Chapter 1706:Hollywood Hunter

: Red Dust Drunk

"...It's not a lack of communication, Bill...I can only say that the Westeros system will only choose political allies that are good for the Federation and's two conditions, for the Federation, and for Westeros Lowe, Bill, I'm not talking empty words about the former, if the Federation is a big ship, I'm the most difficult passenger to escape on this ship, so I will never hope that this big ship will welcome its own 'Titan' Nick's moment... This is not something that can be made clear on the phone, maybe there will be time in the future, we will talk face to face... By the way, I am entertaining some guests here, Hilary happens to be there, do you want to talk to her... Um ...that's it, goodbye..."

On 68th Street on the Upper East Side, in the penthouse duplex that was purchased earlier.


Simon hung up the phone with Mr. President, leaned his head back on the sofa, and slowly sighed in relief. After a while, he raised his feet and picked the woman in front of him to one side, stood up, sorted his clothes, and said, "Later you Come out again."

Open the study door.

In addition to Carmen Keith, who is at the door, there are three girls who are eye-to-eye with the tall girl, Yevgenia Korkoshko, Natalia Ludayeva and Yeka Terina Noskova, three of Simon's first batch of shallots gathered in Ukraine.

Relying on Simon's relationship, the fathers of the three daughters are also the best-developed upstarts in Ukraine.

Yevgenia Korkoshko's father, Vladimir, who is now the governor of Rivne State, came to the United States to participate in business negotiations this time, and was downstairs at this time.

Natalia Ludayeva's uncle, Alexander Ludayev, is in charge of the Rivni Media and Entertainment Group and belongs to the public opinion mouthpiece of the Rivne gang.

Ekaterina Noskova's father, Maxim Noskov, manages the Eastern European Fertilizer Industry Group invested by the Westeros system. The company's expansion tentacles have spread to Eastern European countries outside Ukraine. .

Or because of Simon's relationship, the three small water onions are already involved in the affairs of the Rovno gang. Except for Noskova, who is not on good terms with her father, the other two women's work also cooperates with their fathers.

As if nothing had happened, Simon closed the study door behind him, and Simon looked at the three girls who were clearly dressed up today, and said with a smile, "Blocking the door is not a good habit."

When Simon came out, the three girls ignored Carmen and rushed to the man. Liudayeva and Norskova grabbed Simon's left and right positions and held his arms. If you can get close, you can only rush to talk: "Simon, what are you doing?"

Taking the three girls to the stairs, Simon said, "Call Mr. President."

This reason immediately dispelled the doubts of the three girls, and cleverly stopped asking, Liudayeva clenched her arms around the man, her beautiful eyes: "Simon, you haven't been to Rivni for a long time, um... I mean, are you free tonight?"

Simon felt the daughter Xiang of the girls around him, and looked regretful: "No, I have to fly to Canada in the afternoon."

The three girls let out a small sigh of disappointment together.

Noskova did not give up, and tentatively said: "Simon, can we be together, have we been there before?"

"Not this time."

At the entrance of the stairs, he grabbed Korkoshko who was walking in front, turned his head, and tried to seduce: "Simon, we have specially selected a few new waitresses to come to the United States together. If we can go to Canada, they can also bring them with us. Come on."

Norskova added, as if taking credit: "They're all beautiful."

"That's it," Simon expressed interest: "Send them here and give them to Carmen, and I'll take them with me when I go to Canada."

Noskova blinked: "What about us?"

"Forget it, next time."

Lyudaeva, who was hanging on the other side of Simon, was pitiful: "Simon, you are too hateful."

After speaking, they quickly came to the reception hall downstairs. In addition to the Ukrainian group, they also invited many other guests to accompany them. Everyone was in groups and it was very lively.

Simon lowered his head and kissed the taller Liudayeva on the raised cheek, and said, "Since you come to the United States, you can have a good time with yourself for a few days, so there is no need to follow me. Well, you have to entertain the guests, be good."

Just as he was talking, seeing Simon coming downstairs, Victor Pinchuk greeted him with a smile, and when the three girls reluctantly walked away politely, the two talked about the planned integration of three large infrastructure groups in Ukraine.

The Rovno family, the Odessa family.

The last one will be assigned to the Kyiv family, and naturally the president's family will take over.

After talking for a while, just as he was about to give Simon to other guests wisely, Pinchuk stopped again and asked, "Simon, what about the President's wife, she was still there just now?"

Simon nodded slightly to Rudy Giuliani, the current mayor of New York who came over, and said casually: "Maybe go to the bathroom, look for it."

After speaking, he turned to Giuliani: "Rudy, nice to meet you."

"Simon, it's my honor to receive your invitation."

Rudy Giuliani said with emotion in his heart.

In fact, the two met very early. In the 1980s, Giuliani was the prosecutor of the New York Southern District Court in charge of financial crimes, and a young man who was just starting out made a lot of money with a short operation in the 87 stock market crash. Unimaginable more than one billion dollars has naturally become Giuliani's target.

Later, Giuliani's New York mayoral campaign was also attacked by Simon.

However, Giuliani finally got what he wanted. In 1993, he faced off against the former mayor David Dinkins again. Because Dinkins was concerned about the relationship with the Westeros system, he took the initiative to make a cut, and Simon also simply pulled away. It turned out that Giuliani won the election.

It is now in Giuliani's second term.

Because of the contact, Simon has long known that Giuliani is a typical politician who is very good at seeing the wind.

Simon likes politicians who can see the wind.

Just like the second confrontation with Dinkins, Giuliani directly pointed the finger at Simon, Dinkins's back-to-back sponsor, but after taking office, the new mayor never again targeted the Westeros system. .

Not only that, but also took the initiative to show affection in private.

One of them is very interesting. After Giuliani came to power, he launched the "New Life Movement" in the Big Apple area, focusing on cracking down on places such as pier gangs and underground nightclubs that affected the security of the region. Many famous nightclubs with a long history in New York were closed for this reason.

However, there was an exception.

That night club is called 'Tunnel'.

Emma Treston, who was envied and hated by countless New York girls, met Simon there.

The 'tunnel' nightclub renovated by using an abandoned train station in the lower city, according to Giuliani's 'new life movement' standard, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is full of five poisons. However, because Simon once visited this place, many other nightclubs have recently It has been banned for several years, but the tunnel is still in continuous operation, and it is becoming more and more popular.

As for Simon's reason, it's not speculation, but Giuliani chatting with James Raybold in person at a party.

In short, it was the combination of various signs that this time Giuliani was invited by Simon.

Perhaps this person also saw the recent news and accurately sensed the change in the political operation strategy of the Westeros system. Giuliani, who is only 56 years old this year, clearly has no plans to retire from politics after this term is over.

It was just a contact, and the two sides had a good chat, but Simon had no idea of ​​funding each other for the time being.

Not because of past grudges.

It is no longer in the same plane, and Simon has never been a person who cares about everything. The problem is, if someone just wants to get support from Simon, it's too foolish.

Simon has always adhered to the principle of "paying for something in return".

I only stayed at the reception for an hour, and everyone who was supposed to greet them greeted them. At one o'clock in the afternoon, Simon left early, and the others continued to entertain. The housekeeper Angore Davis would take care of them.

Drive to the East Coast headquarters of Daenerys Entertainment on 66th Street on the Upper West Side, where the afternoon schedule is scheduled.

Entering the office building with his entourage, just as he was about to step into a special elevator, a female voice chased after him: "Mr. Westeros..."

Turning to look, it was Brooke Shields.

Signaling that the bodyguard who reached out his hand subconsciously does not need to stop him, Simon walked into the elevator and motioned for the other party to follow, and asked with a smile, "Which floor are you going to?"

"The ninth floor," Bo Ji Xiaosi replied, facing the man next to her, with a surprise on her face: "It's really you, Simon, I didn't expect to meet you today, it must be my lucky day."

As he spoke, he covered his chest, and he was panting a little because he had just chased after him quickly.

Simon looked at the woman beside him, Bo Ji Xiaosi was wearing a black leather jacket today, dark blue jeans with slightly flared trousers, and black high heels. She is slender and 35 years old, she has long lost the greenness in "Pretty Baby", and she looks full of power.

Bo Ji Xiaosi glanced at the cold female assistant who was pressing the elevator button, withdrew her gaze, felt the look of the man beside her, and moved forward slightly to give the man a better angle, while meeting her gaze: "I ...Simon, I'm auditioning for a movie, how about you?"

Simon jokes: "I'll probably be sitting behind the audition table."

Brooke Xiaosi was stunned for a moment, then realized that the man was joking with her, and laughed: "It's just a TV movie, you definitely won't pay attention to Simon."

"Not necessarily," Simon asked. "What's the name?"

Brooke Shields seemed a little embarrassed: ""Female Agent".

Simon remembered that there was such a project at DHO. He had seen the plan, with a budget of 8 million US dollars, telling the story of a recruited female criminal team acting as a special agent to save the world.

A low-profile version of Charlie's Angels.

To put it bluntly, it is selling meat.

However, as long as this type of film is done with a little care, although the theater chain is destined to be hopeless, it is more than enough to make money through DHO and Blockbuster, two major home entertainment channels under Daenerys Entertainment.

Because it is really suitable as a leisure time to play light and shade.

Thinking of this, he glanced at the tall woman beside him again, and Simon smiled and said, "You are neither a femme fatale nor a secret agent, and you are not suitable for this movie."

When Brooke Xiaosi heard the words, she opened her mouth slightly, her expression resentful and aggrieved.

A certain young tycoon in Hollywood has spoken like this, does he still need to audition?

Still said: "Always try it, the agent has arranged it."

Bo Ji Xiaosi, who became famous as a teenager, has never been the mainstream in the North American entertainment circle. Now the coffee position is only an ordinary third-tier, and he has basically given up the cinema film circle. In recent years, he has been running his own TV business with stumbling.

Therefore, she doesn't actually have many choices, she is all chosen by the project.

Simon really feels that the women around him are not suitable. Think of this adventurous female reporter character in the comic adaptation movie "Angel God"... Well, some attributions are completely nonsense, because a little bit of a strong woman temperament Even before the show, it was still the beautiful baby with a vase that could no longer be a vase.

In the blink of an eye, we reached the ninth floor.

When the elevator door opened, Simon retracted his thoughts. Seeing that Brooke Shields was still looking at him, he thought about it and said, "Go to the audition first. I have time at about four o'clock to talk privately."

Brooke Xiaosi nodded subconsciously, then thought of something, dodged his eyes slightly, and quickly greeted him again: "Simon, then, how should I find you later?"

Simon said: "I will let someone bring you here."

The work in the afternoon was as planned, and the more important thing was a meeting on ESPN, where Steve Bernstein introduced the exclusive rights to broadcast the MLB game that had just been finalized.

Still very expensive.

But, of course, the wool comes from the sheep.

Now that the decision to monopolize rugby has been proven to be the right thing to do, there is no need for too much scruples this time around.

The next step is basketball.

Speaking of which, over the years, many people have suggested that Simon buy some teams, whether it's football, baseball, or basketball, which actually have commercial potential and additional public influence.

Simon has always had little interest in this.

Simon would love to buy a modeling agency like Elite to help pretty scallions start their fashion careers, but he really has no patience for a bunch of muscular male athletes.

Wandering between different departments, until four o'clock, Simon finally returned to his personal office here.

Schedule the last hour of work time to process various cumulative documents.

By the way, have some fun.

five o'clock.

Carmen Keith, carrying a set of women's clothes covered in a dust jacket, and holding a little document in the other hand, knocked on the door and entered the office of her boss.

First see some broken cloth scattered all over the place.

No one was seen.

But he didn't speak. He stood quietly and waited for a while. The bathroom door opened. The owner of the house tidied up his shirt and collar and walked out from there. When he saw Carmen, he asked, "Is the plane ready?"

Carmen nodded slightly: "Yeah."

"You don't have to follow, you can rest for a few days."

Carmen snorted slightly, paused for a moment, and nodded again: "Yeah."

As he spoke, he put the things in his hands on the coffee table in the rest area, took his boss's coat, stepped forward to help the man put it on, and said softly, "The girl that Miss Korkoshko and the others sent have already been sent to the plane. Come on, six in total."

Simon was startled, remembering that it was a noon joke. He didn't say anything, just nodded.

After helping the man put on his coat, Carmen gestured to the stack of folders on the coffee table: "There are still some documents, do you want to take them with me to read?"

Simon glanced: "Convert it into an electronic document and send it to my mailbox."


After the matter was finished, Simon was about to leave. Seeing Carmen's fixed appearance, he reached out and grabbed the girl's chin: "Smile, don't look cold all day, you are not a female scorpion agent."

Carmen pursed her lips obediently.

Simon shook his head quickly: "Forget it, it's better to be cold and look good. Your cheekbones will appear high when you smile."

Carmen instantly retracted the corners of his mouth and returned to the state of iceberg beauty.

Simon nodded in satisfaction, leaned in and pecked on Carmen's cool lips, seeing the girl's long eyelashes like frightened little brushes, flicking and flicking, so he pecked again, and said with a smile, "I'm leaving, darling. ."

Carmen sent his boss out, waited for the man to enter the elevator with two bodyguards, watched the elevator door close, and then returned.

He glanced at the messy office again, turned around and walked to the bathroom, and found that there was no one there. He exited, looked left and right, walked to his boss's large desk, and finally found his target under the desk.

It seems... asleep?

Because of some shallow thoughts, she really wanted to leave like this, but her responsibilities engraved in her bones prevented her from doing so, so she called out softly, "Ms. Xiaosi?"

no response.

She crouched down and pushed a certain woman who was lying on the ground, not knowing whether she was sleeping or comatose. Before Carmen spoke again, Brooke Xiaosi had already trembled, and began to beg for mercy in a daze: "Simon, OH, PLEASE... "

The destination for the evening is Toronto.

A woman who got pregnant unexpectedly during Cannes this year has begun to show her pregnancy and is hiding here to raise a baby.

Simon boarded the plane and first saw the gifts that the three girls from Korkoshko had brought to him. He simply appreciated them, temporarily sent them away, and came to the study room in the front cabin alone.

Carmen has sent some electronic documents to the mailbox.

Simon called out the page and paid more attention to today's stock market dynamics.

After breaking through the trillion-dollar market value mark this morning and reaching $1,000.3 billion, Tincobair's share price fell again and closed today. The final single-day share price rose by 4.3%, and the market value was fixed at $997.9 billion.

Even if it falls back to less than one trillion dollars, Tinkerbell is the second U.S. stock-listed company to achieve a trillion-dollar market value, and it is destined to leave a mark in business history.

Daenerys Entertainment, who has made wedding clothes for others, has also risen by 3.9% in today's stock price relative to its own weight. There is only a $30.9 billion gap left over the threshold.

With a gap of over 30 billion yuan, everything is going well. It only needs a jump in the stock price. No accident, reaching a certain goal is the next few days.

In addition to the three highly anticipated leading stocks of Igreit, Tinkerbell and Daenerys, at the overall market level, the Nasdaq's closing gain today is set at 2.2%. According to the market value of the entire Nasdaq market, this has been Equivalent to $230 billion in market cap volatility.

The total market capitalization of all stocks on the Nasdaq market thus amounts to $10.4 trillion.

Having said that, these numbers may be extremely dazzling in the eyes of ordinary people, but for Simon, they can't get too many heartstrings.

Even another document made Simon a little dumbfounded.

After obtaining the fake account information of Enron Corporation in advance, holding this big thunder, the Westeros system has been quietly establishing short positions in technology stocks recently. At present, the size of various types of positions accumulated through a large number of accounts distributed around the world has exceeded 16 billion US dollars. .

The overall planned position size is around 30 billion.

And because of this wave of gains, all the shorts suffered a paper loss of more than $300 million in just one day today, which doesn't seem like much, but if there are such fluctuations every day, no one can stand it. Therefore, it is foreseeable that under the final madness of the Nasdaq, if these positions are to persist until December, the Westeros system needs to invest more funds, reduce leverage, and avoid liquidation.

It is only 500 kilometers from New York to Toronto, and it is less than 6:30 in the afternoon when we arrive at the cliffside mansion on the shore of Lake Ontario in the northwest suburb of Toronto.

In late fall, it was already dark in Toronto.

Having dinner with a certain woman, the atmosphere was quite harmonious. However, when the dinner was over, I didn't know why it took a turn for the worse. The inexplicably angry woman threw small objects at Simon again and drove him out of the door directly.

Evil fate.

Evil fate!

With a sigh in his heart, he changed to another mansion on the edge of the cliff by the lake, and brought a waitress who accompanied a certain woman.

On the surface, she is a waitress, but she is actually a psychiatrist trained by Westeros.

After all, Simon had experienced a certain woman's emotions very early on, and it was inevitable that he would be worried.

Depression in pregnant women is no joke.

In a living room of the mansion villa, a dark-haired and black-eyed girl named Wendy Greenfield sat on the single sofa beside Simon, her voice soft and eccentric hypnotic: "The lady's mental state is fine. , but the normal mood of pregnant women is changeable, which is caused by the secretion of hormones during pregnancy."

Simon leaned on the corner of the couch, rubbed a red mark on his forehead, and said with some helplessness: "Are you sure?"

Wendy nodded: "The lady does have some psychological pressure, but it's only a little, not serious."


"Because the baby in the woman's womb belongs to the boss, and she knows the boss can protect them."

"Looks like it's a question of security."

Wendy looked over with deep black eyes: "Yeah."

Simon's finger that was about to be put down turned to his temple, continued to rub it lightly, and looked at each other: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Wendy said softly: "The boss is also a person who lacks a sense of security, and the boss is not as lucky as His Royal Highness to be able to find a support."

Simon's eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked at the girl next to him for a moment: "It seems that you are really an excellent psychiatrist."

Wendy's voice was still soft: "I have two doctorates in psychology and sociology."

Simon continued to look at the girl next to him for a while, and suddenly asked, "Are you natural black hair?"

"Yes, natural black hair and black eyes," Wendy said, adding: "Madame says I look like a witch."

"I think so too," Simon said, waving his hand to drive people out: "Go out."

Wendy left, and a moment later, the door to the living room opened, and the housekeeper, Angoury Davis, walked in almost silently. Seeing that the owner's fingers were still touching his temples, he turned behind the sofa and reached out to stroke it.

Simon leaned back, letting the housekeeper press him.

Angry moved his hands gently, looking down at the little man in front of him, and after a while, he whispered, "Boss, what are you thinking?"

Simon half-joking: "Too many goblins."

The housekeeper remembered Wendy Greenfield, who had just left. She was indeed a fairy-like girl, and the Westeros family actually raised a lot of this kind of girl. Angry curled the corners of his mouth, knowing in his heart that his boss prefers this kind of vase instead of a real vase. However, he still followed: "Boss, are you going to take a bath? Let those six accompany you?"

Simon leaned his head back, leaned against the housekeeper's waist, and shook his head slightly: "No, that's a bunch of goblins. English is so fluent, and it's still a London accent. In fact, I prefer girls with a little accent."

"Then..." The housekeeper thought for a while, and then lowered her voice again: "There are two more, which were just delivered recently. I'll bring them to the boss to see."

Simon was a little puzzled, looked up and glanced, probably understood, and nodded: "Okay, in addition, call Zanqi and the others, I want to listen to the tune."


The housekeeper agreed, reluctant to let go of the feeling of getting along with her boss, and after a while, she finally turned around and went out.

After a while, she personally dragged the two women in light silk nightgowns back again and walked to the door, the housekeeper said to the two blindfolded women in a cold tone that would never be revealed in front of her boss: "Wait for you guys. Just dumb, understand?"

The two beautiful women whose Slavic characteristics were still covered by the blindfold nodded lightly, as if they had been sealed in advance, and there was no sound.

Angry was satisfied, pushed open the door, and continued to lead the two women in.

A group of girls from the Guofeng Art Troupe, including Wei Chancha, Su Fengnian, and Ouyang Suli, flew to Toronto from New York and arrived at Simon's mansion. It was already ten o'clock in the middle of the night.

Angry greeted her at the door in person, and saw Xue Li and Miao Miao's mother and daughter appearing together. Although her boss didn't mention it, after thinking about it, she didn't say much, and took the initiative to hug Xue Li first, while Greetings, while leading a group of girls into the door, they went directly to the living room where their boss was.

After knocking on the door, the housekeeper pushed open the door and noticed that her mother was pushing her. Miao Miao took the lead and jumped into the arms of the man on the sofa like a little bird: "Dad, why are you in Toronto? ...It's delicious, milk?"

Simon ignored a certain question and held the little waist of the girl in his arms: "Are you hungry, let Ange prepare a late night snack for you?"

Miu Miu didn't struggle with a certain problem, and shook his head: "I'm not hungry, but it's so cold here, it's colder than New York."

"Almost, wear more clothes when you go out."

Simon said, looking at other women, big and small, because there was a little girl in his arms, he didn't get up, he said hello, and motioned for the housekeeper to help them arrange musical instruments.

After some manipulations, the housekeeper turned off most of the lights in the living room, leaving only a faint dim yellow.

He didn't leave this time, quietly stood beside the sofa where his boss was, listened to a group of goblins after some debugging, and began to sing a new Chinese song.

A melodious but sad tune.

Aiming at the little man not far away, holding a glass of red wine lazily, leaning against the woman beside him, occasionally pacing on the leg of the girl in his arms, and humming along: "... Raise your glass and drink up the snow. Who knocked over the cabinet in the previous life and caused the dust to be right and wrong..."

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