I Am a Wishing Tree

I Am a Wishing Tree


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After changing from a human to a wishing tree that did not get the memory of inheritance, He Ai’s goal is to bloom and bloom more flowers!

Remarks: The heroine has no CP, and the fantasy female is strong and cool, please do not contact the actual situation, thank you for your support!

Episode 1 “Fat Girl in the New World” He Ai: I don’t want to be a moral model, I just want to win the world championship, but I became a hero of salvation!

Episode 2 “Abandoned Women Dressed as Men” He Ai: Although I have conquered the world and have power, I don’t like war and killing.

Episode 3 “The Pseudo White Lotus in the World of Supernatural Powers” He Ai: Don’t always come to disturb my cultivation plan, the world is so big, I want to go for it!

The heroine interviews the small theater
Reporter: He Ai, as the heroine, what character advantages do you think you have?
He Ai: I work hard, have a positive attitude towards life, and have a positive outlook. Well, maybe some people think I have sharp teeth and a tougher mouth?
Reporter: Why do everyone think you are cruel and domineering?
He Ai: This is definitely slander, you can’t take it seriously!
Reporter: As an open-minded heroine, how do you generally respond to other people’s doubts?
He Ai: I will first prove that I am worth it with hard work and effort, and then I will be very good at talking!
Reporter: Don’t you worry that nonsense will affect your personality?
He Ai: Don’t worry, this kind of thing is designed to collapse!

One-sentence introduction: Fantasy overhead female strong no CP cool text!
Purpose: Cherish life, everything is possible!

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