I Am Not A Mage Lord

I Am Not A Mage Lord

Miracle prayer

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AuthorMiracle prayer
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Lynch the traverser awakens in the examination room of the “Mysterious Magic Unified College Entrance Examination”

In this modern world dominated by mysterious magic, there are many immortal magic spells

Recovering serious illnesses, “removing diseases”, “transportation techniques” across thousands of miles, manipulating others to “dominate mankind”, annihilating all things “dissociation technique”, suspending time “stopping time”…

He first passed the exam and became a “apprentice to the mage”, thus getting the death penalty pardon.

Masters dominate the world and are located above the clouds. The most important thing is extraordinary memory and extraordinary calculations.

Lin Qi suddenly discovered that a “memory palace” appeared in the brain, able to record everything, including all complex spell models?

PS: This is the growth path of a “Faye”.

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