Chapter 1838:I Can Become a Treasure by Picking Up Garbage

Shocking 1 Sword

"Just put some bugs in your body."

The mysterious man had a sneer on his face.

The demon frowned: "You..."

He knew that it was the bugs that made his pain so deep.

"Enjoy here slowly."

The mysterious man turned and left, ready to come and have a look later.

"Why can't I find..."

Lin Hong frowned and was on the way to find his inner demon.

Suddenly, there was a strange loud noise from the sky.

He looked up.

I saw it.

The sky, which was originally good, was broken by a big hole!

Lin Hongdun stopped: "This..."

Mobilize the remaining power of the world, but it has no effect at all.

"Hahaha, I finally came in, this is the small world? Well, yes, it is a perfect world, not like the ones we created."

The figure of the ancient ** appeared in the air with a sneer on his face.

The world he created.

There will always be flaws.

But this world is very perfect, completely natural.

Lin Hong took out the Shadow-Changing Sword and went straight to the other side: "Old God, get out of here!"

"Yeah, in a hurry? Haha."

The ancient ** turned his head and looked over, raised his hand, a powerful force gathered, and then surged out.

"Puff—" Lin Hong was hit and fell to the ground fiercely.

"It is indeed a good world."

With another voice sounded.

Lin Hong knows.

It's really over this time...

Then, it is the God of Creation, these two supreme beings have entered the small world.

The ancient ** looked around: "How can there be a familiar breath here."


Just listen, the voice came from a distance, it was the mysterious man who flew out of the jungle not far away, with a pleasing smile on his face.

"You are?" The ancient ** didn't know him.

"I was created by you, responsible for killing Hodge's bugs."

The mysterious man said, unfastening his hat, and it turned out to be a bug's head, emitting a dark glow.

Only then did the ancient ** remember: "So it was you..."

"Master, I have almost controlled the world. In order to welcome you, I have prepared fireworks for you!"

The mysterious man said with a grin.

Lin Hong, who had just stood up from the ground, trembled in his mind when he heard this.


Could it be?

Just when he was still in place, a huge explosion came from a small town far away.

The bugs that control people exploded collectively!


Lin Hong clenched his fists, his eyes were blood red.

He knew that the bugs in other places must have exploded.

They are approaching the ancient gods.

There is no need for the mysterious man to keep it.

As I said before, just as a fireworks display is enough.

But for myself...

At least 90% of the residents of the entire small world died!

Thinking of this, qi came from the heart, the body of killing appeared, and blood-red gas escaped from behind.

"The Kingdom of Slaughter!" Lin Hong jumped up, holding the Yingying Sword, his eyes red.

A huge kingdom fell from the sky.

Smashed directly among the ancient gods and them.


Such an attack.

How could it have any effect?

The ancient gods and the creation gods walked away and took away the mysterious man by the way.

Lin Hong's hand holding the sword trembled slightly.

Not afraid.

It's outright anger!

He roared: "I want your lives!"

"Be angry, you should have recognized the relationship between you and us long ago. You are a human being, a mortal, and we are the supreme being."

The ancient ** said lightly, the majestic power in his body burst out.


A radius of tens or even hundreds of kilometers was razed to the ground.

This undoubtedly made Lin Hong even more angry.

"It's funny how you look angry." There was a bit of drama in the eyes of the ancient god.

At this moment, he didn't think Lin Hong could have any more means to fight back. After all, he was just an incompetent and furious person.


Is that really the case?


Lin Hong was floating in the air relying on the power of the world, and suddenly smiled at this moment.

He stubbornly held the Shadow Sword in his hand, and the Slaughter Body was already overloaded by him.

"Ancient God."

Lin Hong slowly raised his head, his eyes turned black as ink.

The Shadow Sword in his hand suddenly burst out with a weird purple-red light.

Next second.

Lin Hong used the remaining power of the world to teleport to the ancient ** and cut out a sword.


The sky roared, the whole world was turbulent, and even cracks appeared on the ground, spreading infinitely into the distance.

The ancient gods have no time to escape.

He had no choice but to resist this sword.

However, with the powerful force, the body of the ancient ** was gradually cut open.

"Damn it!" The ancient ** roared and showed his true body directly, huge monsters boundless.

"It's useless!"

Lin Hong gritted his teeth and roared.

In an instant.

Like a meteor flashed by.

Lin Hong held the Shadow Sword in his hand and appeared behind the ancient god.

But the body of the ancient ** had been divided into two by him, and the weird liquid was scattered all over the place, exuding a little stench.

"I... succeeded?" Lin Hong himself was a little unbelievable.

Just now, he thought of the teachings of the old man in the sword dojo, coupled with the strong hatred, released the real cruelty.

The power is so powerful!


Lin Honggang was about to take a step, his feet were soft, and he fell directly to the ground, his entire popularity languishing.

"As a mortal, I can display such an astonishing sword, although it has exhausted all my strength, it is also worthy of admiration."

The Creation God appeared in front of him with a smile, as if encouraging.

Lin Hong panted: "How did you get in."

"It's very simple. Even if there is no tracking, we can always find it if we look for it bit by bit."

Chuangshi Shen said lightly. UU reading

"Tsk..." Lin Hong gritted his teeth and didn't intend to give up.

Putting the Yingying Sword on the ground, struggling to get up, his legs trembling uncontrollably.

I forgot this one.

"Well, is there anything else to say, this is your end point."

Chuangshi Shen put his hands behind his back.

Lin Hong didn't speak, staring at him with sharp eyes, as if looking for an opportunity.

"Hahaha." The God of Creation slowly raised his hand, and powerful forces gathered at his fingertips. "Really, if you can't leave here and go to the next level, we will become friends, and we will be friends. That bar will survive happily."

"The next level of truth...what is it."

Lin Hong could see that the reason they had to obstruct in every possible way was because they were waiting for someone to go to the next level.

Chuangshi Shen's expression gradually became serious: "You can't know."

"I'm going to die. Are you afraid that the dead can't keep secrets?"

Lin Hong smiled miserably, and then continued to ask.

"Don't be slick, that can't be said." Chuangshi Shen shook his head again, and slowly stretched out his hand, "Rest in peace, I will send you into the cycle of reincarnation, and will not let you die. If you have a chance, come over and go to mine. A few drinks in the pub."


Lin Hong pursed his lips, raised his hand and hammered the huge body of the ancient ** next to him.

The energy in the hands of the creation ** flies.



"Fuck off, stay away from him!"

With another powerful force struck.

There are more individuals in front of Lin Hong.

It is Hodge who is hiding in the ground and using dormancy to preserve his strength.

His expression was cold at this time: "Creation God, this time you are the only one..."

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