Chapter 447:I Can Actually Bring Out Game Items (I Can Bring In-game Items Out)


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Dare to fight hard and save at least hundreds of years of hard work, after all, they are a minority.

Okay, weird handling.

The minimum rewards are the hard work of ordinary players for hundreds of years.

With such a high amount of rewards, only Water Blue Star can have real-life adventures.

Of course, from the current point of view, the fatality rate is not high, which is why there are a lot of willing people.

More importantly, you can get contributions and improve your status.


The newly released identity of his pocket knife.

If you become a nobleman, you will own a piece of land, tax-free, as long as you don't die, you will own it forever.

As soon as he appeared, he was hailed by the players as the little lord.

These days, Xiaodao is receiving receptions. For those who are willing to stand on Xiaodao's side and contribute, especially those who are not because of the mission of cheap mouth, they will personally receive and reward them.

Among them, many small lords, that is, nobles, were born.

Let chickens and dogs ascend to heaven.

This is the hottest trending search recently.

Everywhere speaks of the generosity of the Lord of the World.

Most people regret that they didn't have a blog, and missed this great opportunity.

Every day, Xiaodao renews his relationship with his old brothers, eating wine and drinking meat.

The spiritual fruit and spiritual wine he brought out for the banquet are naturally top quality.

The Lord of the World made a move, so naturally he couldn't lose face.

Not only high-quality goods, but also a large amount of food.

Everyone is talking about this.

Of course, the most important thing is rewards. The Lord of the World has never been stingy with rewards for those who have helped him.

This has become common knowledge.

In this turmoil, although many people were unlucky, there were also a group of people whose income was low because of it.

The Lord of the World has been convicted for his speech.

So in private, many people are curious that the biggest contributor to the Lord of the world's recovery this time is the first lord, the cheap-mouthed lord known as the great lord.

This one has given everything. He is a great lord, not to mention having a status. He is a strong contender for the master of the world. Even if others become the master of the world, his position will not be shaken.

And this guy has a bad reputation.

Such a big man unexpectedly sacrificed everything for five minutes in order to save the Lord of the World.

five minutes.

There is not enough time to consider gains and losses, to analyze tasks, most of them are impulsive.

What a great cleverness, let some lucky people get the opportunity, and now all of them have a piece of land as their foundation and a lot of resources.

It made too many players red-eyed, envious and jealous.

And these are all the dedication of the great lord, even after giving everything, the great lord chose to accept the task, and rewarded Liu to his harem lord and children.

And the first one was hit by a strange power in order to complete the task.

As long as the Lord of the World cannot be saved, he is finished.

In the eyes of many people who eat melons, this is simply incredible.

After all, the first lord, known as the great lord, has already achieved fame and has everything he wants.

Changing the world will not affect him, but will be wooed.

But he chose to do so.

So now that everything has been restored, this is what everyone talks about the most.

The so-called great lord was envied and hated by many people in the past. This is the only failure of the lord of the world, being deceived by villains.

But now it seems that it is the wisdom of the world's autonomy.

Many analysts and experts were greatly moved and ashamed.

The knowledge of people is worthy of being the master of the world.

However, up to now, the master of the earthquake is a little bit high, and there is nothing to seal.

All players, as long as they participate, are punished for their punishment and rewarded for their rewards.

In addition to the punishment that was eliminated in the early stage, the latter is all punishment, but it can't be turned over for ten thousand years, and the tenth level of criminals, it is estimated that they will not even dare to have a baby in the future.

Well, I'm afraid I won't be able to find a daughter-in-law, and even the goblins probably don't want to, so don't think about it.

This punishment feels a little too harsh, a bit like exterminating the nine clans, although it doesn't kill.

In terms of rewards, everyone is also very emotional, it is definitely interesting, worthy of being the master of the world, and has never disappointed anyone.

Except for the first lord, although he has recovered, he has become a pauper's slut.

It is said that it is not very good to be a ** now.

However, the Lord of the World did not compensate him.

A full month passed, and it was the day when Xiaodao woke up again.

On this day, the spacecraft held a big feast in space.

All those who have helped the Lord of the World this time are invited.

It is said that there are countless spirit fruit spirit wines, all of which are imported.

This is very cherished in reality.

It is rumored that participating in this banquet will at least allow one year of practical cultivation.

After all, in reality, except for some long-lived species that take hundreds of years to mature, most of them are not good.

Because the aura in reality today, although it is called the recovery of the aura, but with consumption, not only has it not recovered, but it has become more and more meager.

The spiritual plants planted in large quantities consume a lot of spiritual energy.

The environment clearly began to deteriorate.

Naturally, this is because of the weirdness, Xiaodao did it on purpose.

At the last banquet, spirit fruits and spirit wine were placed on the speeding cars, like a picnic.

Under the control of the intelligent system, it is also in good order.

The sky and the earth are full of celebrations.

According to the rescue of the Lord of the World this time, the contribution is different, and the position of the approach point is naturally different.

The side where the knife is, naturally contributes the most.

Except for one person, the big lord with a cheap mouth.

But at this time a flying car flew by.

Everyone has discovered that this is the car of the Lord of the World.

Well, although it is for sale, no one can afford it except the Lord of the World.

This is a new product that combines practice and technology. It is not only the latest spaceship alloy, but also engraved with runes. It has its own array and is driven by spirit stones.

It is said that it is impossible for the strong of the five realms to break through.

The speed of the speeding car was very fast. After opening it, a man with a smirk walked out.

Immediately there was a meal.

Big mouth lord?

Now, who doesn't know this hottest celebrity.

The ** was really nervous.

There is nothing else for success and fame, but he thinks that he is grateful and repayable. Dad is definitely not ignorant, those are all jealousy.

He is not afraid of death, but of suffering. ,

Self-knowledge, know clearly, I can't stand the pain, don't torture me, the methods are too extreme, I am the first to surrender.

But I am not a bad person, I will repay my kindness, and I am not afraid of death.

As long as it's not painful.

So as soon as something happened to the Lord of the World, he planned to repay him. Even if he failed, he would still be famous in history.

Anyway, enjoy what you should enjoy.

Naturally, he would not participate in the fundraising of Shancao. He is a great lord, and he can let others take the lead.

Never found an opportunity.

When the opportunity finally came later, I was hesitant at the time, but finally I gritted my teeth and made a choice without giving myself more time to think.

Until the Lord of the World was rescued, he became the one who contributed the most to attack the city.

But he has been restless. ,

The master of the great power.

At that time, everything I did was really just to repay my kindness, so that everyone can see that this is not the stain of the Lord of the World, it is not that I do not know people well.

I, the big lord of the cheap mouth, is the real man.

Just die.



If you are a little rich, you can be safe, you can not be a lord, as long as you don't suffer, and you don't have to worry about food and clothing.

But his own credit?

How will the Lord of the World reward you?

Isn't this embarrassing people!

All his worries.

It’s okay if you are wiped out, don’t, don’t torture yourself.

This, although he has confidence in the Lord of the World, he has no confidence in himself.

So come here this time.

After the incident, the Lord of the World invited him for the first time, and he was really uneasy.

When I got off the speeding car, those familiar faces looked at me, full of complexity.

Admiration, envy.

all kinds.

But there is no original disdain.

This time, Chizui felt that he really lived like a human being.

His chest involuntarily stood up.

"I have never treated my own people badly, and I have never been stingy." Xiaodao looked at him and smiled.

Smart system tips:

Announcement: Great lord with a cheap mouth, get rewards, master of the world, small world of tree people.

Become the owner of the small tree world, and the entire tree world becomes its territory, and obtain 100% authority of the world owner.

In an instant, everyone was shocked.

Thinking that it is difficult for the Lord of the world to reward this great meritorious person.

Some people feel that the Lord of the World is reluctant to give two more lord positions. After all, the small world of Shuren is a small world with special products. It can be said that the value of the small world owned by the Lord of the World is the highest.

But it was absolutely unexpected that the entire Treant Small World was directly rewarded to this person.

Giving two lord positions and owning two leyline poles, everyone thinks this reward is enough, and the world lord is reluctant to part with it, but they never dreamed of it. ,

If you don't make a move, you will use it, and if you make a move, everyone will be fooled.

Even for a moment, they thought they heard it wrong?


The lord of the world never treats his own people badly, and he is never stingy, don't worry, you deserve it, don't underestimate Master Dao's mind, rest assured.

Tip 2: A contract, a basic human rights contract, must be signed before obtaining the authority of the master of the world.

Tip 3: Pass the system restrictions in advance, the right to be the master of the world only exists when you exist,...!

As a member of the Water Blue Star, the Lord of the World doesn't want fellow villagers to have basic human rights.

Chizui's head slammed, as if it had exploded.

He has been fidgeting these days, fearing that it will not be easy, but he never thought that the reward would be so exaggerated.

For a moment, his mind was completely blank.

"Drip: You have gained status, great nobleman.

At the same time, everyone on Water Blue Star received a reminder.

In the division of status, after criminals, slaves, subordinates, commoners, citizens, and nobles, there are more nobles.

Nobles can get their own land, as long as they don't die, they will have it forever.

The best among them is naturally the lord.

But now there are more big nobles, good guy, the big nobles are directly the masters of the world, right?

There was only one original master of the world.

But now, a second is born.

Everyone is like a dragon, and the Lord of the World is never stingy with rewards.

I didn't believe it before, no one had selfishness, but now I believe it.

Regret, deep regret.

Soon people regretted it, such a chance to change their lives in another day, why didn't they grasp it, and give it a go.

The nobles don't want to think about it anymore, but as long as they work hard, the reward from the Lord of the World is really nothing to say.

Those criminals, even if they are knocked down into the abyss.

Many people don't regret it either.

It is nothing more than the winner and the loser.

Failed and confessed.

It is already a miracle that he can not die.

Such an opportunity is absolutely not worth it.

but now.

It's not that people understand that this kind of mind is absolutely inferior to oneself, far inferior.

Most of them understand that this is the most suitable master of the world. Under his subordinates, as long as they have the ability, they will not be afraid of making great achievements.

Unfortunately, I chose the wrong path.


Too many people are lucky.

"The lord of this world must have great power, so that he can give up his status as the lord of the world!" Some criminals also sighed.

I understand that although I regret it, if I do it again, it is still impossible to give up such a chance to ascend to the sky.

This is human nature.

Of course, no chance.

No, ten thousand years of hard work will not wash away the identity of a criminal, but we still have to work hard.

There is still hope of escape.

Many criminals chose to deal with weird events.

I didn't believe before that the Lord of the World would let me go.

But now I believe that he will abide by the rules he has set.

How can someone who can even reward the small world not have such a little heart.

The feast is over, and the Lord of the World hides behind the scenes.

Well, the real body of Xiao Dao is hiding in the Moon Star Base.

Shui Lanxing is weird and won't go back.

Wait until the spiritual energy is exhausted, and the strangeness will no longer be born.

Everyone is talking about the High Lord.


Slut is now a veritable lord.

The big lord owns the whole small world, this is a new way of saying it.

As for the Lord of the World, there is still only one.

Master Dao.

Everyone is convinced.

It's not without restrictions that the cheap mouth has become the master of the world.

In addition to the basic human rights of the players here.

He owns the whole little world, just as long as it exists.

The Lord of the Harem is back.

Back then, the hysteria, all kinds of vicious cursing, and the betrayal of relatives seemed like a dream.

Cheezy smiled, looking at Kanter's expression, it seemed that everything that happened before was a cloud of the past.

Through it all, he sees through.

Dogs can't change eating shit.

Directly use the authority of the master of the world, give them, and their descendants, enough authority to use wealth, and eat and drink for a lifetime is enough.

But there are corresponding restrictions.

Some rules, if violated, are more severely punished than ordinary players.

But the harem's gossip, nagging, rambunctious tricks and the like.

These rules were issued directly under the slogan of a small knife.

However, for the sake of reputation, a contract must be signed to view these, and the contract is confidential.

Of course, if they are willing to work hard, they will not be stingy.

But the cheap mouth knows himself, he eats and waits to die, and doesn't want to work hard.

Just want to enjoy, indulge a lifetime.

Backed by a big tree to enjoy the shade.

Lie flat.

"The thoughts are clear, and I feel comfortable." Xiaodao let out a long breath and entered the second world.

Losing the Treant Small World, UU Reading is nothing.

There are thousands of small worlds waiting for you to conquer.

Entered the second world, cloned everywhere, and came out of retreat.

It's been so long this time, and I've been through life and death.

But in the second world, it doesn't take long at all.

It is normal to retreat for a hundred years.

So it didn't cause any fluctuations at all, and it was business as usual.

But for Knife, it feels like a long time.

The Knife Clone came out of the closed Xiaodao Peak, looked outside, and felt that his mentality was very different.

Now in the hands of the knife, the small world of the tree man has returned to the cheap mouth, and the other rewards have divided the small world of the goblins a lot.

(end of this chapter)

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