Chapter 1:I Can Become a Treasure by Picking Up Garbage

Trash Picking System

Some people say that living in the world is a kind of pain.

Lin Hong was in a park, bends down and picked up the empty bottle on the ground, sighing, when is such a day a head?


An empty beer can was kicked to his feet, and he looked up, and someone was looking at him contemptuously.

"Isn't this third brother, why did you pick up the trash?"

It was Huang Jun, his former classmate, who heard that he became a pickpocket in recent years and entered the police station twice in three days, but his life was pretty good.

Lin Hong picked up the empty can on the ground by himself, but suddenly a voice rang in his mind.

[Congratulations on getting the garbage collection system]

[The garbage you find will automatically become treasures]

[Congratulations, Mantra Pill x1! 】

"What is my jar?"

Lin Hong looked at a small pill in his hand, a little dazed.

"This is for you, hide it."

Huang Jun didn't notice this, looked around, and quietly handed Lin Hong a delicate packet.

"The thief is here! Catch the thief!"

Just as Lin Hong was confused to take it, Huang Jun suddenly yelled. This was originally a park, but it was still a holiday. With such a shout, everyone around gathered over.

Lin Hong was so scared with sweat that he wanted to throw the bag away, but Huang Jun abruptly held it down with his hands, and couldn't get rid of it.

A woman in the distance ran over, sweating profusely, and saw the bag in Lin Hong's hand overjoyed: "This is my stolen bag, give it to me!"

She snatched the bag and looked through the contents carefully, then collapsed and said: "The fifty thousand cash is gone, this is life-saving money!"

"This thief took it."

"Give him to the police and call the police!"

The people around were booing, but Huang Jun looked at Lin Hong with a grin and patted his bulging pocket.

"You bastard, give me the money quickly!"

The woman stretched out her hand to Lin Hong, her teary eyes hazy, her pretty face was already full of tears.

"How did you study when you were young if you didn't learn well at a young age?"

"No wonder it's such a scum to come out to pick up trash so young!"

Lin Hong couldn't argue, his face flushed even more anxiously. He didn't expect Huang Jun, the bastard, to frame himself.

Suddenly, he remembered the pill in his hand, and directly pulled Huang Jun by the collar and ate it for him.

"What did you ** eat for me?"

Huang Jun felt nauseous when he thought of Lin Hong's hand touching the trash, but he could not vomit out.

"I ask you who stole this girl's bag."

"Do you still need to ask? Of course it's Lao Tzu. The fifty thousand yuan is still in my pocket, look."

Huang Jun blurted out, and then took out fifty thousand yuan from his pocket, but as soon as he finished speaking, he covered his mouth in shock, wondering why he would say it.

The air was silent for a moment, the police sirens sounded from far and near, and the police arrived.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."

Huang Jun was taken away by the police, and the woman knew that she had wronged Lin Hong, so she bowed and apologized.

As for those passers-by who were quick to talk before, they have long since disappeared.

"Hurry up and get the money for treatment, don't delay."

"Well, my name is Shu Yao, I will definitely invite you to dinner next time I meet!"

After speaking, the woman left.

Lin Hong touched his slightly hot cheeks, and hadn't spoken to the girl for a long time, so he was a little uncomfortable.

Speaking of picking up trash, can you become a treasure? This feeling is good!

He dragged a trash bag and walked in the park. He just saw an empty bottle, but was rushed to the door by an old lady.

If a good man doesn't fight with a woman, he turns around and leaves.

"Paper shell!...You smelly dog, come back to me!"

"Cigarette butts? Uncle Sanitation, you can make a living..."

One hour later, Lin Hong sat on the bench, looking at the slippery ground and thinking about life.

In this era, it is too difficult to pick up ** to keep up with the battlefield.

And this system has to pick up recyclable garbage to become a treasure.

"Big brother, do you want this?"

A little girl rushed over, holding a tattered metal bucket in her hand.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Hong watched the little girl in front of him tears in her eyes.

This is an angel!

Excited and shaking hands, Lin Hong took the waste bucket.

The little girl left, while the bucket in Lin Hong's hand gradually changed.

[Congratulations on obtaining Detoxification Pill X1]

The thing in his hand turned into a pill again, and the expression of surprise on his face gradually disappeared.

How could I use this thing? Died early in the morning! Detoxification pills, arsenic too!

The whole morning passed, Lin Hong dragged the garbage bag and walked home, with three detoxification pills in his pocket.

Unlucky, it's really unlucky!

Detoxification pills can be used by ghosts!

Just after crossing the road, he happened to see a paper shell on the ground. There was no one around at this time, so he hurried forward to pick it up.

While excited, he hurriedly made a wish not to be a detoxification pill.

[Congratulations, no trace in the snow]

"This is a martial arts secret?"

Looking at the cheat book in his hand, he didn't wait to say anything, but the cheat book turned into a light directly into his eyebrows.

[Cheats obtained from the system can be mastered instantly by the host]

The system prompt sounded, and Lin Hong's head was swollen and painful. After a while, he opened his eyes again, two essences flashed out, and the whole person's temperament instantly became taller from the previous Erliuzi.

Taxue Wuhen, am I a master?

With a faint smile, Lin Hong tapped his feet, dragged the garbage bag and ran home, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com is extremely fast, jumping half a meter high, and it doesn't take much effort.

It's a pity that while he was excited, he didn't notice that someone was opening his mouth and facing him with the camera lens.

"Mother, I'm back~"

Lin Hong opened the door of the dilapidated hut and threw the garbage bag aside.

The 20-square-meter house was rented, and it was messy and messy, and most of the worn-out electrical appliances were out of use.

"Eh, good son~"

The dilapidated bed creaked, and his mother sat up and looked at him comfortably.

Although the family has fallen, it is worth having such a sensible son in this life.

"Mother, lie down, I'll wipe your face in a while."

Lin Hong washed his hands, took a wet towel, and wiped his mother's face.

"Good son, it's your mother who is tired of you..."

Mother sat on the bed, tears streaming out uncontrollably.

A few months ago, my son was still the son of the elder brother. Although he is not very rich, he does not worry about food and clothing.

But overnight, the company went bankrupt, and his man committed suicide by jumping off the building, leaving millions of debts for their mother and son to repay.

She didn't care, but when she thought that her son would suffer along with it, her heart felt terribly uncomfortable.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Don't worry, everything has a son."

Lin Hong pursed his lips and patted his pocket unconsciously. Inside were the three detoxification pills.

Since the death of her father, her mother had nerve problems, first the nerve failure in her legs, and then her brain.

Nowadays, her mother is paralyzed from the bottom of her body, and her mind is sometimes good and bad.

How Lin Hong hopes that he can earn money and cure his mother's illness.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, holding his mother's slightly swollen hand, he secretly swears.

Must let mother live a good life!

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