Chapter 1839:I Can Become a Treasure by Picking Up Garbage


"Are you still alive?"

Chuangshi Shen said, turning his head to look at the mysterious man who was looking embarrassed in the distance.

Hodge sipped: "I won't die if you die!"

"Hmph, your immortality has been cleared by me. In order to survive, you have turned into a nihilistic creature. What are you crazy about?"

The mysterious man not far away snorted coldly.

"It seems we have been monitored..." Hodge glanced at Lin Hong behind him.

"How did you come here?"

Lin Hong was a little confused. It was very far away from where he was sleeping!

Huoqi said with a somewhat ugly expression: "My dormant location is not far from the main city. How could I have not noticed such a big movement just now, and I have noticed the aura of the ancient gods here, so I know what's going on. ."

"Thanks to your promptness, let me recover a little bit and deal with him together."

Lin Hong exhaled, if he could recover effectively, he might be able to keep the God of Creation.

"You may have misunderstood something..." Chuangshi Shen said slowly.

"Why, now I want to run down the steps?"

Hodge stared at him, a bit of contempt in his eyes.

The Creation God couldn't help but smile, and pointed behind them: "You are both immortal, and the ancient gods and I are supreme beings, so how can we die?"

For a time.

Lin Hong and Hodge looked back.

I saw that the ancient gods didn't know when they had already turned into human forms, standing behind them with a gloomy and terrible expression.

"Can you live if you cut it in half?"

Lin Hong said in disbelief.

"I am not immortal, but can regenerate indefinitely," the ancient ** said in a cold voice.

But he died once, and what made him angry was that he actually died in the hands of a mortal like Lin Hong.


Make people angry.

"How do you fight this?"

The mysterious man in the distance is completely watching the show.

Lin Hong clenched his fists and furrowed his brows. At this moment, he didn't know what to say.

Is it all the effort put in.

Is it all useless and useless work?

At this moment, it was visible to the naked eye that something was flying over from a distance.

Take a closer look.

It turned out to be the boat the villain was driving!

Lin Hong suddenly thought of something: "By the way, there is something I haven't had time to use..."

He smiled, twisted his neck, looked at the crack in the sky, and decided to fight it.


Hodge didn't think of it.

"How long can you last?" Lin Hong did not answer, but said.

"If the two of them go together... three minutes."

Huo Qi pursed his lips, because his current strength has diminished, and it's already pretty good to be able to hold on for so long.

Lin Hong said: "Okay, just three minutes, we must hold on."

After speaking, he left in an instant, and went straight to the ship.

"Want to go?"

The ancient ** wants to chase.

However, Hodge stopped him directly: "Don't think about going over."

"He threw yourself here, just to make you wait for death, are you still protecting him? Get out of here!"

The expression of the ancient ** was a little ugly, knowing that if this guy really stopped, it would be difficult for him to leave.

"I owe him." Hodge said blankly.


The ancient ** frowned, preparing to get rid of this guy first.

the other side.

Lin Hong came to the deck and looked at everyone here: "Are you all here?"

"Don't worry, Master, all are here. Those who were rescued by you, as well as some members of the Mechanical Corps, are all on board."

The villain flew over and said seriously.

"Did you see the crack in the sky?" Lin Hong looked at the sky.

Everyone looked around.

"Whatever the crack is doing, it will be up soon."

The inner demon said with a halberd in his hand.

Lin Hong shook his head slowly: "No, we can't win this fight. We must think of other ways."

"You mean, is there a way?"

The demon had to be surprised.

"That's right." Lin Hong nodded and looked at the villain: "Drive the spaceship out of that crack, and it should appear in the void without accident. Remember, you must go as far as you can go, I After dealing with the matters here, I will go to you."

"But, master..."

The little man has tears in his eyes.

She knew that once she said goodbye this time, it might be goodbye.

Lin Hong shook his head: "Why cry? I won't die. The big baby you gave me before is useless for me."

"big baby?"

The little man tilted his head, suddenly thought of something, wiped a bit of tears, and nodded vigorously.

"Get into action." Lin Hong looked serious.

He knew that most of the people in the world were still alive on this ship.

As long as this ship can get out.

It brought out hope.


The villain nodded vigorously, drove the boat, and drove everyone straight to the crack.

"I hope it's time..." Lin Hong jumped off the boat with a bitter smile on his face. After counting the time, less than a minute passed.

"Let the world become its essence."

Lin Hong whispered softly.

After finishing speaking, all the flowers and trees on the ground disappeared, turning into a wave of world power.

This will cause great damage to the world.


we can only do this.

Immediately, those forces flew in and entered the body.

"Ancient God, God of Creation, this is your own come in." Lin Hong twisted his neck, and when the time was almost over, he teleported to the already severely injured Huoqi's side through the power of the world.

"Dare to come back..."

When the ancient ** saw him, his expression was still cold, as if he wanted to swallow him alive.

Lin Hong was not afraid of danger: "I was killed by a piece of rubbish, so many words."


The ancient ** clenched his fists, and a sense of anger came out spontaneously.

"Qiang—" Lin Hong drew out the Shadow Sword, UU read www.uukānshu. The com is about to rush over.


The ancient ** quickly defended, even dodged.


Lin Hong didn't go over at all, but smiled while clutching his stomach: "Ancient god, ancient god, so you are so brave."

The ancient ** was completely angry.

"Don't get excited, he must be thinking about something wrong, don't be led by the nose!"

Chuangshi Shen was still very calm and roared.

"Huh..." The ancient ** forcibly suppressed the emotion in his heart.

"So you listen to the words of the God of Creation so much."

Hodge said lightly.

For a while, the ancient god's forehead was faintly visible. Although he didn't show anything on the surface, he could feel that he was angry.

"That's..." The God of Creation looked at the ship flying towards the crack in the distance, thoughtfully.

"Let's go together and get rid of them directly. Hey, don't froze, just use whatever means you have."

The ancient * clenched his fist, finished speaking to the * of creation, and then said to the mysterious man watching the show in the distance.

The mysterious man responded: "Yes, I listen to Lord Ancient God's arrangement!"

Chuangshi Shen also nodded.

"Why didn't you leave?"

Huo Qi behind Lin Hong said with a wry smile.

"Why are you leaving?" Lin Hong asked back.

"I owe you. It's okay to keep me here. If you leave with them, you might still have a chance."

Hodge was in a state of serious injury at this time, and said, with a little confusion in his eyes.

Lin Hong raised his hand and patted his shoulder: "I will never give up any companion."


Hodge was stunned for a few seconds, then nodded vigorously.

"It's boring enough, take it to death!" The ancient god's eyes narrowed, and he rushed straight forward, his fists roared.

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