Chapter 437:I Am Not a Savage

Everyone is living hard

Chapter One and Two Everyone is Living Hard

"Nvzhu is Jacques's wife. She has experienced cannibalism. Even if she didn't eat, she is still guilty.

Jai Xuan killed all the people of Nv Yan Bu. Nv Yan did not avenge her tribe, and she took the initiative to make herself Jai Xuan's wife. Therefore, according to Xuanyuan's laws, she was also a ** person.

Jazi is a sinful person, and the woman he has married is naturally a sinner. When the time comes, Jai can be a sinner, and female bamboo and female man are naturally sinners.

Whether it's Xuanyuan or Chi You wanting to inquire about sins, everyone is a sinner. Don't even think about washing yourself. If you want to get dirty, everyone will get dirty together.

This is the way the ** Jair can survive.

However, one of my favorites is that this ** finally knows to pity his wife and children, knowing that if Nv Zhu and the child follow him, they will undoubtedly die, and deliberately forced Nv Zhu to return to Changyang Mountain City.

He also took the initiative to bear all the guilt on himself, which is considered to have fulfilled the responsibility and responsibility of being a father. "

Seeing that her husband seemed to be very interested and in a good mood, Jingwei took the initiative to lean in, put Yunchuan's head between the two peaks, gently rubbing Yunchuan's temples with both hands, and whispered: "Or... ...Let Jai Xuan come back...Let Kuafu pump him vigorously, as long as he keeps his breath."

Yunchuan sighed, sat up, and looked back at the Jingwei who pretended to be virtuous: "He, he won't be back in this life.

Moreover, Jairuo didn't want to come back either. Until now, he really had the talent and heart to be a patriarch. "

Jing Wei said: "I just think he is pathetic."

Yun Chuan shook his head and said: "In the current Jair, if anyone thinks he is pitiful, he will take a bite."

"He won't bite us."

"I'm telling you, after he has survived this period of time, his unfeeling will definitely surprise you. However, what he faces first is how to survive and how to find a stable means of livelihood for the tribe. Otherwise, All efforts are in vain."

Jingwei knew that what her husband said was right, because he had never said something wrong. Since he failed to plead with Javier, Jingwei took her husband's head again and rubbed his head carefully.

With five whips on his back, Kitty walks like a zombie. He is afraid that his upper body will have a wider range of movement and will open the wound that has just stopped bleeding.

Before this kind of whip, Jai Xuan often suffers, and this is the first time for a good boy like him to taste the power of whip.

After tasting it, Kitty regretted it not because he regretted getting the whip, but regretted that he had given up so many things that he should have done in order not to get the whip.

I should have eaten all the peaches Jingwei prepared for the banquet, even if he was lashed.

I should have rejected the two giant wives his father had found for him.

When the giant whipped the whip, he used a very clever technique. He clearly watched the whip go down to kill a person, but after he really got through the whip, he discovered that his back was all traumatized and healed completely in less than ten days.

Thinking about the things he had to endure in order not to get the whip, Kitty wanted to hit the stone with one head and knock himself to death.

When passing by the blacksmith shop, Kuafu was waiting for him. Seeing that he came straight up, he laughed and said, "Dad wanted to help you conceal this. After playing a few times, the patriarch refused to forgive you. How about it, isn't it uncomfortable to get a whip?"

Kitty shook his head and said, "It's nothing."

Kuafu looked at Kitty's eyes and smiled and said, "You are finally grown up. This time, letting Jairu can escape from Banquan is a good job."

Kitty frowned and said, "I just don't think I can deal with people I know well."

Kuafu pulled Kitty into the blacksmith's shop, poured him a cup of tea, and continued with a smile: "The next time I should start, I still have to start. This kind of thing can only be done once, and once again, even I can't help it. save you."

Xiaoying raised his head and said: "I will only feel softer once. Besides, the patriarch just wants me to monitor the Jupiter, and he didn't say that I should kill the Jupiter."

Kuafu looked at his naive son and smiled: "Don't look at the patriarch punished you this time, but I can see that the patriarch is actually very pleased.

What kind of thing does it count to let go of a Javier, you, Kitty, can't even bear to hurt Javier, then, the patriarch who is so kind to you and me will naturally not betray.

The patriarch is a man of God, this little force of us people actually doesn’t matter to him. What the patriarch wants most is a group of people who are loyal to him, not a warrior who is invincible. You must remember this. , Always be loyal to the patriarch and not have any bad thoughts. I suspect that many times, the patriarch can see through what we are thinking. "

Kitty nodded, and Kuafu patted Kitty's shoulder happily and said: "Go back to eat early. Your two wives have been waiting for a long time."

After Xiaoying bid farewell to his father, he went home directly. This is no way. His father settled down with his two wives, but Xiaoying did not come back. Even if they were hungry again, the two of them would have to wait. Only Xiaoying returned. Only when we are at home can we eat together.

When Kitty walked into the house, sure enough, two huge wives waited eagerly for him to eat together.

Xiaoying looked at the greedy image of the two of them, and said something to eat.

The two happy giants quickly arranged their meals, and Kitty picked up the bowl, and saw that his two wives had put the bags in their respective huge rice bowls, and were unwilling to raise their heads.

Comforting the husband who was whipped?

This kind of thing will appear in other people’s homes, and will never appear in Kitty Hawk’s homes. As long as the man’s head doesn’t fall, it’s not a big deal even if he lacks arms or legs. At most, he saves a bowl when he can’t earn food. Just come out.

As for the trivial matter of getting a whip, it is nothing to a giant woman.

Many times, Kitty really envied Xiaoku that bastard, this guy's life is really happy now.

All day long, I only need to read books to harm people and deceive Yunli. I don’t have to face two wives of giants who are demanding. Moreover, Xiaoku’s father is stupid enough to deal with the seemingly rude man. , In fact, the father of the giant as careful as a hair.

Xiaoying finished a bowl of white rice, and his two wives had eaten up a pot of white rice, and they were sitting on the side waiting for him to finish the meal, so they could clean up the dishes.

Kitty's dishes and chopsticks are actually not necessary to clean up, because the rice bowls on the table and the dishes on the table are no longer there, and they are as clean as new when they are licked, and Kitty can only carry just a little bit of what was originally in the rice bowl. The dish finished the white rice with difficulty.

After the meal, Kitty's two wives started spinning awkwardly. After learning for almost ten years, the two of them still can only spin thread and have not learned how to weave.

Yunli came to see Kitty with a skin gall. The skin gall contained several pig urinary vesicles superimposed on the outside, wrapped in a layer of cowhide. The cowhide was divided into many small pieces, all of which were sewn together in a hexagonal shape. Yuanyuan is very beautiful.

This skin guts was a gift from Yun Chuan to his son when Yunli celebrated his birthday. He said that he could throw it away for fun, and don't dare to kick it. It would explode with one kick.

Yunli liked it very much. He used to find Xiao Ku to throw this courage back and forth with him, but later found that Xiao Ku always couldn't lose him, so he came to play with Kitty.

"The person who accompanies you should be Xiaoku, why do you always come to me?" Kitty's back hurts so badly that he doesn't want to play with this courage.

"It was Xiaoku who asked me to come to you. He said that he would copy the book today and he can't accompany me." Yunli threw Pi Dan at Xiaoying, Xiaoying casually pushed his head, and immediately felt his back. It hurts so hot.

After Yunli threw Pidan over again, Kitty grabbed Pidan with one hand and said to Yunli, "Let's go to the clock tower today!"

Yun Li said embarrassingly: "I can't climb."

Kitty twirled the skin guts in his hand, let the skin guts spin on his fingers, and then said lightly: "You can beg Xiaokui to tell you."

Yun Li shook his head and said, "No, my dad will be angry. My mother said that he always rides Xiaoku, it is not good for Xiaoku, Kitty, how can it be bad?"

Kitty faintly said: "In fact, there is nothing wrong with him. He is a bitch. If you don't ride him now, you won't have the chance to ride him in the future.

Besides, you ride him today because he owes me. "

Yun Li looked at Kitty suspiciously and said, "Is it really like this?"

Kitty pulled off his shirt, turned around and let Yunli look at his scarred back, and almost urinated the young Yunli.

"It's the little bitter you get beaten?"

Kitty nodded and said: "He knows that I am and wants to make me more painful. In that case, I might as well let him accompany me in pain."

Yunli nodded as if he didn't understand it, mainly because the wound on Kitty's back was so miserable that he couldn't allow him to have any objections.

When Yunli and Xiaoying went to the place where Xiaoku and Yuanxu lived while playing with their courage, they saw Xiaoku beckoning to both of them from a distance, and shouting, "Come here soon." , Come here, there is something fun today, just to have fun together."

Kitty griefly said to Xiao, "What's fun in the house, let's go climb the mountain, go to the bell tower, then go down from the bell tower, to the drum tower opposite the mountain, and see who comes first."

Little wry smile said: "You are injured, this time the test is not fair to you."

Xiaoying picked up Yunli and let him ride on Xiaoku's neck, and then said, "This is fair."

Ignoring the aggressive Kitty Hawk, Xiaoku jumped on the spot with Yunli twice, pointed to the room and said in a mysterious tone: "Don't you want to get into Yuanxu's shell?"

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