Chapter 247:I Become Invincible By Signing In


Chapter 247: Stunning

Su Shiya seemed a little shy as she leaned on Wang Yi’s shoulder. Her face was red, and she looked extremely cute.

Everyone had smiles in their eyes as they waited quietly at the side. Naturally, no one would disturb the two of them.

As time passed, Su Shiya finally remembered the people beside her. She quickly broke free from Wang Yi’s embrace and said in a soft voice, “There are still guests around.”

Seeing Wang Yi look up, Fang Yuan and Fang Mingze bowed slightly and said, “Greetings, Sir!”

Wang Yi was still very happy that the Fang family could come. However, he was still worried and instructed, “The city has been severely damaged. Don’t delay the repair work.”

When Fang Yuan heard this, he bowed again and said, “Sir, don’t worry. Brother Tang has already started to help the city guards with disaster relief. We will definitely not delay the relief work.”

Wang Yi nodded slightly and looked at Venerable Ning Jing. He smiled and said, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, for remembering Shiya.”

To be honest, Wang Yi was indeed quite surprised and happy about this.

He had thought that Venerable Ning Jing would definitely interrogate the foreign captive immediately.

After all, this concerned the future enemy of the human race, and the Connate expert belonged to the higher-ups of the foreign race. As long as they could pry open his mouth, they would be able to obtain information far beyond their imagination.

However, Wang Yi did not expect that Venerable Ning Jing wouldn’t choose to interrogate the Connate-Realm foreign captive. Instead, she comforted Su Shiya first. What she had done made him feel very happy.

Since he was happy, he was willing to take out some of the good stuff.

When Venerable Ning Jing heard this, she shook her head gently and said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Wang, you’re too polite. You fought for the human race, so I should naturally do this.”

“Besides, Sister Shiya and I are as close as sisters. How can I ignore her?”

At this point, Venerable Ning Jing suddenly changed the topic. “However, since Fellow Daoist Wang has returned, I’m relieved.”

“There are still some important matters that I need to deal with, so I won’t disturb you here.”

Wang Yi naturally knew what Venerable Ning Jing was referring to.

However, since Venerable Ning Jing was here, there was no need to waste time.

Before Venerable Ning Jing could move, Wang Yi stopped her. “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, wait.”

Venerable Ning Jing couldn’t help but look puzzled when she heard this. She asked, “Fellow Daoist Wang, is there anything else?”

Wang Yi nodded slightly and took out the piece of Xuan paper with the words “Ode to Gallantry” from the system space. He casually threw it into the air.

Then, he smiled at Venerable Ning Jing and said, “There’s a peerless cultivation technique hidden in this poem, but only someone with a pure mind can comprehend it. I wonder if Fellow Daoist Ning Jing is interested in comprehending it?”

When Venerable Ning Jing heard this, her expression couldn’t help but change slightly. She looked at the Xuan paper in the air and became extremely passionate.

A peerless cultivation technique?

Since this cultivation technique could be dubbed “peerless” by the current Wang Yi, it was definitely terrifying to the point of being sensational.

Venerable Ning Jing naturally wouldn’t reject the temptation of such a cultivation technique, nor could she bear to reject it.

In any case, she couldn’t even count the number of favors she owed Wang Yi. There was a saying that if one had too many lice, it wouldn’t itch. If one had too many debts, one wouldn’t have to worry.

Thus, Venerable Ning Jing did not feel embarrassed and said openly, “Of course I’m interested. Thank you, Fellow Daoist Wang.”

The moment she finished speaking…

Venerable Ning Jing no longer said anything about leaving. She sat back in her seat with a faint gaze. Her Connate-Realm divine sense instantly locked onto the Xuan paper as she carefully comprehended the Dao and the principles contained in the words.

When Wang Yi saw this, a faint smile appeared on his face. He swept his gaze across the others and said with a smile, “You guys can also give it a try. If you can comprehend anything, it can be considered an opportunity for you.”

Fang Yuan, Fang Mingze, and Hua Changyan couldn’t help but look overjoyed when they heard this. They bowed and thanked him in unison.

Then, they focused their gaze on the Xuan paper and began to comprehend “Ode to Gallantry”.

Even Su Shiya was not idle. She imitated everyone and focused her gaze in midair.

Wang Yi did not say anything about this. After all, this thing only looked at a martial artist’s mind. There was no requirement for a martial artist’s strength or martial arts aptitude.

No matter who it was, they actually had a chance to comprehend the Tai Xuan Scripture and cultivate a fourth power that had never appeared in this world.

It was even very likely that those with high cultivation levels would gain nothing, while ordinary people would be able to reach the heavens in a single bound and directly condense a psychic Dharma Idol.

However, what happened next completely exceeded Wang Yi’s expectations.


A faint green halo spread out from Venerable Ning Jing’s body, and her psychic power fluctuated in the void.

In the depths of her mind, a green Dharma Idol was slowly condensing and was about to walk into reality from nothingness.

As someone who had condensed a psychic Dharma Idol, Wang Yi naturally knew what it represented.

This meant that Venerable Ning Jing had already comprehended the Tai Xuan Scripture. At this moment, she was trying to break through to Level-1 of the mind and wanted to completely condense the psychic Dharma Idol.

How long had it been? Probably not even ten minutes!

To be honest, Wang Yi really could not understand this. After all, Venerable Ning Jing had been in a high position throughout and held great power in her hands. She had seen all the prosperous Venerables in the mortal world.

How did she manage to be so pure-minded, and how did she manage to reach the level where she was about to condense a psychic Dharma Idol in such a short time?

Of course, Venerable Ning Jing naturally did not know what Wang Yi was thinking.

At this moment, there were already endless waves in the depths of her mind, and her spirit and will were all focused on her heart.

Venerable Ning Jing had indeed lived for a long time and had experienced the endless vicissitudes and temptations of the mortal world. However, there was a conviction in the depths of her mind.

It was the belief that she would protect billions of human beings, expand the territory of the human race, and help the human race become extremely strong. It could also be said to be an obsession.

It was also this obsession that turned into a spring of power that supported the rapidly condensing psychic Dharma Idol.


Venerable Ning Jing’s mind suddenly shook. Even without the enhancement of the Tai Xuan Jade Liquid, her psychic Dharma Idol directly turned from illusion to reality and instantly condensed.

She had reached Level-1 of the Tai Xuan Scripture!

She had achieved the first level of the mind!

However, this was only the beginning.

Venerable Ning Jing’s eyes were still closed, and the psychic power lingering around her became even more violent and turbulent.

The psychic Dharma Idol that had just turned corporeal seemed to have turned into a black hole that swallowed the sky. It crazily swallowed and plundered the special power that seeped out from the unknown. The body of the Dharma Idol also continued to expand.

Ten meters!

Twenty meters!

Ninety-nine meters!

When the body of the psychic Dharma Idol broke through to 100 meters, the Tai Xuan Scripture broke through again and directly entered Level-2. Her psychic realm also reached Level-2.

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