down, and then submerged into the earth.

In the next second, a bright red crack appeared on the fish's head, blue blood shot up into the sky, and the flying fish lost the strength to struggle, and fell heavily to the ground. The sound of the impact made Li feel the ground tremble a few times.

The people in the village suddenly cheered and rushed towards the place where the fish landed.

"Let's go too, this week's meals are all on it!" Shan Hui licked his lips and said.

Li finally understood what the strangeness of the other party was.

This kind of "wide-body whale" that can fly in an anti-gravity attitude and can discharge electricity is definitely not a creature in the shelter! Although the other party is the prey, the hunters are all above the level of Qingjian. If they are ordinary people, I am afraid that in turn, they will become the food for the fish to fill their stomachs!

Li Gang walked up to the big fish, and the woman in white who was cutting the fish with a flying sword was stunned when she saw her, and then happily stepped forward and hugged her, "You finally woke up."

"Miss Luo..." Li murmured. A blank space appeared again in her head. It was obvious that this person should be very familiar, but why did she feel that she had been separated from the other party for a long time? three years? Five years... No, I shouldn't have seen it for a long time, but why can't she remember the reason?

"Isn't this Li?" Taksis also stepped forward to meet her, "It's great that you're fine."

"Where's Ning Wanjun? She's been talking about Li for a long time."

"Should we train the Velociraptor in the east of the village? I'll inform her right away."

"Now everyone is finally here..."

"Little Xiaoli isn't there yet?"

"What are you thinking, the awakening child must be a little later."

Looking at Luo Qingqing, Taksis and the others in front of him, Li felt that all his memories were converging in that blank space. In an instant, a sharp pain penetrated into his heart, and at that moment, the appearance of a man appeared. in the mind

Memories flooded in like a tide.


Those were the last words she heard.

Li only felt that her body froze, and the icy darkness swallowed her.

"She's down!"

"Hurry up and notify Yanyue"

"Miss Yan can't help, call An Lai!"

These noisy voices gradually faded away, but they seemed to be lingering around all the time.

Li didn't know when he would wake up again.

But judging from the sky, it was already a late night full of stars.

She opened her eyes, sat up silently, and someone immediately noticed the situation beside her.

"Li woke up."

"As I said before, her mental fluctuations were too great before uploading, and accidents would inevitably occur. There is nothing wrong with her body." An reached out and touched her forehead, "How do you feel now?"

"Xia Fan..." She didn't answer, but looked at An Dao, "Is he... not here anymore?"

"Do you remember everything?"

Li nodded.

"Is that so..." An was silent for a while. "He really didn't enter the heaven. If he hadn't sacrificed himself to protect these devices, we would only be a pile of data now."

In an instant, an indescribable sadness rushed into Li's heart, and the surprise of seeing the new world and his partners disappeared without a trace, leaving only the coldness and numbness.

If he's gone, what's the point of the long time in the future?

"Cough," An suddenly changed the conversation, "but not in Heaven doesn't mean Xia Fan is dead."

Hearing this, Li immediately sat up.

She grabbed Ann's hand. "What the ** is going on? Do you know where he is?"

"Okay, just say it directly." Ning Wanjun crossed her arms and said, "Isn't it more exciting to be surprised?"

"This matter is not completely certain, what if something goes wrong?"

"Anyway, I believe he won't die so easily. If nothing else, the guy's luck has been amazing."

"So the others are now..." Li said impatiently.

An pointed to the top of his head, "During four million years, the communication module of the escape tower will always receive a quantum signal one after another, with an average interval of 1500 years. These signals are all modulated and quite regular. More importantly, it came from an abandoned space station, where it is impossible to know the quantum resonance frequency of the escape tower, so I speculate that the transmitter is related to Sikong. Sikong is the last person with Xia Fan. "

"One thousand five hundred years?"

"Well, contact requires energy, and it can't last forever. Besides, this period of time is quite long for the space station, and all resources are used to keep it running, so this brief signal is likely to be a test." Tan Shou said, "Unfortunately, our communication module is only a spare part attached. Unless we can build a new thinking control system, we can't decipher the content of quantum communication. But this does not mean that we can't send back messages, as long as we switch here when contacting Quantum strings, you will definitely be able to sense them there.”

Li realized the key point, "When was the last subpoena?"

"One thousand three hundred and twenty-five years ago."

"In other words, we will know the answer in one hundred and seventy-five years." Luo said gently and calmly that after the remodeling, she no longer needs to wear a blindfold, and her deep eyes are full of conviction , "I still owe him a thank you."

"Or more." Taxis said coldly.

Luo Qing's expression didn't change, but there was a very faint blush on his cheeks.

"I... continue to decompose the mackerel."

"Anyway, that's the way it is. UU Reading" An rubbed his forehead, "I didn't say it at first, because I thought it would be a bad thing to lose memory. More than a hundred years is not a bad thing for a mechanical ascender. It's been a long time, but it's a pretty tough time in people's memory. I just didn't expect you to remember it so quickly."

Li lowered his ears, "So that's what happened..."

"Of course, you can also choose to continue to sleep until the day when the matter is verified." An continued, "This will consume part of the energy of the escape tower equipment, but I believe everyone will have no opinion..."

"No, that's fine." Li shook his head, his ears pricked up again, "You said before that it was up to you to wake up, right? The reason why I woke up must have been to see him earlier, even if I remembered it. Same goes for missing that part of the game. So I'm going to be here waiting for him. Whatever the outcome, I want to be the first to know."

Just like when Xia Fan woke up from a serious injury in Qingshan Town.

She believes that one day they will meet again.

in this new home. .

End of volume ten

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