AuthorFlying Jade Dragon Three Million
Num. of chapters396 chapters
#120 Top Monthly


Traveling to a world where monsters are rampant, Lin Xuan became the bottom pioneer of the Germination Organization and entered the secret realm for adventure.

The first-order secret realm giant grotto, the first-order secret realm devil ant nest, the second-order secret realm tree king sea…

[Congratulations on winning the golden lizard to become a training clone, do you want to start training? 】

[Current area: the first floor of the giant grotto (1 common currency/minute, 5 experience points/minute)]

[The Golden Swallowing Lizard has been practicing for 4 hours, is it harvested? 】

He opened his eyes, I am familiar with this, this is not the hang-up game of the previous life!

So Lin Xuan started the easy way to become stronger.

It wasn’t until the Germination Organization found out that something was wrong with him and was about to take action, Lin Xuan realized that it seemed that the seventh-order warriors and Germination leaders were nothing more than the same.

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