Chapter 900:I Can’t Play This Game Anymore

past self

Ji Han was indeed always careful, but what he was always wary of was the mechanism inside the cave.

Never thought about the problem with the time ring below, and when they saw the white light, Song Qian, Chen Ke, and eggplant above thought that Ji Han had triggered some mechanism, and Song Qian quickly threw out an amulet.

But before the talisman landed on Ji Han's body, the four of them disappeared together with the white light.

When Ji Han opened his eyes again, he found that he was already in the thick fog.

hiss? What are you doing? Is this sent out?

Looking at the fog around him, Ji Han was also dazed, and Song Qian, Chen Ke, and Qiezi were not by his side either.

I don't know if the white light just now affected the three of them, or did it only send me out?

If they were all still in the cave, it would be impossible for them to hear how they shouted here, and it would instead attract unnecessary danger.

Thinking of this, Ji Han tried to move slowly in the dense fog, at least he could confirm his position.

After walking a few steps, the shadows of two relatively low buildings appeared beside him. Ji Han saw that the combination of shadows seemed familiar, so he ran a few steps towards that.

It was only when they got close that they discovered that it was actually the place the four of them teleported to when they set off.

I was teleported back to the origin at once, which is a bit strange, how could the time ring have the ability to teleport through space?

But there is no time to take this matter into consideration. If I am the only one who is teleported back to such a distant place, the three of them will definitely not be able to know, and it is absolutely difficult to see through such a distance with Eggplant's clairvoyance ability.

Now go back and find everyone is the most important thing.

Thinking of this, Ji Han walked towards the main entrance of Westminster Abbey according to his previous memory, but before he had gone far, four distorted figures appeared in front of him.

Seeing this scene, Ji Han instantly remembered what he saw with the [Eye of Prophecy].

It turned out to be here! I saw those four guys here, but who are they? When the four of them arrived at the basement of the Priory, there should have been people in front all the time. Could it be that there were people following behind?

Thinking of this, Ji Han also slowed down his pace, but the four guys seemed to be very alert, the fat man next to him turned his head to look at this side first, as if he had discovered something.

Seeing this familiar scene, Ji Han suddenly had a bold idea:

I was teleported back! The first four are none other than me, Song Qian, Chen Ke and Eggplant who entered the church before!

At that time, Eggplant noticed that there seemed to be someone following behind, but for some reason they couldn't see the other party's face clearly. In order to complete the task as soon as possible, the four of them continued on their way without considering the situation in the dense fog.

The shadow in front entered the church just as he remembered.

This really made Ji Han a little unexpected. If the four people in front of him were himself half an hour ago, then now that he returns to the stronghold of the Priory, can he still find the eggplant, Song Qian and Chen Ke at that time?

Just as he was thinking, there was a sudden sound of footsteps behind him, and Ji Han subconsciously lowered his body to take precautions.

Could it be that there are other time and space teleported back?

He stared at the disturbing thick fog, but what gradually became clear from inside were the figures of Qiezi, Chen Ke and Song Qian.

Only Chen Ke lowered his voice and said:

I finally found it. Fortunately, you didn't go too far, and you can still see some human figures through the perspective of Brother Egg.

Seeing the four people just now, Ji Han also hesitated at this time, and asked in a low voice:

You were just sent here with me by the white light below the Cave of the Cross?

Eggplant was puzzled and said:

Of course, or we ran over here? how? Did the teleportation just now affect the brain?

Ji Han didn't answer, but asked:

Eggplant, tell me how many cigarettes you smoked in the monastery's underground stronghold just now?

no, you...

Answer me first!

I * know the weight of this mission, although I took out the cigarette and took a few puffs, but I didn't light a single one, don't you * frame me, eh, isn't your brain really confused by teleportation? up?

After confirming that the three people in front of him were indeed teleported back with him just now, Ji Han told everyone what he saw just now and his guess of being teleported back to the past.

The three of them were also very surprised when they heard it. Everyone thought they were just teleported back in space.

Everyone has experienced the space-time shuttle several times, but it is really surprising that the front and rear of the feet are teleported to the back of oneself.

Eggplant asked:

Can you confirm? Don't just meet four monsters.

Before the four of them entered the church, I couldn't confirm it, but now I can basically confirm it, because Song Qian pasted a thunderbolt on the door, as long as the four of them go in directly, the thunderbolt will definitely be triggered, no matter whether it is possible or not Injuring people can show that they are not from the same batch.

But after they went in, nothing happened, because Song Qian, one of the four, posted the thunder talisman, UU Reading www.uukanshu. com Let's go in and have a look now, if the Thunder Talisman is still there, it means we have really teleported back.

Song Qian, can you disarm that Thunder Talisman without triggering it?

no problem.

Speaking of which, the four of them also came to the door of the church. Song Qian took out a piece of talisman, dripped blood on it, and then flicked it towards the door of the church.

Now it can be basically confirmed that it has really traveled back.

Song Qian picked up the Thunder Talisman on the ground, turned around and asked:

Brother Han, since we can basically confirm that we have teleported back, why don't we directly recognize the four people from the past? The efficiency of performing tasks together may be higher.

Before waiting for Ji Han's reply, Chen Ke replied:

Because no matter what kind of time and space travel, it will not change the conservation of mass. If you insist on letting yourself touch yourself, then according to the law of conservation, one of you will definitely disappear.

Ji Han is not quite sure of the law Chen Ke said, but he also has the same judgment:

Eggplant also tried to look back to confirm our identities before, but his clairvoyant eyes could only see a blurry mass, and the shapes of the four people I saw just now were also a bit out of shape. In other words, our selves in the same time and space It is still unclear what it looks like in the eyes, and it is not impossible for him to be killed by himself in the form of a monster.

Eggplant frowned and said:

Past self killing present self? How does this sound outrageous?

No, do you remember those two corpses you saw in the hallway? Now I understand that Chen Ke's guess at the time should be correct, those two people were indeed stabbed to death by himself, strictly speaking, they should have been stabbed to death by his past self.

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