Chapter 593:I Created the Salvation Organization

: Only victory and death

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"This is the main point." At the end of the talk, Shen Yi glanced at the few people in front of him who were listening carefully with a look of surprise, and suddenly increased his tone. "Don't forget that the strength of this support is yours. Your courage and will are exchanged, so this is the most important quality for a civilization. I hope you can continue to create the glory and glory that truly belongs to you!"

"Yes!" Several people even subconsciously responded loudly!

They looked at each other a few times.

Look serious.

They have made up their minds in their hearts. In any case, they must continue the previous policy, unite everyone, concentrate all the forces that can be concentrated, to resist disasters and strengthen themselves!

It is bound to hold the hope brought by the association firmly in our hands.

not to mention.

Desire also emerged in their eyes, and they were also eager to participate in the process of the great transformation of the entire civilization.

As Shen Yi said.

Personally create their brilliance and glory, so that their descendants can always remember the spirit of their generation.

This is also the greatest glory for a civilized ruler!

"For the details, please communicate with Dingxiang." Shen Yi also stood up from his seat, "Also give me a place to live, it is best to have a clear identity."

"Okay, please rest assured, we will never live up to all this brought by the association!" Several old people also stood up.

While expressing their gratitude again, their expressions were also a little tranced.

Destiny is so wonderful.

A few days ago, they had just received bad news from the wood elves. They fell into great despair, and even decided to send away the last blood of the nation, and then led more than one billion people, burning the last light of the entire nation. , The ** battle to the last minute.

However, now, only a few hours later.

They suddenly discovered that they were standing in the sun again.

I was full of confidence and hope.

"It's true that the heavens won't destroy my human race!" An old man couldn't help muttering to himself after Shen Yi left.

"Wrong." Ru Yi's mouth curled up and gave a sweet smile, "It is also human beings that bring hope, and it should be my human race that is constantly striving for self-improvement!"

"Hahaha, that's right, that's right."

"Ru Yi still speaks."

"Get started."

"Ru Yi, the communication with Ms. Dingxiang is left to you."

"Next, I will reclaim my homeland, and I am worthy of my ancestors!"

"We also need to secretly contact the leaders of the other World War II zones. In this war, the destiny of our human race has long been connected."


Outside the room, although the sky is still freezing, heavy snow is flying, and everywhere is filled with tragedy, but inside the room, it seems that spring is blooming, the ice and snow melt, and the human heart is carrying a hot flame.

Those recruits with the ambition to defend their homes and nations still don't know what is waiting for them in the front.

However, they all understand.

After this, there is only one going forward!


Two days later.

The position of the eighth front line of the third theater of defense.

Five million recruits wore brand-new military uniforms and stepped in a unified footstep, pouring into this Fifth Army station in the depths of the mountain.

This is the line of defense farthest from the battlefield.

It is also a training place for recruits.

They will be here to usher in the final special training on the battlefield. The time is only six months, but they may not wait for six months at all, and they must step on the battlefield.

On the only channel that was entered, the broadcasts on both sides were constantly broadcasting the roar of the officers.

"Walking here, no matter what status you were before, now you are just a great human warrior!"

"To protect the home and the country is supreme!"

"We have no choice but to fight to the death!"

"Abandon all fluke, only victory and death await us!"


These voices, repeated and yelled, are almost the most primitive war mobilization, and even the most crude brainwashing.

However, no one is disgusted.

Everyone allowed their emotions to sink in these loud roars.

Because they already knew that they had to expel their fears, expel their selfishness, and put their lives behind, and the reason had been made clear in these roars.

They have no choice.

What the aliens want is the whole world. Cruel giants even treat humans as rations. If they don't want their relatives and family members to be chewed by giants like beasts, then there is only one fight!

Either victory or death!

The recruits flooded in like a torrent, waiting for them, should have been assigned to specific legions according to their respective cultivation bases, and then trained and practiced under the leadership of the veterans and headsets.

Five years have passed through this process, and this is the sixth time this year.

But this time.

What surprised the recruits was that they did not go directly to the legion to which they were assigned, instead they were all called up in a huge square.

The number is increasing.

Until a whole million people occupied this square densely.

What is this going to do?

There was a little commotion among the recruits.

No matter how enlightened, they are only recruits at the moment.

"I have never heard of such a process."

"Is it the legion commander who wants to speak?"

"I don't know if General Ru will show up."

"How is it possible! General Ru was seriously injured and rehabilitated, and he retreated to the rear with General Yu temporarily, and it is impossible to appear on the front line again."

"This is actually not a frontline. No matter how powerful the giant is, it won't be here so quickly. It's not surprising that two generals come to train new recruits."

"If so, that would be great!"


The various speculations and discussions of the recruits are getting louder and louder.

But this time.

The voices of hundreds of people exploded at the same time.


At this moment, the sound was like a thunder, even humming in people's ears.

So that in that instant, all the recruits shut up subconsciously.

The audience was silent for a moment.

Only the whistling wind was left, echoing in everyone's ears.

Then, the recruits opened their eyes wide at the same time.

Because they saw hundreds of figures wearing the same black corset and windbreaker uniforms flying slowly.

That's right, it's flying!

The sound of inverted suction instantly became a piece, as if even the wind and snow were going to fall down!

If it weren't for the noise just now, I'm afraid there will be a "fuck" sound at this time!

the reason is simple.

In this lack of inheritance, only the fourth-order level can be used to fly in the air with a powerful aura, which is still the kind of slow speed.

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