Chapter 340:I Am Not A Mage Lord

Patron saint of place

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Every spellcaster will be taught a truth very early, even if magic has been divided into eight schools, but it is accurate to a certain circle of a school, and sometimes it is a fantasy to want to master it all.

Especially when Lynch knew in the Dragon Inheritance that there were no less than a hundred ways in the second ring because of the transformation spells alone, he had even shaken the idea of ​​mastering the spells of the Eight Great Schools in such a moment.

But in any case, whether you have mastered it or not, at least a mage’s skill in "spell recognition" cannot be left behind, and Lynch’s life as a EMI necromancer gives him the greatest wealth that at least is the necromancer. In terms of spells, he is already considered an "expert".


In the inconspicuous corner of the high platform raised by the earthwork, there was a winding staircase spiraling upward, and Lynch unconsciously stepped in that direction.

But soon he stopped.

Lynch felt the nausea in the air, as if just breathing would make his lungs feel hot.

This mysterious earth platform altar exudes a faint sense of evil, enough to make any kind person feel sick.

Evil dwelling!

He still recognized this five-ring shaping energy spell of evil elements.

A spell that requires a full 24 hours of casting time and at the same time consumes at least a thousand secret gold coins of herbs, sesame oil and incense materials to be able to cast.

In return for the magic, the magic of "evil residence" can turn a place, residence, and even a building into a place of evil, the most obvious is to bring three major effects.

One is that the area is sheltered by the anti-good law formation of the third ring.

The second is that undead creatures are more difficult to disperse.

The third is the most terrifying and powerful effect of the evil dwelling. It can be used to solidify a spell effect, regardless of the duration and scope of the original spell. After that, the spell will last for a full year and affect the entire evil dwelling spell range.

Although the list of spells that can be fixed is limited, there are also despair spells, panic spells, darkness spells, dispelling spells, freedom of action... and so on, there are ten or twenty scattered.

But the radiance of the evil dwelling sees through, which also means that the high platform is far more than just the negative energy halo below.

Even far away, he saw the "signature" spell on the wall that would trigger once it got close!

Among them, there are even the "death emblems" of the eight-ringed necromancer, and the rest of the "signs of pain", "signs of fear", and "signs of contemplating souls" are even more innumerable.

A landmine array completely!

After casting the "detection magic" smoothly, Lynch looked at the dense magical aura in his sight, and even had a trace of doubt about life.

The maker of this soil platform left all the "permanent trigger" spells in this territory, right?

Not to mention that he hasn't identified the more targeted and terrifying "trap spell".

Lin Qi looked at the three mummies behind him and shook his head decisively.

He has courage, but not stupid.

There is no need to die in a minefield to find a way to survive, he has never been a stubborn character. ,

Especially when the spells on the high platform altar were no longer confined to the Necro System, it made him a little uneasy.

Lynch immediately commanded the leading mummy to walk ahead and open the way. After the opponent heard the instruction, he immediately walked to the front, stepped forward immediately, and rushed to the front line.


A fireball burst in place!

A monstrous heat wave swept the front view, and the air suddenly filled with layers of fireworks, and the red light immediately turned everyone's cheeks red.

what's the situation?

Spell trap right now?

Or even fireball trap?


Fortunately, the mummy that opened the way stood far away, and in the end the burst range of the fireball technique was still three to five meters away from Lynch.

But this effect is too much like someone directly bombarded a spell?

Fortunately, at present, Lynch is not Wu Xia Amon, and soon found a similar scene in the life of the former necromancer, even the necromancer is under this similar "land mine formation"!

It should be called "Guardian Engraved Text"!

Protection is a three-ring spell, a type of spell trap that is engraved with incense at a designated location and sprinkled with diamond powder of 200 cryptic gold coins, which can then be assisted with the power of the spell to take effect.

The duration can even last forever until it is triggered.

Although this powerful spell inscription has only three rings, it can be used to harm those who enter, pass through, or open the guarded area and even objects.

Spells are often used to guard bridges or key passages, gates to villages, secret boxes, and the like. They are called bear and child nemesis.

Before casting a spell, you need to set a "password". Intruders who don't have a password will become the target of the spell. Of course, many mages will also choose a "characteristic password", such as restricting certain five types or certain camps to not trigger.

Lin Qi is also beyond the reach. The mummy in the weak front has the knowledge of Lin Qi, and he can recognize that the shimmering thread decoration is "Guardian Engraved Guard".

Thinking of this, Lynch couldn't help sighing.

Obviously, they just came in to be safe, and when they chose to leave, the "Guardian Kewei" was triggered, and then they thought of the vibration zone around the high platform without any undead creatures.

It is conceivable that from the beginning, these "Guardian Kewei" restricted--


Instead of entering.

That is, if he tries to walk again, he will end up with the mummy just now.

The guardian of the third ring could not be affected or even evaded by physical or magical exploration. Lynch's closest approach was to "dispel magic" of the third ring.

The mummy has verified that "something happened", proving that undead creatures are not immune to death.

And there are two forms of magic effect-

One is the burst text, which causes burst damage to the intruder and the surrounding two-meter area, and the type of energy is variable.

One is the spell engraved text, which can store any third-level or lower damage spells known to the caster to act on the target. Of course, you can also choose to summon spells.

Obviously, the guardian Kewei triggered by the levelled mummy itself stored a three-ring "fireball technique."

But at this time Lynch had a new confusion.

It stands to reason that a fireball technique that has not been "blessed" cannot kill the mummy in one hit!

As long as the opponent has passed this level, he will soon be able to rely on the rapid healing brought by the negative energy to regain his full state.

The guardian Kewei obviously wanted to "retain" him, but the Shanghai curve was beyond imagination. After thinking about it for a while, Lynch continued to command another mummy to continue advancing along the route just now.

The advantage of having three mummies is that he can use three hands to go thunder.

"Eye, yeah."

Soon the mummy walked the original route, and got closer to the skeletons in the outer circle. With its staggering pace, it gradually came out of new hope.

So simple?

Lynch, who had thought that the wave was not over, would be so smooth, and he immediately started to follow suit.


Suddenly a rush of electric current pierced the sky. ,

The blue lightning arc intercepted and disconnected this land like a flurry of silver snakes, and it rushed towards the skeletons in the arena like an unstoppable monster of light.

In the second sentence, the mummy has already been talked by the electric arc light and turned into dust like flying ash.

The serial lightning of the six rings!

This three-ring "lightning beam" spell will automatically seek after hitting a target, looking for a new target within 10 meters, as if it releases another weaker lightning beam toward the opponent.

Then, starting with the new target, re-launch the lightning beam.

This is the name of the serial lightning.

As a mage’s quick harvesting spell, sometimes once it is released, it is possible to turn back and clear the world.

Lynch finally understood why a three-ring fireball technique could wipe out the mummy's ashes.

Because this is not the "guard inscription" of Sanhuan at all.

It's the "Advanced Guardian Engraved Inscription" of the Sixth Ring, and the spells it can store are also enough for the Six Rings!

With six ring mines everywhere, Lynch could only scratch his head, so he didn't even think about being able to walk away with such a big deal.

In this case, I will be on the stage to meet the guests.

Lynch turned his head instantly, staring at the earth with sword brows and eagle eyes, and then sat cross-legged on the spot, silently thinking.

As a mage who makes plans and moves later, Lynch is not lacking in patience.

Knowing that the altar was surrounded by murderous intent, whether it was going on stage or leaving, it was a dead end, so he sat down patiently, thinking about the next If you want to go to the altar, you definitely can’t use it. In the path of the stone steps, he must find a breakthrough in the zero-ring spells and a small number of first- and second-ring spells.

Next, it took a full day. Lynch relied on various detection magic to search the aura intensity of the soil platform, and then relied on the last unique mummy to find the way, finally let him find a weaker place, Lin Qi sprinted with a booster, and immediately jumped up, and then stepped on the mummy's body to volley higher and higher!

Before Lynch's legs even stood firm, he saw an extremely spacious room, standing in front of him like a miniature castle.

He should have noticed the height of such a height just now, right?

At this moment, the confusion was still disappearing, and Lynch immediately noticed the buzzing of the surrounding air, and then a bright light flashed in the area, and then disappeared.

But Lynch clearly felt that the target was staring at him.

Lin Qi bared his teeth and grinned, how could he not recognize the scene before him!

Because just in the penultimate life of the necromancer, the host necromancer lay in front of the tomb that he arranged. In addition to arranging a large number of guarded undead creatures, he used a scroll of nine-ring spells——

The patron saint of places.

After making a paste with silver, mithril, and holy water worth more than three thousand secret magic gold coins, use this spell to give a permanent "guardian spirit" to a specific building or area.

"Welcome to the Altar of Eternity, Mr. Master."

At this time, behind Lynch came a voice that was mixed with coldness and enthusiasm, mixed with indifference and enthusiasm, and it was difficult to distinguish and distinguish.

It seems that this is a guardian spirit who doesn't like peek-a-boo at all.

While Lin Qi admired it, he commented in his heart.

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